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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

It’s important to shop around for motorcycle insurance, since some companies are much more affordable than others. While no single insurance provider is the best or the cheapest for everyone, we've analyzed dozens of the best motorcycle insurance companies to arrive at a selection of stand-out bike insurance companies, based on their features and prices. Read our research to help you pick the best plan for you.

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To help you decide which motorcycle insurance is best for you, we've analysed dozens of bike insurance plans from leading UK insurance providers. Choosing the best motorbike insurance for your needs will depend on factors like price points and motorcycle insurance features that you might find valuable, such as Breakdown, Personal Liability or Helmets & Leathers cover. We are not recommending any one plan in particular; please use the information in this study to help you narrow down your choices.

Best Cheap UK Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is meant to protect you against large financial losses and can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds, depending on factors like your age and the type of bike you ride. For those on a budget, the following companies stood out for offering relatively good value, with solid cover and features with cheap prices relative to the average cost of motorcycle insurance.


Consider this if you want to pay a low price for motorcycle insurance from a true specialist.

MCE Insurance is an independently-owned motorcycle insurance provider based in Northamptonshire. In our research MCE has produced some of the cheapest motorcycle insurance quotes in the UK market—in some cases up to 80% less than average. (Although prices were less discounted for more expensive, premium bikes like a BMW R1200 GS.) Generally speaking, MCE is able to sell motorbike insurance for lower prices because their policies are subject to a very high compulsory excess as standard.

While the average motorbike insurance excess is around £340, the compulsory excess on MCE policies may be £1,150 (Honda PCX 125) or £1,800 (Yamaha Tracer 900 or BMW R1200 GS). In general, while you'll pay a lower rate to get insurance with MCE, you'll get less financial protection in the event of a claim due to the high excess (the amount you contribute towards a claim). It's a trade off that will suit some people but not others.

MCE motorcycle policies include a number of features as standard, such as Helmet and Leathers, Legal Assistance, Personal Accident, Breakdown Cover/Roadside Assistance and 183 Days European Cover, plus there are extensive modification allowances. For an additional cost, the following Optional Extras are available with MCE policies: Excess Protection, Protected NCB for 1 or more years, Home Start and EU Breakdown.

Lexham Bike Insurance

Consider this if you want motorcycle cover for a good price with helpful, friendly customer service.

Lexham is a motorcycle specialist broker, that started out focused on mopeds and scooters but has grown to include cover for most types of motorcycles, as well as other coverages such as learner driver, classic car and bicycle insurance. Lexham prices seem to be consistently good and customer reviews are quite positive. Of particular note are the glowing reviews related to the customer service team, for being friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Optional extras include Helmet and Leathers for £42.00, Personal Accident for £54.00 and Breakdown cover for £60.00.

Just Motorcycle Insurance

Consider this if you want solid cover from a specialist motorbike insurer and free legal cover.

Just Motorcycle Insurance is a trading style of Carole Nash, which has a solid reputation as a motorcycle insurance specialist broker. Optional extras include: Helmet and Leathers (~£44.99), Legal Assistance (~£33.00) and Personal Accident (~£39.98). All of their policies allow you to drive within the European Union at the same level of cover as in the UK, unless otherwise stated, for a time period from 30 days to the full year depending on the insurer.

Those looking for cover for track days will need to look elsewhere, as none of Just Motorcycle Insurance's insurers will provide cover for track days. Problems can be directed to their UK based call centre and 24-hour claim lines. If necessary, payment options are available to help you spread out the cost of cover for your bike.


Consider this if you want to pay a low price for motorcycle insurance.

Devitt is a specialist motorbike with a long history, that's been providing motorbike insurance quotes since 1936. Additional discounts are available for advanced motorcycle training, secure parking, limited mileage and security systems. Devitt sponsors the popular biking community Keep Britain Biking, where you can access exclusive offers and competitions, read blogs from real bikers and get invites to biker events and ride-outs. Those wanting to bike around Europe get up to 90 days EU cover.

If your bike is stolen or damaged, you may be covered to ride other bikes included, subject to insurer (i.e., underwriter). Additional options for your motorbike insurance including legal expenses, personal accident (PA) cover or PA with helmet and leathers cover, as well as a choice of RAC breakdown options. Other perks include renewal reminder and claims helpline text directly to your phone. To get an idea of prices from Devitt, see the table below:

Sample Prices for Motorbike Insurance from Devitt

BikeFully CompTPFTTPO
Ducati Monster 695 07, £3,325£98.00£89.00£87.00
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 07, £3,950£108.00£95.00£94.00
Suzuki GSF 600 Z Bandit 04, £2,075£98.00£89.00£87.00
Triumph Bonneville 744 80, £2,350£66.00£56.00£56.00
Yamaha YFF R6 599 07, £4,450£137.00£97.00£94.00

All prices are correct as at June 2018 and are based on a 35 year old married rider with a maximum bonus, living in the BS27 area, with a full licence, no convictions or accidents, bank manager, with a factory fitted immobiliser. Bike is garaged and the usage is restricted to 3000 miles per annum.

Best Overall UK Motorcycle Insurance


Consider this if you want solid cover from a specialist motorbike insurer and free legal cover.

One of the leading specialist motorcycle brokers in the UK, Bikesure offers cheap motorbike insurance prices for learners, younger riders, experienced riders, commuters and motor biking enthusiasts. In addition to regular motorbike insurance, BikeSure offers Classic, Custom, Quad, scooter and moped cover, plus cover for modifications and customized bikes.

For those whose bike will be off the road for a while, Laid Up and Short Term cover are also available. Riders with motoring convictions and criminal convictions may be covered and those going on a road trip can get up to 180 days' European travel, with up to 90 days per trip.

Every policy comes with £100,000 of free legal cover, and BikeSure also offers optional add-ons including personal injury cover, comprehensive breakdown cover and protective clothing and helmet insurance. At the time of writing, a special offer was available which includes Legal, Personal Accident, Helmet & Leathers and Breakdown, with 20% off the usual price.


Consider this if you want specialized motorbike insurance from a leading UK broker.

As another leading specialist motorcycle insurance broker, Bennetts offers motorcycle insurance policies from several of the UK’s biggest insurance underwriters, catering to a variety of needs by offering a wide selection of features and prices. Cover is available for Scooter & Mopeds, Sports & Superbikes, Cruisers and Classic Bikes. Bennetts insurance for modern classic or vintage bikes comes with optional agreed valuations, show and event cover and no admin fees for additional modifications. 16 of the most common modifications covered as standard.

For those taking their bike off the road, Laid Up cover is available to protect against fire and theft while your bike is being stored. Bennetts Laid Up cover doesn't require you to hold a bike licence, which is useful if you haven't reached the age to be able to ride the bike or it was passed down to you. 90-day EU cover is included as standard.

In terms of extra cover, Bennetts also offer Personal Accident Cover, which could provide a one-off cash payment in the event of a more serious accident, along with Helmet and Leathers Cover which protects your gear against damage. You can also choose RAC Breakdown cover to provide roadside rescue when you need it. Bennetts offers three levels of RAC breakdown cover. From £29.99 per annum, Bennetts' Legal Expenses cover provides up to £100,000 towards redeeming any expenses you incur throughout a claim for an accident that wasn't your fault. At the time of writing Bennetts was offering 70% off ultimate cover—including Legal Expenses, RAC Breakdown EU, Helmet & Leathers and Personal Accident (121cc bikes and under receive RAC Breakdown Plus at a 69% discount).

Carole Nash

Consider this if you want to pay a low price for motorcycle insurance.

Carole Nash can arrange cover for almost all types of motorbikes, whether you’re riding a classic motorcycle, a modern superbike, a custom built model, a bike for touring or an inner city scooter. In addition to road bikes, Carole Nash's off-road motorbike insurance covers all kinds of dirt, enduro and motocross motorbikes. They cater to all top manufacturers including BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha and offer additional insurance in Europe as standard. As a leading motorcycle insurance broker, Carole Nash will search for the cheapest price from their panel of top motorbike insurers (i.e., underwriters).

What to look for in Motorbike Insurance

Whether you ride a scooter, sports bike, tourer or another type of motorbike, deciding which type of cover best suits your needs and which features are most important to you are critical to choosing the best motorcycle insurance policy. The three types of motorcycle insurance are Third Party Only (TPO), Third Party, Theft and Fire (TPTF) and Comprehensive.

Third Party Only (TPO): The minimum insurance cover required by law, Third Party plans cover damage to other vehicles if your bike is involved in an accident—but there's no cover for damage to your bike.

Third Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT): TPFT plans include Third Party cover and will pay the market value of your bike if it's stolen and not recovered, or pay the cost to repair or replace your bike if it's damaged by fire.

Comprehensive: The highest level of cover, Comprehensive plans include TPFT features PLUS protection against damage to your own bike in the event of an accident—for example, payment for a replacement bike if yours is written off.

If a Comprehensive plan fits in your budget, it will generally provide the best coverage compared to TPO and TPFT plans. Despite providing the highest coverage, however, Comprehensive plans are not always the most expensive so it's always worth checking prices before deciding which type of motorcycle insurance is best for you.

Cover by Type of Motorbike Insurance

Damage to Other People and VehiclesFire and Theft of Your BikeDamage to You and Your Bike
Third Party OnlyX
Third Party, Fire and TheftXX

The next step to take is picking out which features are important to you. Typical features, which may be included as standard or offered for an additional premium, are:

  • Helmet and Leathers
  • Roadside Assistance/Breakdown
  • Personal Accident
  • Legal Assistance
  • EU Cover
  • Key Cover

As these features can each add £15 to £60 to the cost of motorcycle insurance, it is certainly worth considering if you'll use them or not. For instance, if you've never taken your bike touring in Europe, don't be drawn into paying extra for EU cover. Roadside Assistance, Personal Accident and Legal Assistance can perhaps create significant value added if you run into trouble and may be worth any added cost, unless you buy a policy on which they're included as standard.

Ways to Save Money on Motorbike Insurance

Comparison shop. It’s important to shop around for motorcycle insurance, since prices can vary widely between plans. Use comparison sites to obtain the most quotes in the shortest amount of time—filling out individual forms is a laborious and time-consuming process, and you only need to fill out one form on a comparison site to get access to potentially dozens of quotes depending on your individual details. Once you have surveyed the market, it may be worth picking up the phone to a specialist broker and seeing what they can do to improve your best quote.

Freebies.Also be on the lookout for incentives that may be offered on some plans from time to time, such as free helmet and leathers cover, legal protection service, RAC roadside assistance and personal accident cover. Getting these options for free can potentially save you hundreds of pounds whilst providing better coverage for you.

Higher excess.If you're looking to pay a lower price for your insurance and are willing to contribute more towards any valid claims, then you might save hundreds of pounds by choosing a plan with a higher excess. For example, recent quotes for a new Honda PCX 1200 bike from MCE and Just Motorcycles differed by £660, largely due to a difference in excess—the MCE plan was priced at £337 with a £1,150 excess, which is far lower than the Just Motorcycle plan's price of £1,000 with a £600 excess. Choosing a plan with a higher excess and lower price may suit you, but only if you're financially able to pay the excess out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Lower level of cover.Finally, you can opt for a lower level of cover (e.g., TPFT versus Comprehensive), but before doing so be sure that you're comfortable taking on the added risk—for instance, if you opt for TPFT instead of Comprehensive you'll be financially responsible for damage to your own bike in the event of an accident. If you're only saving a few quid it is probably not worth reducing your cover in this way. For more information see our article on the factors that impact the cost of motorcycle insurance.

If you're a young person, you might want to read our articles on Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Companies for 17 to 20 Year Olds and Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Companies for 25 Year Olds.

Those looking to save money on the costs of running a motorcycle may also want to consider the fuel efficiency of a motorbike the next time they're in the market for a new bike.

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Note regarding savings figures: 51% of consumers could save up to £195.07 on their Motorbike Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from November 2021. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.