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Review of pet-insurance.co.uk

Pet-insurance.co.uk offers pet insurance for dogs and cats, with choice of Time Limited (12 month) or Lifetime cover. Vet limits are £3,500 or £4,000, depending on how you pay—annually or monthly.


  • Simple product offering
  • Some prescription food covered
  • No change in excess for older pets
  • No upper age limit for new policies (even Lifetime)
  • Holiday cancellation and unwell cover
  • Up to 12 months to submit claims for reimbursement on Lifetime product
  • Excess only payable for vet bills (e.g., no excess for 3rd party liability claims)
  • 45% discount year 1


  • Dental cover for accidents only
  • Any Congenital illness or injury is excluded
  • Conditions arising from being overweight are excluded (unless weight gain due to a diagnosed illness)
  • Only 90 days to submit claims on Standard product
  • No vet cover outside the UK
  • Dental cover does not include disease or decay (accident/injury damage only)
  • Consultation limit of £45 (£90 for referral vet)
  • No vet helpline
  • Premium may nearly double the second year, all else equal (due to 45% discount the first year)
  • No euthanasia cover

In This Review

Pet-insurance.co.uk Review

Pet-insurance.co.uk has a simple pet insurance offering—one Time Limited product (called "Standard") and one Lifetime product (called "Lifetime"). Vet cover limits for either type are £3,500 or £4,000, depending on how you choose to renew. By renewing annually, your policy will include £3,500 of vet cover; by renewing monthly, your policy will include £4,000 of cover. Monthly renewal operates on a 28-day Lunar cycle—every 28 days you pay a premium and the policy is renewed.

There are a few exclusions to be aware of with pet-insurance.co.uk policies. Congenital conditions (e.g., congenital heart disease, liver disease, cataracts, etc.) are not covered, even if your pet showed no signs or symptoms before your policy started. Also excluded from cover are injuries or illnesses due to your pet being overweight.

Additionally, pet-insurance.co.uk cover does not reimburse for vet fees incurred if your pet is ill or injured and needs treatment whilst outside of the UK.

Those with more than one pet can take advantage of a 10% discount for multi-pet policies.

As with all insurance purchases, please read through the Policy Wording before deciding what is best for you and your pet. Links to relevant documents can be found at the end of this review.

Is the 45% Discount Worth it?

Pet-insurance.co.uk's offer of 45% off for your first year is quite appealing, but this does mean your premium may nearly double in the second year, all else equal. If you plan on switching insurers at that point, please remember that pre-existing conditions are always excluded in new pet insurance policies—so if your pet becomes ill with pet-insurance.co.uk, that condition would be excluded from any new policy should you switch companies. Before buying, be sure that the policy is right for your needs and that the price without discount is still competitive as you won't get the discount after year 1.

Year 1 Premium (after 45% discount)Implied Year 2 Premium (no discount)

Time Limit to Claim

The time you have to submit claims is longer for those with a Lifetime policy than a Standard policy. Lifetime policyholders have up to 12 months; Standard policyholders must submit claim forms and supporting documents within 90 days, as stated on the claim form.

How to Claim

Policyholders can request a claim form online, which enables you to download a printable PDF form to your computer. Or you can email claims@pet-insurance.co.uk or call 03300 243 556 to request a claim form.


With a pet-insurance.co.uk pet insurance policy, your dog or cat is covered for damage to teeth due to accident or injury only. Damage due to tooth decay or disease is not covered.


The website states that excess may vary by where you live and policy type. Our sample quotes produced excess levels of £120 for the Standard (Time Limited) product and £145 for the Lifetime product.

Pet owners on the Standard plan will pay the excess just once per condition. Under the Lifetime policy, the excess is payable once per condition per year. For example, where treatment dates for a certain condition fall over two different years, you must pay the excess twice—once in each calendar year (per condition).

An excess is only due for vet-related fees. No excess is payable on other types of coverage, such as third party liability or holiday cancellation cover.

Pet-insurance.co.uk Insurance for Older Pets

Those with older pets are still able to buy new insurance policies with pets-insurance.co.uk. The excess will remain the same as your pet ages. There is no euthanasia or cremation cover to help pay for costs if your older pet needs to be put to sleep, however.

Death due to illness cover is excluded for any dog or cat aged 8 or over at the policy inception or renewal date. There are further age limitations to Death Due to Illness or Accident cover—the maximum payout is 50% for pets aged 6 or more, or 75% for neutered pets up to age 6. Furthermore, lack of purchase receipt entitles the petowner to only £40 for cats and £75 for dogs.

For reimbursement due to death of a pedigree pet, a recognised club registration document and pedigree certificate must also be provided.

Pet-insurance.co.uk Notable Features

Here is a brief overview of some of pet-insurance.co.uk's policy features. Please see the Policy Wording, as many conditions apply.

  • Complementary Therapy: Acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, osteopathy and hydrotherapy (carried out by recognised party)
  • Prescription Food: Up to £100 per condition (based on rates of 30p/day for a cat and 60p/day for a dog) for vet-prescribed food to dissolve bladder stones or crystals
  • Cover for Holiday Cut Short: Cover if you have to cancel or curtail your holiday because your pet needs emergency life-saving surgery. For surgery within 14 days of departure; trips booked last minute, within 28 days of departure, are excluded.
  • Boarding Cover When You're Unwell: Boarding fees when you're an inpatient at hospital for at least 3 days
  • Emergency Cover: Contribution of up to £90 for house calls/out of hours calls if your pet suffers from a life endangering condition
  • Congenital Conditions: Congenital conditions such as congenital heart or kidney disease are NOT covered
  • Travel: Vet costs if you travel abroad are not covered
  • Euthanasia: Not covered

Pet-insurance.co.uk Quote Comparison

Our analysis shows that pet-insurance.co.uk's Time Limited premiums are more competitive relative to the market than their Lifetime policies. In essence, pet-insurance.co.uk's Lifetime prices are more expensive than average, given level of cover and excess. Their Time Limited policies are less expensive than average, but less so once the 45% discount runs out in year 2 and beyond. As comparing prices for pet insurance can be quite difficult due to differences in vet cover amounts and excesses, we've developed a methodology to standardize across products.

Since you would need to pay both the annual premium and at least one excess in order to claim and access the vet cover, we've calculated a ratio of Vet Cover/(Annual Premium + One Excess Payment) to give an estimate of value. Then we compared the average value of each type of pet-insurance.co.uk product (i.e., Accident, Time Limited, Max Benefit and Lifetime) with £60 and £120 excess amounts to average market values (obtained from dozens of quotes from other insurers), for a healthy, young, medium-sized crossbreed dog.

chart comparing pet insurance quotes by policy type for pet-insurance.co.uk vs the market average
How Do pet-insurance.co.uk's Prices Compare?

Types of Pet-insurance.co.uk Dog and Cat Insurance Policies

Pet-insurance.co.uk offers two types of pet insurance polices— time limited and lifetime, with vet cover of £3,500 or £4,000 for payments made annually or monthly, respectively. Monthly renewal operates on a 28-day Lunar cycle—every 28 days you pay a premium and the policy is renewed.

Public Liability (dogs only), Loss by Theft or Straying and Death by Accident/Illness are also included.

For more information on pet insurance cover in general, please see our article on What Does Pet Insurance Cover in the UK.

Standard (a Time Limited product)

Pet-insurance.co.uk's Standard product provides 12 months of Time Limited pet insurance cover—either £3,500 or £4,000, depending on your payment schedule. The vet cover is available per policy period for each illness/injury up to 365 days from the date when your pet first displayed clinical signs. Once 365 days have passed since symptoms were first noticed or you have used up your vet limit (whichever comes sooner), you cover for that condition stops.


There is no time limit imposed on treatment windows for Lifetime policies. Lifetime policies cover ongoing vet fees for chronic or recurring conditions (e.g., arthritis, diabetes, etc.) over the life of your pet, up to £3,500 or £4,000 per policy period, so long as you keep renewing your policy. Each time you renew your policy, your vet cover amount resets.

Pet-insurance.co.uk Coverage Amounts

Lunar Monthly (every 28 days)Yearly Cover
Policy Name:StandardLifetimeStandardLifetime
Vets Fees£4,000£4,000£3,500£3,500
Death of Pet£1,250£1,250£1,000£1,000
Boarding Fees£1,000£1,000£750£750
Holiday Cancellation£1,500£1,500£1,250£1,250
Loss Theft/Straying£1,000£1,000£750£750
Advertising Reward£800£800£700£700
Accidental Damage£750£750£600£600
Personal Accident£200£200£150£150
Public Liability£1.5 Million£1.5 Million£1.25 Million£1.25 Million

Customer Experience Ratings

According to feefo.com, customers rank pet-insurance.co.uk with 4.4 out of 5 stars for customer experience, based on 352 reviews.

Trustpilot shows a rating of 1.9/10 stars, based on 26 reviews.

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