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Don't forget your receipt! Tesco Clubcard shoppers given hidden vouchers for free goods

Tesco shoppers are being urged to check their receipts for surprise free giveaways.

Useful everyday items are being handed out to Tesco Clubcard holders at the end of their shop, with freebies including brand name washing detergent, floor cleaner and sanitary products. Some have even received free Disney+ subscriptions.

Many shoppers are missing out by not realising their receipts contain the voucher barcodes.

Sharing the deal on Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK', one member said she'd saved about £15 with vouchers for free Lenor fabric conditioner, Fairy Max Power washing up liquid and Always Discreet incontinence pads.

Another wrote: "I did a shop yesterday and got 25 Bold tablets, Flash floor wipes and Tampax Pearl all free."

Other items on offer include Febreze air freshener, Fairy non-bio laundry pods and three months of Disney+.

The offers are handed out at random with one shopper saying she'd received one after only spending £6, while others spent £150 in store and didn't receive a voucher.

Scores of shoppers are not using the vouchers either by not taking their receipt or not needing the products.

And some Tesco staff are turning unlucky customers into lucky ones by handing out their stash of discarded receipts.

One said: "The cashier had loads that people had left behind in my Tesco. She gave me and my friend about six coupons each then we got another after we put our shopping through. It was definitely a case of in the right place at the right time!"

Another wrote: "I popped in for a few things, paid for them and got the vouchers. I asked the lady on the till if I had to do another shop to spend them. To my surprise she said no.

"I managed to get the washing up liquid and Tampax but the Bold washing powder had all gone. I had no problem just taking the two free items to the till. One happy shopper!"

To avoid disappointment, Tesco shoppers with vouchers can look online at their store's stock to see if it has the items available.

If shelves are bare, the products could be displayed on promotional aisles rather than their usual spot, so be sure to check all areas of the store.

Tesco's Clubcard pricing policy has come under the spotlight after the Competition Markets Authority launched a review into loyalty pricing, NimbleFins previously reported.

Tesco and Sainsbury's offer price reductions on some items for shoppers using their loyalty card at the till.

But there are concerns shoppers could be being misled into buying items that are worse value because the unit price is not always displayed for these offers.

The CMA will publish an update into its review in July.

Tesco also came under fire last year after it decided to reduce the value of Clubcard points, NimbleFins previously reported.

Tesco Clubcard holders receive one point for every £1 they spend when they scan their card.

These points can be cashed in for rewards worth twice their value, and used with a number of partners such as Pizza Express, RAC, English Heritage and Alton Towers.

However, they were previously worth three times their cash equivalent until Tesco changed their value in June 2023.

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