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Pet Insurance Companies that Pay the Vet Directly

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Pet cover can help with vet bills. Protect your beloved cat today.

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Pet insurance companies can either pay your vet directly or reimburse you for vet fees you've already settled with your vet. By arranging for direct payments, a pet owner only needs to pay the excess. Direct payments are certainly preferably, especially for expensive vet fees. Find out which pet insurance companies are willing to pay direct and learn about vets willingness to accept direct payments.

Pet Insurance That Pays Vet Directly

Most pet insurance companies are willing to pay your vet directly, which means your vet claims for money directly from the insurer. If your vet agrees to accept a direct payment from your insurance company, then you only need to pay your excess to the vet. Setting up a direct payment can be extremely beneficial for a pet owner, especially when vet fees run into the hundreds or thousands of pounds. Pet insurance can pay out in one of two ways:

  • Direct Payment: insurance pays the vet directly, or
  • Indirect Payment: insurance reimburses the pet owner for vet bills they've already paid

For indirect claims, you would need to first pay your vet for your pet’s treatment, then claim the money back from your pet insurance company. Depending on the size of the vet fees, indirect payments can certainly be a burden for some pet owners. We've checked the terms for over a dozen popular UK pet insurance companies and found the following are willing to pay the vet directly:

Pet Insurance CompanyPay Vet Direct?
Animal FriendsYes
Bought By ManyYes
Every PawYes
Healthy PetsYes
John LewisYes
Lifetime Pet CoverYes
M&S BankYes
Paws & ClawsYes
Pet ProtectYes
Scratch & PatchYes
Sun LifeYes
UIS PetYes

Do all Vets Accept Pet Insurance?

While most pet insurance companies are willing to pay a vet direct, not all vets will accept insurance payments. Some vets will only accept payment from a pet owner at the time of treatment. Or vets may accept direct payment from some insurance providers, but not others. Each veterinary practice will have their own policy on handling insurance claims.

Whether or not your vet accepts your pet insurance may depend on a number of factors, such as their previous experience with your insurance company or the size of the vet practice. For instance, small animal hospitals and referral centres may be more likely to accept payment direct from an insurance company than your local vet. Pets who need to visit a hospital or referral centre are likely to rack up significant vet bills to cover costly diagnostic imagery such as MRIs, surgery, etc., so it's a particularly good thing when hospitals and referral centres accept direct payments.

Also, a vet is more likely to have an established direct payment relationship with larger insurers such as PetPlan or Animal Friends. For example, over a third of UK vets have signed up to Animal Friends' Pawtal payment system, which allows vets to access details of cover and pre-authorisation for treatment within an hour and will pay a vet the same working day (for successful claims submitted before 5 pm). To find out if your vet will accept payment from a particular insurance company, please contact them directly.


Vets are more likely to accept direct payment from an insurance company if you plan ahead and get pre-authorization of payment. By getting pre-authorization, the insurance company essentially confirms you have appropriate cover and agrees to payment, so the vet doesn't need to worry about non-payment. Your vet may impose an administration fee of £10 to £20 to handle the paperwork of a pre-authorization and dealing with the insurance company on your behalf.

If you just show up for an appointment and ask your vet about direct payments when it comes time to settle the bill, you're less likely to have your request accepted. It will depend on your vet and their previous experience with your insurance company, but enquiring well ahead of time should increase the odds your vet will agree to a direct payment.

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