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Solar panels catch energy from daylight, then convert this energy into electricity to use in your home. This renewable, low-carbon electricity is free (after you've paid the installation costs, of course).

You can use solar-generated electricity as it's produced for your immediate electrical needs; and if you produce more than you use, you can either store this excess solar electricity in a solar battery to use later, or even earn money by selling it back to the grid.

Solar panels are growing significantly in popularity. According to MCS (a green energy certification organisation), in 2023 there were 183,000 solar panel installations, an increase of 32.6% over 2022. Solar panels are particularly appealing now as we face quite high, variable and uncertain electricity costs.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work by converting energy from the sun into electricity you can use to power your home. It's remarkable, really.

Solar panels are made out of a semiconductor like silicon. When photons from sunlight hit the semiconductor material, electrons are released, producing an electric charge. This electric charge then travels through an inverter which converts the direct current (DC) generated by the panels into alternating current (AC) which can be safely used in the home. You can use this electrical current to power your lights, run your appliances (e.g. oven, washing machine, dishwasher, etc.), provide heating, and even charge an electric car.

Solar Panels for Home

Considering installing solar panels on your home to generate clean, renewable energy? It's a smart move towards sustainability and potentially reducing your electricity bills. Solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells are made of semiconductor materials, such as silicon, that generate an electric current when exposed to sunlight.

The amount of electricity generated by solar panels depends on several factors, including the size and efficiency of the panels, the amount of sunlight your home receives, and the angle and orientation of the panels. It's important to carefully assess your home's energy needs, roof space, and sun exposure before making a decision.

At NimbleFins, our team of experts has created a comprehensive guide to Solar Panels for Home to help you through the process. Our guide covers:

  • How solar panels work, including the science behind PV cells and the different types of solar panels available.
  • The potential benefits of installing solar panels, such as reducing your carbon footprint, increasing your home's value, and taking advantage of government incentives.
  • The potential drawbacks of installing solar panels, such as the upfront cost, the need for regular maintenance, and the impact on your home's aesthetics.
  • How to choose the right solar panel system for your needs. This includes considering factors such as your energy consumption, roof size, budget, and aesthetic preferences.
  • How to maximize your savings with solar panels. This includes understanding net metering policies, taking advantage of rebates and tax credits, and implementing energy-efficient practices in your home.

Solar Panels for Home

Solar Panel Batteries

Wondering if you should include a solar battery along with your PV panel installation? Including a home battery helps you get the most out of solar and save even more money on your ongoing electricity costs. Not only can you use a battery to store excess solar energy to use later, but a battery can also store cheaper electricity from the grid that you buy at night on a special Time of Use tariff.

But a solar battery is not cheap, costing around £2,500 for 5kWh of storage. Is a solar battery worth it? This decision depends on factors like the cost of the battery, the storage capacity, your potential annual electricity savings, and more. It's important to understand all of this before making a decision.

Our NimbleFins solar experts have written an in-depth guide to Solar Panel Batteries for the home to help you understand what a battery can do, and decide if it's worth the cost. Our guide covers:

  • Why solar panel systems should include a battery, including an illustration comparing typical solar generation during the day and home electricity demands.
  • The typical costs of buying and installing a solar battery, from low end to high end batteries, based on our market research in 2024.
  • A list of the best solar batteries you can buy in the UK, including data on storage capacity, warranties, depth of discharge, and where the batteries are made.
  • Information on how solar battery storage systems work, including installation locations, ideal battery storage sizes and how long batteries last.
  • A thorough cost-benefit analysis, assessing how much money you can save with a solar battery (using examples from several popular makes and models) and payback calculations to decide if a battery is worth it.

Solar Panel Batteries

Solar Panel Installers

Are you looking for the best solar panel installer? Picking the right installer can mean your installation goes smoothly and quickly, setting you up to get free ongoing electricity at the right price. But there are hundreds to choose from, and installers differ in the locations they cover, the solar PV manufacturers they install, their certifications, customer ratings, time in business, workmanship warranties, and more.

Our solar experts at NimbleFins have researched the UK market and identified some of the best Solar Panel Installers, both national and local, to help you find the right installer for you. Our comprehensive guide includes:

  • A comparison of the best solar panel installers based on their workmanship warranties, memberships and customer ratings.
  • Research on which brands of solar panels an installation company typically works with, which is important if you want a specific brand of PV panel or battery.
  • Information on the locations and coverage areas of solar panel installers, to help you find one that works in your local area.
  • Data on the history of installers so you can understand how long they've been operating.
  • Tips on how to choose a solar panel installer.

Solar Panel Installers

Solar Panel Costs

Wondering how much it would cost to get solar panels? Installing a solar panel system on your roof means you can get 'free', green, low-carbon electricity for your home, once you've paid the upfront cost of installation.

The cost of a home solar panel system depends on many factors, including the make and model of the PV panels, the number of panels in the system, and even the installer you choose. In some cases, homeowners can even benefit from discounts and grants to lower the cost of solar panels; or even get free solar panels.

At NimbleFins, our experts have created a comprehensive guide to Solar Panel Costs to help you learn about the potential expenses. Our guide covers:

  • Average solar panel system costs for different power output and numbers of panels, using real-life examples and quotes from 2024.
  • Historical data to illustrate how solar panel costs have changed over time in the UK.
  • Information on solar panel discounts, grants and who can get free solar panels.

Solar Panel Costs

Best Solar Panels

Are you looking for the best solar panels to install on your home? It's great to do the research, because getting the best equipment and the right installer will help you maximise your home's solar power generation for the lowest price.

The 'best' solar panels will vary from situation to situation, as there are many factors to consider. To find the best PV panels themselves, factors like price, degradation, max power output, efficiency and warranties are important to compare. And when finding the best installer for you, you'll want to consider factors like workmanship warranties, location, time in business, certifications, memberships and customer ratings, word of mouth, and more.

The NimbleFins solar experts have ranked some of the best UK PV panels and installers to help you find the Best Solar Panels for your home. Our guide covers:

  • A data-driven comparison of popular UK solar panels, including stats on price, degradation, power output, efficiency and warranties.
  • A data-driven comparison of some larger solar panel installers that operate nationally, including information on time in operation, certifications and memberships, customer ratings, workmanship warranties and where they're based.
  • Links to our research on local solar panel installers in different areas of the UK (London, South East, South West, Midlands, North England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Best Solar Panels

Solar Panel Grants

Wondering if you can get any money off a solar panel installation through a solar panel grant or discount? It's smart to look into, because the largest grants can potentially pay the entire solar panel system cost, which typically starts from around £6,000.

There are a half a dozen different grants and programs in the UK to help households save on green energy installations. Eligibility requirements vary, and may depend on where you live, your household income, if you're on benefits, your home's current Energy Performance Certificate rating, and how much excess energy your home might produce via solar.

To take the guesswork out of Solar Panel Grants and other discounts, the NimbleFins experts have researched the different options and eligibility requirements. Our guide includes:

  • A comprehensive list of the current government solar panel grants, including eligibility requirements, geographic coverage areas, expiration and the potential benefit to you.
  • Information on which two government grants can result in free solar panels, including who might be eligible and how to apply.
  • Real-life examples of recent discounts and promotions from various solar panel installers, including 15% off and £500 off deals, plus 0% APR financing to spread out the cost of solar panels.

Solar Panel Grants

Solar Panel Installation

Want to learn more about or book a solar panel installation? Installing solar panels is a great step towards making your home greener and lowering your ongoing electricity bills.

The many factors in a solar panel installation will vary from one home to the next. For example, solar panel costs will depend on factors like the household's typical electricity usage and usable roof space. And installation mights require building permissions, meter upgrades, scaffolding, and even additional building works. A good solar panel installation company will explain all of this, and should ensure installation is quick and easy.

The expert team at NimbleFins has explained what's involved in a Solar Panel Installation and how to book one in our in-depth guide. It includes:

  • How to find a solar panel installation company.
  • How much solar panels cost per kWh, so you can estimate the cost of panels for your home.
  • What happens before installation day, from sorting building permissions, surveys, scaffolding, meter upgrades and equipment delivery ahead of time.
  • What happens on installation day, including what to check before your installers leave your premises.
  • A description of the equipment that will be installed, including solar panels, a fuse box, inverter, DC optimisers (for shade), a battery (optional) and other bits and bobs.
  • The potential other works you might need to arrange, such as fire protection, loft access or chimney stack removal.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Quotes

Are you looking for home solar panel quotes in the UK? It's the first step towards running your home on green energy and reducing your ongoing electricity bills.

Learning how to compare solar panel quotes is important, because picking the best quote is about much more than the upfront cost—there are other factors to consider such as the expected power generation, warranties, equipment used, and more. And there are a few different types of companies to contact for a solar panel quote, including solar panel specialists (both smaller, local companies and larger, national installers) and many energy suppliers are now offering solar panel installation, although only some do it in house (while others outsource the work).

The experts at NimbleFins have put together an in-depth guide to getting Solar Panel Quotes to help you through the process. Our guide covers:

  • Who to contact to get a solar panel quote, and what information you'll need to start the process.
  • How many quotes to get and how to compare them (e.g. price, power generation, equipment, warranties, etc.)
  • Which installers offer quick, free solar panel quotes online.

Solar Panel Quotes

Solar Panel Comparison

Looking for a solar panel comparison? It's a great idea, so you can get a sense of how much 'free electricity' a solar PV panel installation can produce for your home.

Solar panel proposals can vary A LOT from one installer to the next, which is why it's so important to compare proposals from a few installers before you buy. There are many factors to compare, such as the size and power output of the solar panel system, warranties, plus equipment efficiency, power, degradation and more.

The NimbleFins solar experts have put together a comprehensive guide to Solar Panel Comparison to help you get the most for your money. Our guide includes:

  • Which types of companies to contact to get a solar panel comparison, and how they differ.
  • A thorough, data-driven comparison of many popular UK solar panels, comparing stats like efficiency, price, warranty and degradation.
  • How to compare solar PV panel proposals, including what factors to check such as install team, warranties, customer ratings, equipment stats (e.g. output, efficiency and degradation), expected annual solar power generation and quoted price.
  • Examples of how the software, solar designer, equipment and individual installer's rules and relationships can result in highly variable solar panel proposals.

Solar Panel Comparison

Solar Panel Tariffs

Trying to understand the different types of solar electricity tariffs? That's a great idea, because the market has two types of solar-related tariffs that can help you both earn money (by selling excess energy back to the grid) AND save money (by charging a solar battery on cheaper grid electricity during the night on a Time of Use tariff).

The ability to benefit from these two types of tariffs depends on factors like the size of your solar panel system, your household's electricity consumption and whether or not your system includes home storage (i.e. a solar battery).

The NimbleFins energy and solar experts have written a guide explaining how these different Solar Panel Tariffs work, including:

  • How SEG solar export tariffs work, including how much you can earn for selling excess solar-generated energy back to the grid.
  • How Time of Use electricity tariffs work, including examples and illustrations of how much you can save on grid electricity by charging a solar battery at night.

Solar Panel Tariffs