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6 tips to use the simple power of photography on your website

Having a great website with fantastic photos is so important for attracting new customers. We spoke to experienced business photographer Cherry Beesley of Simply C Photography to chat about how to use photography on your website. Here are her top tips for making sure website photos do a business justice.

Here's advice from a professional photographer for business owners using photography on their websites.

Tip 1 - Don’t underestimate the visual

Did you know that photographs might actually be the most important part of your website? It’s well known that it only takes “milliseconds” for us to process an image. Not only that, but the amazing human brain can process “images 60,000 times faster than text”. That means a new customer “subconsciously” sees and absorbs a photograph on your website way before they read and digest any written message.

Cherry says that the “first contact” with your business is often through a photograph and sometimes that’s all that’s needed to make a buying decision. So, it’s worth taking time to make sure your photos are great. You want your “product images" to “do the selling for you”. You want your potential new customers to be wowed with gorgeous, inspiring and welcoming photos when they visit your site.

Tip 2 - Draw in customers with a great home page

A website homepage is like a handshake for your customers. It’s often the first time they will see your business and start to form an impression. Cherry believes that “people make a buying decision within a millisecond.” And it makes sense to use great photographs on your website because most of that decision comes from what they see.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. They want a new dentist and they have a couple of recommendations. Where do they go? The dentist with a great homepage, “lovely, friendly and open” photos of the staff; “well-lit” and “bright airy” photos of the waiting room, or the one with boring stock photos and no inside shots?

Tip 3 - Showcase your business

Close your eyes, now open your website, then look again and think like a customer. What’s the first thing that strikes you? Does your website truly “showcase” your business? Do the photographs on your website show why you’re different and why a customer should pick you?

“The impact of a photo is huge”. Cherry loves to take “high quality” photos that “stand out” and attract “your attention”. They “showcase” a business’s amazing products, talented staff, gorgeous interior and the “friendly” faces of the owners.

You’ve worked hard to build up your business—make sure the photos on your website do it justice and explain what your business can offer to customers.

Tip 4 - Show your customer journey

Customers want to know “what to expect” when they use your business. That means it’s important for the photographs on your website to show the customer journey—where they will come, who they will meet, and to give an insight into the business. Customers will see that they’re “going to be OK and looked after.”

Cherry loves working with businesses to show an “authentic representation” of their business. She believes that great photos tell a “story”. It’s important to show customers the inside of your business so they can visualise “what to expect” when they come to you. Even if customers don’t come to you physically they still like to see what goes on behind closed doors.

Tip 5 - Let your staff shine

Cherry believes that, “people buy from people” and “when you’re buying a product or service we want to know who we’re buying it from.” It’s great when we can put “a face to the name” of a business.

Cherry remembers a time when she picked a solicitor purely based on seeing her photo on the website. “She looked kind, sympathetic—looked like she would listen”. The decision was made in an instant.

That’s why it’s important to take great photographs of your staff members. Customers aren’t looking for glamorous models, but do want to see a someone “friendly”, “professional” and “approachable”.

Tip 6 - Invest in your photos

“Investing in an image” is actually “fantastic value” for your business. Those photographs “can be used again and again—for websites, product listings, social media, online and printed literature.”

Cherry says that there’s a “common misconception that creating business photography is uncomfortable and intrusive”. But a professional photographer is used to working with businesses and can fit in around your schedules.

Investing in professional photographs for your website is the best way to make sure your website does your business justice. An experienced photographer will work with your business to provide “bespoke” and “authentic” photos that tell your “story” to customers.

Great photos will connect with customers and “evoke an emotional response”—you can showcase your business and show customers why using you will make their life just a little bit better.

Alice Guy

Alice Guy is a Suffolk-based business and personal finance writer. She trained with KPMG in London as a Chartered Accountant before working as a business analyst for Tesco Plc. Alice has personal experience surviving on a tight budget when she took time out to care for her young family. She loves to write about business finance, saving and investing—all the money stuff we were never taught at school.