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Average Cost of Cat Insurance 2018

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Pet insurance can help you pay for vet bills in case your cat is injured in an accident or falls ill, needing treatment. But how much should you expect to pay for cat insurance?

We've gathered dozens of quotes from leading UK pet insurers to learn more about the average cost of insurance for a cat. Many factors affect the premium, from the age, gender and breed of your cat to the type of pet insurance you choose. Use this information to help you understand how much you'll need to pay for cat insurance. For more information on pet insurance costs in general, see our article on the Average Cost of Pet Insurance.

Average Cost of Cat Insurance

We gathered monthly premium quotes for the four different types of pet insurance—Accident Only, Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Lifetime—for a young, healthy British Shorthair cat. According to our research, the average cost of cat insurance is £18.71 per month, with an average range of £10.60 for the cheaper Accident Only plans up to £29.82 for more comprehensive and pricey Lifetime cover.

You'll notice that female cats cost less to insure than male cats—around 30% less for policies that cover both accidents and illnesses. There is less of a difference for Accident Only plans, when females only cost around 5% less than the males.

Average Cost of Cat Insurance per MonthMaleFemale% Difference
Accident Only£4.68£4.455%
Time Limited£13.43£9.4130%
Max Benefit£23.00£15.1334%
chart showing how much pet owners will pay for cat insurance per month
How much is cat insurance per month?

It makes sense that premiums rise from Accident Only up to Lifetime plans, as the prices reflect the relative cover you get with the different types of insurance. Accident Only plans are cheapest because they offer the least amount of cover (i.e., accidents due to injuries only). Additionally, Accident Only plans may have 12-month time limit on reimbursements for any injuries for which you claim back vet bills.

The other three types of plans will protect for both accidents and illnesses (e.g., tumours, infections, diabetes, etc.), but in varying degrees. For instance, Time Limited plans typically restrict reimbursement to 12 months from the start of a condition; Max Benefit plans offer a bit more cover in that there is no time restriction but instead a maximum £ amount of cover per-condition; Lifetime plans are generally the most comprehensive since, as the name says, they'll keep paying for conditions throughout your pet's life—while there is an annual limit, this amount resets each year and is available to use again for any new or continuing conditions.

On an annual basis, cat insurance can easily cost hundreds of pounds, depending on the type of cover.

Average Cost of Cat Insurance per YearMaleFemale% Difference
Accident Only£56.21£53.375%
Time Limited£161.16£112.9530%
Max Benefit£276.00£181.5934%

chart showing how much pet owners will pay for cat insurance per year
How much is cat insurance per year?

How Much is Pet Insurance for Older Cats?

The cost of pet insurance will rise with your pet's age. As cats grow older they—like their owners—are more likely to have serious health issues. The insurance companies know this and offset higher expected claims with larger premiums for that part of your cat's life.

chart showing how much pet owners will pay for cat insurance by pet age for older pets
How much is pet insurance for older cats?

Two ways to reduce the cost of health insurance for older cats are opting for a Time Limited or Max Benefit plan instead of Lifetime or choosing a higher excess and/or paying a variable excess in addition to the fixed excess. Before choosing a higher excess, we urge you to read the Pros and Cons of a Higher Excess on Pet Insurance.

How Much is Cat Insurance by Breed?

Premiums not only change with the gender of cats, they may also vary by breed—but there's less variation according to breed for cat insurance than for dog insurance. We've gathered sample quotes from Agria Pet Insurance for the top 10 most popular cats the UK, according to Pets4Homes.

Sample Monthly Cost of Cat Insurance by Top Ten Breeds£6,500 Lifetime Plan
2British Shorthair£26.94
7Maine Coon£20.44
9Norwegian Forest£26.94
chart showing how much pet owners will pay for cat insurance by breed
The cost of cat insurance varies marginally by breed

If you have yet to buy a cat and are just researching the costs of cat ownership you may want to keep in mind how insurance costs vary by breed and especially by gender, particularly if you are very budget conscious. Over one year of cat ownership, the difference in insurance premiums paid for a Lifetime plan can reach £125 or more between a male cat and female cat. Over a theoretical 12-year lifetime, the owner of a male cat could pay £1,250 more in insurance premiums than the owner of a female cat.

For more information on good pet insurance options at reasonable prices, see our articles on Cheap Pet Insurance, Best Pet Insurance and Best Value Pet Insurance.

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