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Can Solicitors practice without professional indemnity insurance?

Insight into which solicitors can practice without PI insurance; but why they should always have cover.

How to Check Car Insurance, Tax and MOT

In order to check if a vehicle is insured and that the car tax has been paid, there are some easy steps you can take which are outlined...

Declined insurance: what to do next

Have you been declined for PI insurance or another type of business insurance? Here's what that means, and what to do next.

Surprising things which impact the cost of PII

Here is the inside scoop on how insurers really price professional indemnity insurance, from handwriting to the look of your website to...

Professional Indemnity exclusions: What to watch out for

Make sure your policy is right for you by understanding what is not covered under a professional indemnity policy, and by checking through...

Barrister vs Solicitor vs Lawyer: What's the Difference?

Are lawyers the same things as barrister and solicitors? If not, what's the difference? Below we define each of these three terms to help...

How to Become a Solicitor

Here is a detailed explanation of the different routes to becoming a solicitor in the UK.

Cyber Insurer CNA Financial is the Victim of a Cyber Attack. Who's Next?

One of the biggest cyber insurance companies in the world, CNA Financial, has become the victim of a sophisticated hack. What does this...

A complete guide to owning more than one life insurance policy

A complete guide to owning more than one life insurance policy

Which small businesses can operate through lockdowns?

List of pandemic-proof businesses that stayed open through Covid-19 lockdowns in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Wrong fuel in your car? How to fix it and what it will cost

It’s a simple mistake—you grab the diesel fuel nozzle instead of the petrol one and start fuelling your car (or vice versa)... but just as...

How to fix a car horn and what it will cost

Your car horn must work to be deemed roadworthy and it doesn’t cost too much to fix. There are two reasons why a horn may be broken and...