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Average Cost of an Oil Change UK 2020

A typical oil change in the UK costs close to £100, but prices can range from £25 up to £200 or more. Find out what factors affect the price of an oil change and what to consider before signing up for the cheapest oil change you can find.

Learn what affects the cost of an oil change so you understand why you might need to pay more to have your car running smoothly.

Average Cost of an Oil Change in the UK

To figure out how much an oil change typically costs, we contacted dozens of car repair shops around the UK to get quotes for three popular UK cars: Ford Fiesta, Mercedes Benz A Class and Audi Q5. The results showed a wide range of prices from £25 up to over £200, so learning about oil change costs can help you find a quality oil change at the right price depending on your situation.

In particular, prices will vary depending on the engine size of your car, the service centre you use and where you live. For example, oil changes for cars with larger engines typically cost more because they require more oil and it can take longer to drain the larger volume of oil, raising labour costs.

We found that an oil change for a 1.0 litre Ford Fiesta costs around £93, a 1.5 litre Mercedes Benz A Class will set you back around £116 and a 2.0 litre Audi Q5 costs £135 on average—as you can see, cars with larger engines need more expensive oil changes.

Location is another factor. For example, those living in London will pay around 25% more for an oil change than those in Manchester and Glasgow.

Average Cost of an Oil ChangeFord Fiesta 1.0 EcoboostMercedes Benz A Class A180d SEAudi Q5 TDI S Line PlusAverage
Engine Size1.0l1.5l2.0l
Chart showing the cost of an oil change in London, Manchester and Glasgow for a Ford Fiesta, Mercedes Benz A Class and Audi Q5

No matter how much you pay for an oil change, there are four components that make up the cost of an oil change: the oil, a new filter, oil disposal and labour.

Oil Change Costs
Labour£30 - £70+
Oil£17 - £65+
Total£69 - £200+

Why do I pay for oil disposal?

Oil needs to be disposed of properly—it cannot simply be poured down the drain or put in the rubbish. If you're changing your own oil, take the used motor oil to a local authority recycling centre.

Should I get a cheap oil change?

Beware of an exceptionally cheap oil change. A shop that offers a below-market price is likely to be cutting corners, either using lower-quality oil or not replacing the filter. Keep in mind that a good quality oil and filter will cost around £40 for the average car requiring 5 litres of oil, and you should also be paying for labour costs on top of that.

How Much Oil Does Your Car Take?

Generally speaking, the amount of oil required by your car depends on the size of the engine—with bigger engines requiring more oil. For instance, a 2.0 litre Audi Q5 requires more oil than a 1.0 litre Ford Fiesta. However, the average car needs around 5.0 litres of oil. There may be variation within a specific make and model of car, as there are typically different options for engine size.

How Much Oil Does a Car Take? (litres)Low EndHigh End
Ford Fiesta3.854.6
Kia Sportage4.15.9
Mercedes Benz A Class4.57
Vauxhall Corsa35.4
Volkswagen Golf45.7
Audi Q54.66.9

How Much Does Motor Oil Cost?

The average cost of 5 litres of oil, enough for a typical oil change, is around £32 for the most popular UK motor oil brands.

Cost of Motor OilVolume5W-30 Cost Range Estimate
Castrol4L£27.20 - £43.99
Comma5L£20.75 - £39.65
Halfords5L£27 - £43
Millers Oils5L£26.94 - £42.95
Mobil5L£27.20 - £44.99
Shell5L£17.18 - £28.95

Is an Oil Change Covered by Insurance?

Motor insurance, whether your use a small or a large insurance company, does not cover the cost of car maintenance expenses such as oil changes. These are the owner's full responsibility—and we should note that most car insurance policies require you to maintain your car in a roadworthy condition and ensure it is safe to drive, so you should make sure your car gets oil changes as required.