UK Travel Insurance Extras: How Much do They Cost on Average?

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If you want travel insurance to cover your wedding, a cruise, skiing, golfing, baggage or gadget/valuables cover, you’ll probably need to pay more—by purchasing a premium insurance policy and/or by adding extra cover. But how much should you expect to pay for this extra cover?

We’ve researched hundreds of travel insurance policies in order to gather data on the costs of travel insurance extras, which vary significantly depending on whether you are purchasing a single-trip or multi-trip policy. Use this information to help you understand travel insurance quotes and decide what policies offer the most for your money.

Average Costs of Travel Insurance Extras

We gathered costs of optional extras when and where available for over 200 insurance quotes. These extras, which are often not included in underlying travel insurance policy prices, include: winter sports, golf, cruise, baggage, travel disruption and valuables/gadgets.

According to the data, the average additional costs of this extra coverage range from as low as £3 for baggage cover up to £30 for winter sports cover.

Extra CoverageAnnual Multi-Trip AverageAnnual Single-Trip AverageOverall Average


Scuba/Extreme Sports




Travel Disruption

Winter Sports

Interestingly, winter sports cover tends to be a more expensive add-on feature when included in a single-trip policy, than a multi-trip policy, as you can see in the following chart.

Chart showing the average costs of optional extras on UK travel insurance
UK Travel Insurance: How Much do Optional Extras Cost?

Travel Insurance Optional Extra Costs by Destination

The amount you should expect to pay for optional extras on your travel insurance varies significantly by the coverage area. Coverage for Europe will cost less than coverage for Worldwide less USA and Canada. That, in turn, costs less than additional options for policies covering the whole world (including the USA and Canada). You can see how costs vary by geography in the following chart, for winter sports, wedding, cruise, golf, baggage and travel disruption cover.

chart showing Travel Insurance Extras Costs by Destination
Travel Insurance Extras Costs by Destination

A tricky part of buying annual travel insurance is that when you buy the insurance, you may not know where the year will take you. It can pay to plan ahead—so that you pay for the insurance that you need (i.e., USA coverage, winter sports, etc.) but you don’t overpay for coverage or features you won’t use.

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