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Best Countries in Europe for Startups 2020

We've updated and revised our popular study ranking the best European countries for startups in 2020. We analysed current economic data...

Business Insurance

Do You Make These 5 Mental Shortcuts When Buying Insurance?

These 5 mental shortcuts might prevent you from finding the best insurance for your needs. Read about them before you buy to ensure you...

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Greenest Countries in Europe 2020

Updated for 2020, we analysed the most recently-available environmental data from Eurostat, the European Environmental Agency and the World...

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Will Your Business Interruption Insurance Cover COVID-19?

The COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in a significant drop in turnover for countless businesses, with many on the brink of failure. While...

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Safest Places in the West Midlands 2020

Here are the safest places to live in the West Midlands region of England, according to violent crime and property crime metrics. See how...

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25 Small Business Ideas for Ocean Lovers

Want to start your own beach business? Here are 25 great ideas for beachside towns.

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Coronavirus Help for Motor Finance Customers

The FCA has issued temporary guidance to help people having trouble making their car finance or lease payments due to a loss of income in...

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Cheapest All Electric Cars in the UK 2020

Rank of cheapest electric cars in the UK. See how prices compare. Includes charging costs.

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Electric Car Charge Time Calculator

Find out how long it will take to charge an EV by size of battery—at home and via rapid charge points. Also compare charge times for the...