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Average Cost of Van Insurance 2020

We gathered dozens of van insurance quotes for a Ford Transit, the UK's most popular van, in order to understand how much it costs to insure your van against calamities like an accident, theft, fire, etc.

Find out what you should expect to pay for van cover, according to the type of cover (Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft and Third Party only), age of your van and the number of drivers on your policy.

Average Cost of Van Insurance

The average cost of comprehensive Van Insurance is just over £1,700 per year, for plans with a £450 excess. Comprehensive plans are the best type of van cover, as they cover both damage to other vehicles and also your own—even if an accident is your fault. Surprisingly, our research shows that comprehensive plans are generally cheaper than the other two types—Third Party, Fire & Theft and Third Party only—by a whopping 50%. This means you'll usually be better off buying a comprehensive plan—getting better cover for less money.

Average Cost of Van InsuranceAnnual PremiumCompulsory ExcessVoluntary ExcessTotal Excess
Third Party, Fire and Theft£3,379£287£33£320
Third Party£3,444£17£89£106
chart showing the average cost of van insurance by type of insurance plan
How much is annual van insurance?

Average Cost of Van Insurance by Van Age

Insuring a van that's 2 years old will typically cost about £160 less per year than insuring a new van. Our data show that a 2016 Ford Transit would cost around £1,556 per year for a comprehensive plan, vs. £1,719 for a 2018 model.

Annual Premium
2018 Ford Transit£1,719
2016 Ford Transit£1,556
Difference£163 (9.5%)
chart showing the average cost of Ford Transit van insurance for new and used vehicle
Insuring an older van may cost you less

Average Cost of Van Insurance with Additional Driver

The average cost of comprehensive van insurance with an additional driver is £1,742 per year, which is a mere 1.4% more expensive than insurance for a single driver. Interestingly, there was a great deal of inconsistency in the data and quotes ranged from 13% cheaper to 21% more expensive once a second driver was added to the quote.

Annual Premium
One Driver£1,719
Two Drivers£1,742
Difference£23 (1.4%)
chart showing the average cost of multiple drivers on comprehensive van insurance
Adding a second driver shouldn't increase your premium by much

The data reflected here reflect average quotes gathered from dozens of quotes. We found a wide range in prices, with some policies costing twice as much as others, if not more. Before buying a policy, we recommend comparing prices of multiples plans to be sure you're getting a good deal.