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If your pet has a health problem, the last thing you need is worry over unexpected vet bills. Our pet insurance guides can help you choose a pet insurance plan that suits your budget and offers features important to you and your pet.

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Our in-depth articles and guides will help you find the best pet insurance, providing financial protection in case your dog or cat is ever injured or falls ill.

Who has Cheap Pet Insurance?

We combed through dozens of pet insurance plans to find those offering the best value—great protection at below average prices.

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Monthly Premium for Lifetime Dog Cover

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Best Pet Insurance 2018: What's the Right Plan for You?

Find the best pet insurance for you and your pet. Learn about features, pros and cons and plans for different budgets.

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How to Choose an Insurer

Picking the right insurer can help protect your pet and your wallet in case your dog or cat suffers from an unexpected health condition. Learn about all the things you should consider before picking an insurer and how to find the plan that best suits your needs.

Pet Insurance News

How Much is Bulldog Insurance?

By Erin Yurday |

The average cost of Lifetime cover for a Bulldog is £127 per month, or £1,525 per year. Find out how prices vary across insurers, by type...Read More >

Pet Insurance Excess Explained

By Erin Yurday |

The excess is the amount a pet owner pays towards any pet insurance claim. Here we explain the types of excess you might come across, an...Read More >