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Which Countries in Europe Have the Most Hospital Beds for COVID-19?

Which countries in Europe have the best infrastructure to handle the influx of COVID-19 patients? Here are statistics comparing the number...

Personal Finance

Which Regions of England Have the Most Hospital Beds for COVID-19?

Hospital beds have been declining in numbers for decades—which regions of England are now best prepared for the influx of COVID-19 patients...

Travel Insurance

Cheap Holiday Destinations

We've ranked countries with the cheapest airfares from the UK and the cheapest food and accommodation once you arrive. Which would you like...

Travel Insurance

Flybe Goes Into Administration

On 5 March 2020, budget airline Flybe went into administration. What does this mean for you?

Travel Insurance

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost UK 2020?

We’ve priced hundreds of policies to give you an idea of what you'll pay for different destinations, types of plans (e.g., single trip or...

Travel Insurance

Does Travel Insurance Protect Against Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is ruining travel plans left, right and center. Learn more about how travel insurance companies will cover you if you're...

Personal Finance

How Much is Wedding Car Hire Near Me?

Hiring a wedding car is a critical component of many weddings, providing a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding photos. Just like the other...

Personal Finance

Best UK Regions for Teachers to Live and Work

There are 800,000 nursery, primary and secondary teaching jobs in the UK, but where are the best places to be a teacher? We've crunched the...

Motor Insurance

How Much is a New Car Battery in the UK 2020?

Motorists can pay anywhere from £60 to £320 or more to replace a car battery in the UK. We surveyed main dealers, independent workshops and...