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Argos Pet Insurance Review

Argos offers pet insurance for dogs and cats, with choice of Time Limited or Lifetime cover. Vet limits range from £2,500 to £7,000.

We try to clarify some features of Argos's pet insurance plans, but be sure to read the policy wording before you sign up. Choosing the best policy for you and your pet will depend on your individual situation. There may be other cat or dog insurance policies with better features available in the marketplace.


  • Access to Argos vetfone 24/7
  • Argos will pay claims up to 12 months old
  • No upper age limit for new policies (even Lifetime)
  • No change to excess for older pets
  • Holiday cancellation and unwell cover available
  • Can choose excess amount to suit
  • Travel cover to EU (PETS)up to 90 days (Silver) or unlimited (Gold, Platinum)
  • Euthanasia cover (up to £100)


  • Dental cover for accidents only (not decay or disease)
  • Prescription food not covered on Silver/Gold Time Limited plans

In This Review

Argos Pet Insurance Review

Argos offers three pet insurance plans for dogs and cats—Silver, Gold and Platinum.

  • Silver: Time Limited (12 month) plan with up to £2,500 in vet fees
  • Gold: Time Limited (12 month) plan with up to £4,000 in vet fees
  • Platinum: Lifetime plan £7,000 in vet fees

Overall, our research shows that Argos premiums are better-than-average value when compared to the average cost of pet insurance in the UK, as we show in our price comparison section below.

Time Limit to Claim

Policyholders are asked to send in claim forms and accompanying documents within 90 days of the first treatment for each new incident. Ongoing treatment bills can be submitted every 3 to 6 months. Argos won't pay any vet invoices more than 12 months older than the last treatment date.

Argos aims to process claims within 5 working days, but some claims may take up to 15 working days.


Argos pet insurance will cover dental damage due to accidents (e.g., a chipped tooth), but not damage due to tooth decay or tooth/gum disease. If an underlying illness has caused tooth decay or gum disease or a tooth needs to be removed to treat the illness, then your dental expenses should be covered.


The standard excess for Argo dog and cat insurance policies is £65. Argos allows you to add a voluntary excess of £25, £50 or £100, bringing the total excess to £90, £115 or £165. For an analysis of how your premium will change with excess, please see our Argos price comparison below.

For Time Limited policies (Silver and Gold), the excess is paid once per condition. For Lifetime policies (Platinum), the excess is paid once per condition per year.

Policy NamePolicy TypeExcess Paid When?
SilverTime LimitedOnce per Condition
GoldTime LimitedOnce per Condition
PlatinumLifetimeOnce per Condition per Policy Year

To learn more about the potential repercussions of raising your excess, see our article on the trade offs of choosing a higher excess/lower premium.

Argos Vet Referral Network

Those referred to a specialist vet (e.g., ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopaedics, etc.) can avoid an extra excess by visiting one of 58 vets in Argos's Vet Referral Network.

By choosing a referral vet NOT in the network, you'll need to pay an extra £200 in addition to your excess.

If your pet sees an out-of-network vet for emergency treatment (that if not resolved immediately would lead to loss of life or cause a serious threat to your pet's health), then you don't have to pay the extra £200 excess.

Argos Insurance for Older Pets

Argos provides Death Due to Illness cover for pets up until the age of 9 for dogs and 11 for cats.

Older pets are eligible for new Argo policies.

There is no change to excess for older pets; your excess will remain steady as your pet ages (unless you opt to change it, of course).

Argos Notable Features

Here is a brief overview of the notable features of Argos dog and cat insurance. For a complete rundown of the details and exclusions, please refer to the policy documents.

  • Vetfone: Pet owners can call the Argos vetfone with queries 24/7 (Argos vetfone phone number: 0800 197 6717)
  • Time Limited Cover: The 12-month clock starts when treatment starts
  • Complementary Therapy: Acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, osteopathy and hydrotherapy
  • Cover for Holiday Cut Short: Cover if you have to cancel or curtail your holiday because your pet needs emergency life-saving surgery. For surgery within 14 days of departure; trips booked last minute, within 28 days of departure, are excluded.
  • Boarding Cover When You're Unwell: Boarding fees when you're an inpatient at hospital for at least 3 days
  • Travel: Vet fee cover when abroad in a PETS Travel Scheme country; trips up to 90 days for Silver plans, unlimited length trips on Gold and Platinum plans
  • Euthanasia Cover: up to £100
  • Hereditary/Genetic Disorders: Covered so long as you or your vet did not notice any signs before taking out the policy or within the first 10 days of your policy start.

Argos Quote Comparison

Our research shows that Argos prices are good value when compared with the average price of dog and cat insurance. As comparing prices for pet insurance can be quite difficult due to differences in vet cover amounts and excesses, we've developed a methodology to standardize across products.

Since you would need to pay both the annual premium and at least one excess in order to claim and access the vet cover, we've calculated a ratio of Vet Cover/(Annual Premium + One Excess Payment) to give an estimate of value. Then we compared the average value of each type of Argos product (i.e., Time Limited and Lifetime) with £66 and £115 excess amounts to average market values (obtained from dozens of quotes from other insurers), for a healthy, young, medium-sized crossbreed dog.

chart comparing pet insurance quotes by policy type for Argos vs the market average
How Do Argos's Prices Compare?

Argos lets you add a voluntary excess on top of the £65 compulsory excess. Doing so reduces your premium, because you commit to pay a larger amount towards vet bills. But by how much will the premium go down with a higher excess? And is it worth it? In the chart below you can see how sample Argos dog insurance quotes change with the total excess.

chart showing how asda dog insurance premiums vary with excess
Impact of Excess Amount on Annual Premium

In order to understand the financial repercussions of choosing a higher excess, below we show the annual premium savings for our sample quotes across plans and excess levels. You can see that the premium savings achieved with a higher excess are LESS than the amount you'll pay more in excess, should you in fact make a claim. The result? If you will make even one claim in a year, then choosing the lower excess will save money. The more you claim, the better the lower excess option will be for you.

Premium Savings with £165 Total ExcessPremium Savings with £115 Total ExcessPremium Savings with £90 Total Excess

Additional Excess Paid for One Condition in a Year (beyond standard £65 excess)£100£50£25

Types of Argos Dog and Cat Insurance Policies

Argos offers two types of pet insurance polices—Time Limited and Lifetime, with vet cover ranging from £2,500 up to £7,000. For more information on pet insurance cover in general, please see our article on What Does Pet Insurance Cover in the UK.

Argos Silver and Gold Pet Insurance (Time Limited Plans)

Argos's Silver and Gold plans are Time Limited in nature, meaning they provide cover for up to 12 months from the start of treatment.

Silver provides up to £2,500 of vet cover; Gold provides up to £4,000. Once either the vet limit or the 12-month time limit has been reached, you can no longer claim for that condition.

For Time Limited polices, the excess is paid once per condition.

Argos Platinum Pet Insurance (a Lifetime plan)

Argos's Platinum pet insurance is a Lifetime plan, which provides up to £7,000 of cover for conditions throughout your pet's life with no imposed time limitations for treatment. When you renew each year, your vet fee limit is topped up each year. Ongoing and recurring conditions are covered.

If you use up the £7,000 of vet cover in any policy year, you won't be reimbursed for any more vet fees until your policy is renewed.

For Lifetime policies, the excess is paid once per condition, per period of insurance. For example, if your dog is being treated for ongoing ear infections both before and after you renew your policy, you'll pay the excess twice. Once for treatments before your renewal date and a second time for treatments after renewal.

Argos Coverage Amounts

Policy Name:SilverGoldPlatinumExcess
Vet fees£2500£4000£7000Refer to your Policy Schedule
Treatment period12 months12 monthsEach year-
3rd party liability (dogs only)£1 million£1.5 million£2 million£100
Death from accident£250£750£1500-
Death from illness£250£750£1500-
Cremation fees£100£100£100-
Advertising & reward£250£750£1000-
Theft or straying£250£750£1500-
Boarding kennel/cattery fees£150£500£1000-
Holiday cancellation£250£1500£3000-
Accidental damageNot covered£500£500£100
Travel covers
Quarantine costs£150£500£1500-
Loss of Healthcare Certificate£250£250£250-
Repeat tick & worming treatment£150£250£1000-
Emergency expenses cover abroad£150£250£1000-

Argos Pet Insurance Customer Experience Ratings

According to trustpilot.com, customers rank Argos pet insurance at 8.5 out of 10.

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