Average MPG of Motorcycles 2021

Since a typical motorcycle owner spends nearly £500 a year on petrol, finding a bike with good fuel efficiency can make a big difference to the amount of money you spend on motorcycle-related expenses each year. How many mpg does your bike get—and how does this compare to other motorbikes?

We've calculated the average miles per gallon (mpg) for petrol motorcycles to give you a benchmark for understanding how fuel efficient any given motorbike is—as well as typical mpg figures for popular BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph and Piaggo motorbikes.

Average Miles Per Gallon for Motorcycles

The typical motorcycle gets around 56.7 miles per gallon—but fuel efficiency varies significantly depending on the type of gearbox on your bike. Semi automatic bikes get the best gas mileage (87 mpg on average). The vast majority of bikes in the database are manual transmission which guzzle the most petrol getting, at the other extreme, 53.2 mpg on average.

Fuel Consumption for Petrol Motorbikes
Manual53.2 mpg
Direct shift gearbox63.3 mpg
Automatic76.4 mpg
Continuously variable78.9 mpg
Semi automatic86.9 mpg
Average56.7 mpg
Average fuel efficiency of motorbikes, by transmission type
The type of transmission plays a significant factor in the fuel efficiency of your motorbike

In general, motorcycles are much more fuel efficient than cars—the average petrol car gets only 36 mpg compared to 57 mpg for a motorcycle.

MPG for BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha and Piaggio Motorbikes

A few popular UK motorbikes stand out for getting particularly good gas mileage: the 125cc Honda PCX and the Honda Vision 110cc scooter. Both get around 115 miles per gallon due to their smaller engines. In contrast, bikes with larger engines tend to get worse gas mileage. For example, the BMW R1200 gets around 52.9 miles per gallon in real-life riding; the Kawasaki Z900 gets around 51.7 mpg.

Below find fuel efficiency data for popular BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha and Piaggio motorbikes. As indicated by the wide range of results, riding style has a massive impact on how quickly your bike guzzles petrol.

Popular Motorcycle MPG

MPG of Popular MotorcyclesLowHighAverage
BMW R120032.480.052.9
BMW S1000 R36.7142.744.7
Honda PCX82.6152.7115.8
Honda Vision 11092.0147.1114.4
Kawasaki Z 90037.573.651.7
Kawasaki Z100035.356.845.2
Piaggio Vespa43.5114.877.4
Triumph Bonneville38.879.461.5
Triumph Tiger 105040.059.749.2
Yamaha Tracer MT-0936.493.954.6
Fuel efficiency of popular UK motorbikes
Fuel efficiency of popular UK motorbikes

If you're researching motorbike fuel efficiency ahead of picking a motorcycle, keep in mind that fuel consumption is just of the many costs of motorbike ownership—the other big cost being motorcycle insurance premiums.

Also, as technologies improve vehicles tend to get better gas mileage. So if you drive an older motorcycle then upgrading to a newer model might save you on fuel at the pump. Those particularly concerned about running costs might want to consider an electric motorcycle, such as the Zero electric motorbike.


To determine the average mpg for motorcycles we gathered data on two-wheeled vehicles from the Spritmonitor database, a site where users enter information on the gas mileage of their personal vehicle for a real-life representation of a vehicle's actual fuel efficiency. The resulting database contains over 20 million fuel ups for over half a million vehicles.

Entries are stored in a litres/100km format, so for use in the UK we converted these values into miles per gallon. Since there are 4.55 litres in a gallon and 1.609 kilometers in a mile, you can convert litres/100km to mpg (UK) by dividing 282.5 by the litres/100km value to get your mpg equivalent.



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