How Much is Travel Insurance to the USA? Average UK Costs Revealed

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Whether you’re heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to America or you’re a regular visitor to that side of the Atlantic, you should consider buying travel insurance before you set off. Medical expenses and liability can be particularly expensive if you have trouble while in the USA.

We’ve researched hundreds of policies from nearly twenty of the top UK travel insurance companies to give you an idea of the average cost of travel insurance to America. Use this information as a guide to understanding expected costs when considering which policy and features to buy. If you have any pre-existing conditions you can find more information in our article on average cost of travel insurance for medical conditions.

Average Cost of Travel Insurance to America

Travel insurance that includes coverage in America and Canada is more expensive than coverage excluding these regions. The average cost of annual multi-trip travel insurance for the world, including USA/Canada, is £74; single-trip policies for the same geographic coverage run on average £42. These prices run 13% and 19% more than worldwide coverage excluding the USA/Canada, respectively, as you can see in the following chart.

Chart Showing that Travel Insurance Including America Increases Premium by 13% to 19%
Travel Insurance Including America Increases Premium by 13% to 19%

Should You Buy Single-Trip or Multi-Trip Insurance to America?

If you travel to America twice a year (or more) you should save money on travel insurance premiums by purchasing an annual, multi-trip policy instead of a single-trip policy. This is because the average cost of annual, multi-trip travel insurance including the USA/Canada costs 1.75X the cost of a similar single-trip policy.

Those traveling once a year to the USA and once a year to Europe, however, may keep more money in their pocket by purchasing a single-trip policy to Europe and another single-trip policy with worldwide coverage. This is because coverage to America is the most expensive and Europe the cheapest—buying a worldwide policy to cover both trips (multi-trip) means you’re essentially overpaying for the Europe trip, as you can see in the following chart.

Traveling Once/Year to Europe and America? Two Single-Trip Polices may be Cheaper than Multi-Trip

World/USA CoverageEurope CoverageTotal Annual Cost
Single Trip Policies£42.00£18.19£60.19
Multi Trip Policy£73.76n/a£73.76

Although generally speaking, anyone going abroad at least twice a year will pay less in travel insurance premiums by purchasing an annual, multi-trip policy, this general guidance doesn’t hold when a traveller goes abroad once to America/Canada and once to Europe in a year. In this exceptional case, two single-trip policies work out cheaper on average.

Average Cost of Travel Insurance Extras to America

Just as a basic policy costs more for coverage in America, extras like golf, cruises and winter sports tend to cost more as well with that geographic coverage, as you can see in the following table.

Average Cost of Travel Insurance Extras (Worldwide Cover, Including America)

ExtraWorld Multi-TripWorld Single-Trip
Travel Disruption8.31.9
Winter Sports44.977.3

Interestingly, the addition of winter sports coverage costs more for a single-trip policy than a multi-trip policy. This is true for all geographies, not just coverage in America. Similarly, wedding coverage is a larger add-on to a single-trip policy, as you can see in the chart below.

Chart Showing Costs of Travel Insurance Add-Ons with USA Coverage
Costs of Travel Insurance Add-Ons with USA Coverage

Since travel insurance policies with USA/Canada coverage cost more on average, you may save money by pre-planning your year and deciding where you’ll be travelling before you buy a policy. If you’re only going to America once in the year and Europe once, single-trip policies may work out cheaper for you.

Regardless of whether you go with a single or multi-trip policy, if you're booking your own holiday be on the look out for SAFI or ESF protection if you want cover for insolvency of your airline and/or accommodation.

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