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RV insurance can help protect your caravan or motorhome, and your wallet. Our in-depth guides will help you understand the ins and outs of RV insurance so that you can choose a policy that best fits your budget and requirements.

What's the Average Cost of Caravan Insurance?

We analysed caravan insurance prices to discover how much you should expect to pay to insure popular RVs in the UK.

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Average Cost of Caravan Insurance for Popular UK Caravans

£9000 caravan
£20000 caravan
£30000 caravan

Average Cost of Caravan Insurance 2024

Expect to pay around £200 or more to insure a caravan worth £20,000, but prices vary by how much your caravan is worth and other factors...

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How to Choose an Insurer

Learn what to consider before picking an insurer to protect your vehicle.

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