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Most common reason for car MOT failures revealed – and it’s easy to check

The most common causes of failing an MOT have been named - and they can be easily checked by drivers.

Faulty electrical equipment including issues with car headlights accounts for the majority of defects found during MOT tests, according to VansDirect.

A staggering 25.32% of MOT defects picked up by mechanics were due to lamps, reflectors, and electrical equipment.

Cars will fail their MOT if they do not have working car headlights, rear lights and indicators.

But checking lights before your MOT is due could save a few pounds by flagging issues that aren't difficult to rectify.

VansDirect told the Daily Express: “Before your MOT, take a moment to check all your lights, including brake and reverse lights. It's as simple as switching them on and off, asking a friend or family member to confirm whether they're working.

“If there is an issue, you can try changing the lightbulb yourself to get ahead of the problem.

“However, should that quick fix not work, it may signal a wider electrical defect, which might require a trip to the mechanic.”

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VansDirect analysts looked at DVSA MOT testing data over the last 12 months for class 3 and 4 vehicles (which includes three-wheeled vehicles and cars, vans and caravans with up to eight passenger seats).

Meanwhile, drivers are also urged to check their windscreen wiper blades.

Experts at coolant manufacturers Prestone said wiper blades can fail an MOT due to being damaged, worn, leaving streaks or being the incorrect size for the vehicle.

A spokesperson said: "To avoid failing your MOT due to faulty wiper blades, you should check them regularly for the faults listed above. If you notice that water is still covering your windscreen or they are making excessive noise when in use, it’s probably time to replace them."

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