Best Pet Insurance for Bulldogs 2018

Bulldogs are know for their cuteness and for being prone to certain health problems. Read our recommendations to discover which pet insurance plans might be best to protect your beloved Bulldog and his smile. If you're not sure where to begin, read our Top Tips for Insuring a Bulldog.

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    Summary of the Best Pet Insurers for Bulldogs
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    How To Pick a Good Pet Insurance Plan for You and Your Bulldog

All of the plans mentioned on this page are Lifetime policies with dental illness and cover for congenital/hereditary conditions, three features that may turn out to be very important for a Bulldog.

Best Cheap Lifetime Pet Insurance for Bulldogs: Pet Protect

Even if you have a tight budget, we generally recommend Lifetime pet insurance for your bulldog. With a Lifetime plan, vet limits reset each year to provide financial protection for recurring conditions or conditions that take a long time to treat.

Since Bulldogs are prone to a long list of health problems, you'll pay quite a bit more to insure your French or English Bulldog than, say, a crossbreed dog. In fact, the average cost of Lifetime cover for a young, healthy Bulldog is £147 per month—this is 3.5 times the average cost of Lifetime dog cover for a crossbreed dog. Through our research of dozens of pet insurance policies, we found that Pet Protect offers the best value and cheapest Lifetime cover for Bulldogs.

Best Cheap Bulldog Pet Insurance: Pet Protect Lifelong Plus and Lifelong Extra

Consider this if you want a cheaper Lifetime plan with dental for your Bulldog.

Pet Protect offers solid value and cover at prices that won't break the bank. Included in either £4,000 or £6,000 of Lifetime cover, you get cover for dental injury AND illness (provided your pet has a dental exam every 12 months). Another important feature, especially for Bulldogs, is that congenital/hereditary conditions are covered so long as there were no symptoms before your policy began.

Sample monthly premiums for healthy, 3-month old...French BulldogEnglish BulldogExcess
Pet Protect Lifetime £6,000£65£54£95
Pet Protect Lifetime £4,000£58£48£95

n addition, you have 6 months to submit claims, which we think is quite manageable. There's not vet fone to call with queries, however, and those planning a long trip to the EU with their dog may not have enough cover (trips are covered up to 31 days per year, with vet fees up to £1,000 max while abroad). A defining feature that may not suit all pet owners is that the excess is composed of a fixed £ amount and a mandatory copay/variable excess. The variable excess starts at 5% but rises to 20% to 25% for dogs and cats over 10 years old.

  • Lower premiums
  • Congenital cover
  • Euthanasia cover
  • Travel cover
  • Dental cover
  • Prescription food
  • Having a longer time to claim
  • No Death Due to Illness Cover
  • No vetfone
  • No new policies for older pets (not available to dogs 6+ or 8+, breed dependent, or cats 10+)
  • Excess rises as pets age
  • Copay (variable excess) in addition to fixed excess

Best Premium Lifetime Pet Insurance for Bulldogs: Agria, LV= and PetPlan

If you have a slightly higher budget, you might want to consider Lifetime cover from Agria, LV= or PetPlan. You'll get higher vet cover levels and other features such as a 24-hour vet fone.

Best Cheap Bulldog Pet Insurance, with More Cover and Optional Features: Agria £6,500 or £12,500

Consider this if you're looking for customizable features and solid value - a premium plan for less.

If you like the features of premium plans but don't like the price tags, a good option may be Agria's £6,500 Lifetime Plan. Agria is able to offer competitive pricing because pet owners contribute more towards vet fees through the use of a standard 10% copay (in addition to a fixed £ excess) should you ever need to claim. Plus, options like Boarding if You're Unwell, EU Travel, Death and Loss and Holiday Cancellation are available as optional extras—cover you only need to pay for if you want to.

Sample monthly premiums for healthy, 3-month old...French BulldogEnglish BulldogExcess
Agria £12,500£150£150£95 + 10%
Agria £6,500£115£115£95 + 10%

The terms and conditions feel like they were designed by real pet owners, as you can read about in our review. Dental illness and injury are covered, as well as euthanasia. Expect to pay around £450 for the £12,500 Lifetime Plan or £350 for the £6,500 Lifetime Plan for a young, healthy crossbreed dog; the premium for a British Shorthair cat would cost around £400 or £325, respectively. Adding the optional extras discussed above would add around £50 to a dog quote and £22 to a cat quote. Even with these additions, Agria prices are very good value compared to other premium plans.

  • Higher vet limits
  • Congenital cover
  • Dental injury and illness
  • 6+ months to claim
  • Optional Extras: Boarding if You're Unwell, EU Travel, Death and Loss and Holiday Cancellation
  • 10% copay on top of fixed excess
  • Pay extra for EU travel cover

Best Cheap Bulldog Pet Insurance, for Older Pets and EU Travel: LV= Premier £10k or £5k

Consider this if you want a good value Lifetime plan, especially for new policies for older pets and extended EU travel.

LV= Premier plans offer solid value especially for those with older pets as there's no upper age limit for new policies and those who'll take their Bulldog on extended trips to Europe—there's no limit on the number of days you can spend abroad or on the amount of cover, other than usual limits you have in the UK. French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs will cost around the same, with choice of vet limit and excess for those who want to manage costs to suit their budget.

Sample monthly premiums for healthy, 3-month old^...French BulldogEnglish BulldogExcess
LV= £10,000£98£98£150
LV= £10,000£109£109£75
LV= £5,000£85£85£150
LV= £5,000£94£94£75
LV= £3,000£73£73£150
LV= £3,000£81£81£75

(^Note: Prices reflect a 10% online discount)

Another perk is that pet owners have up to 12 months to submit claims. There's no vet phone to call with queries, however, or euthanasia cover.

  • Congenital cover
  • Older pets can take out new Lifetime cover
  • Longer time to make claims
  • Extended EU travel
  • Dental injury and illness
  • No prescription food cover
  • Premiums may rise after you claim
  • Higher excess for older pets
  • No euthanasia cover
  • No vetfone to call with queries

Best Cheap Bulldog Pet Insurance, with More Cover and Extra Features: PetPlan £4k Classic, £7k Classic+ or £12k Ultimate

Consider this if you want a premium plan from the UK's largest pet insurer.

As the UK's largest dog and cat insurer, PetPlan Lifetime plans are a solid choice from a company that, in all likelihood, already has a relationship with your vet—potentially making it easier to submit claims. Their Lifetime plans include dental illness and injury, holiday cancellation, boarding if you're unwell, congenital/hereditary conditions (that arise after the policy starts, as with the other plans), 90 days of EU travel cover and a vetline to call with queries. One of the only features not included on PetPlan Lifetime plans is euthanasia cover.

Sample monthly premiums for healthy, 3-month old...French BulldogEnglish BulldogExcess
PetPlan Ultimate £12,000£242£239£120
PetPlan Classic+ £7,000£153£181£120
PetPlan Classic £4,000£131£155£120
  • Dental injury AND illness
  • Quick reimbursement
  • Long window to submit claims
  • Anyone wanting a new Lifetime policy for an older pet
  • Those wanting to pay a low excess or premium
  • Euthanasia cover
  • Addition of 20% variable excess for older pets

Best Pet Insurance Summary

Here is a summary of the best Lifetime plans for Bulldogs. We've ranked the plans by Value Ratio (higher ratio is better) for a French Bulldog. The Value Ratio is a measure of how much value you get from a plan—that is, how the cover you get compares to the premium and excess you'd pay if you claim once per year. It's calculated as follows: Vet Cover/(Annual Premium + 1 Excess payment for a £500 condition).

Value RatioPlanFrench Bulldog Cost/MonthEnglish Bulldog Cost/MonthExcessDental IllnessEuthanasia CoverEU Travel/YearOlder Pets?
7.6LV= £10,000£98£98£150YesNounlimitedYes
6.7Pet Protect Lifetime £6,000£65£54£95 + 5%YesYes31 days (£1,000 max cover)New plans n/a to Bulldogs 6+
7.3LV= £10,000£109£109£75YesNounlimitedYes
6.5Agria £12,500£150£150£95 + 10%YesYes120 days (optional extra)New plans n/a to Bulldogs 5+
4.9Pet Protect Lifetime £4,000£58£48£95 + 5%YesYes31 days (£1,000 max cover)New plans n/a to Bulldogs 6+
4.3Agria £6,500£115£115£95 + 10%YesYes120 days (optional extra)New plans n/a to Bulldogs 5+
4.0PetPlan Ultimate £12,000£242£239£120YesNo90 daysNew plans n/a to Bulldogs 5+
4.3LV= £5,000£85£85£150YesNounlimitedYes
4.2LV= £5,000£94£94£75YesNounlimitedYes
3.6PetPlan Classic+ £7,000£153£181£120YesNo90 daysNew plans n/a to Bulldogs 5+
4.0More Than Premier £12,000£240£193£100 + 10%Yes
2.9LV= £3,000£73£73£150YesNounlimitedYes
2.9LV= £3,000£81£81£75YesNounlimitedYes
3.2More Than Premier £12,000£306£246£100Yes
2.4PetPlan Classic £4,000£131£155£120YesNo90 daysNew plans n/a to Bulldogs 5+

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance for a Bulldog

As Bulldogs are known to suffer from a number of health conditions, buying the right pet insurance is critical to protect your dog and your wallet. As many potential health issues—from hip dysplasia to respiratory problems to cherry eye—may be recurring or involve long-term treatment, we think it's important to choose a Lifetime plan. With this type of pet insurance, you are covered for ongoing health issues because the annual vet fee limit is topped up each year when you renew.

The Lifetime plan should also cover congenital/hereditary conditions and include dental illness cover, if possible, since Bulldogs may suffer from problems with their teeth due to the shape of their lower jaw and face. You can read more about choosing the best Bulldog insurance in our article, Bulldog Insurance: 4 Top Tips to Ensure the Right Cover.


By collecting dozens of data points from various pet insurance plans around the UK, we were able to gain insight on Lifetime insurance plans for Bulldogs. The data we collected span all types of variables such as vet cover, premium, excess, changes for older pets, etc. To see all of the plans we analysed, please see the table below.