M&S Pet Insurance Review: The Right Cover for Your Pet?

M&S Pet Insurance Review: The Right Cover for Your Pet?

Good value for money with euthanasia and cremation/burial cover plus a vetfone to call with health queries. Lifetime plans include dental injury and illness.

Good for

  • Lifetime policies for older pets
  • Choosing your excess
  • EU Travel
  • Euthanasia & Cremation/Burial cover
  • vetfone

Bad for

  • Shorter time to submit claims

Editor's Rating


The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

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M&S Pet Insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance, which underwrites many other UK pet insurance brands and is also one of the UK's largest car insurance underwriters. But is M&S pet insurance any good? Find out what we think M&S could do better, how prices compare to the UK market and what customers have to say.

In This Review

M&S Pet Insurance Review

M&S has many different pet insurance options: a time limited plan, a max benefit/Lifetime plan and a Lifetime plan. Their best offering is the 'Premier' plan with up to £10,000 of Lifetime vet cover that resets each year when you renew.

How do prices compare? Our price comparison showed that M&S pet insurance premiums are quite competitive to the average cost of pet insurance in the UK. Their £4k "Standard" plan looks like it creates the most value, BUT is has a further limitation of £1,000 per condition per policy year—while this makes Lifetime cover more affordable, this limit won't be enough to cover many situations such as some surgeries or a long stay in hospital. If the Premier plan fits in your budget it can provide a lot more cover.

If you're insuring a bulldog or any other breed known for genetic/hereditary conditions, it's good to note that these issues should be covered with an M&S policy up to the policy limits (e.g., they are not specifically excluded in the Policy Wording)—so long as there was no sign of the illness either before you purchased the policy or within the first 14 days.

Dental injury is covered on all plans, but dental illness is not covered on the time limited offering ('Essential').

We like that all policies include some cover for putting your pet to sleep, should the need arise, and cremation or burial.

Limitations of M&S Pet Insurance

  • Pet owners must submit claims within 60 days of vet treatment starting—this is a very short period of time, in our opinion. Competing plans in the market such as Petplan and John Lewis give a 12 month window.
  • M&S Pet Insurance will only cover the cost of vet treatment outside normal surgery hours where a vet considers your pet 'cannot wait' until normal surgery hours.
  • The mid-tier "Standard" plan may have a £4k per year limit, but they'll only pay up to £1,000 for any one condition. This won't be enough to handle a lot of situations (e.g., surgery or your pet staying in hospital for days).

What is the M&S Pet Insurance Excess?

The excess is the amount you pay toward a claim. With a M&S policy, you have a few options: £50, £100 or £150 for younger pets and £150, £200 or £250 for pets aged 9 or older (the excess increases by £100 when your pet turns 9):

Standard ExcessEssentialStandardPremier
Pets less than age 9 at start of vet treatment:£50 or £100 or £150
Pets aged 9 or over at start of vet treatment:£150 or £200 or £250
Excess is paid for each separate illness or injury:YesYes, in each year you claimYes, in each year you claim

Choosing a higher excess should reduce the premium you pay. While paying less for your pet health cover sounds like a good deal, the higher excess means you'll contribute more towards any claims. If you're trying to decide which fixed excess amount is more suitable, consider how many times you expect to claim a year and the amount you'll save in premium by choosing a higher excess amount. Generally speaking, we've found that if you'll claim once per year (or not at all) then it ends up cheaper to go for a higher fixed excess/lower premium option; if you'll claim 2 or more times per year then you'll typically save more with the lower excess/higher premium option.

Customer Reviews

There are very few customer reviews of Marks & Spencer pet insurance online. If you have experience with them, please leave your feedback in our comments section at the bottom of this review—we'd like to hear what you have to say.

We found a few comments on SmartMoneyPeople and MoneySavingExpert, but they are few and far between. We saw complaints about prices rising (this tends to happen over time as your pet gets older, even if you don't claim) and praise about how the company handled claims, in particular end of life situations. Here are some real customer comments:

"The premium has gone up year on year way above inflation. Last year she got pancreatitis. Not too serious with a cat, and the only cost has been £12 a month tablets. M & S take a £50 excess of and pay 80% of the cost, so reimbursed us about £70. Just had renewal through. Premium has gone up by 55% to £450 a year."

"Easy onboarding, great policy benefits at reasonable price."

"I've spent most of the last 3 weeks being very grateful that I had M&S pet insurance. Sadly I lost my cat, after a 5-day stay in hospital which totalled £5,006. M&S covered the whole bill, and did so through a direct claim, I only had to fill in 1 form and then nothing. They also automatically cancelled my policy when they were informed of the death of my pet, and refunded me so that I only paid the premium up until her death, without my even having to ask. Yes, they are a little more expensive than some, more budget options but I would not hesitate to use them, and am recommending them to anyone looking for pet insurance. The excess was only £50 too, amazingly. Thanks M&S, you made a horrendous time easier."

"We've never had to claim yet our monthly charge goes up quite a lot every year."

M&S Pet Insurance Quote Comparison

M&S prices are roughly in line with market averages. As you can see in the chart below, it initially appears that M&S's Standard plan offers particularly good value for a £4k Lifetime product, but there's more to the story.

In addition to the annual vet cover limit of £4,000, the Standard plan also has a £1,000 per condition per policy period limit, which further restricts the amount you can claim when your pet falls ill or is injured. That's not to say the Standard plan isn't suitable for some people. The £1k/condition/year limit does reduce the price drastically, potentially bringing a Lifetime product within reach of your budget—but it will fall short if you pet racks up significant vet bills for a condition one year.

How M&S pet insurance prices compare

Interestingly, our price check showed higher prices at a comparison site, versus buying direct from the M&S Pet Insurance site, although not by much for the £4k plan. We'd recommend checking prices at both places to ensure you're getting the best deal available.

M&S Pet Insurance Notable Features

Below is a brief overview of the more notable features of M&S dog and cat insurance. For a complete rundown of the details and exclusions, please refer to the policy documents.

M&S Pet Insurance Features
Dental CoverFor Essential policies, M&S will not pay any treatment caused by, relating from or relating to teeth or gums unless caused by an injury that was insured by this policy; For Standard, Plus and Premier policies, they will not pay the cost of treating a dental condition unless your pet has had its teeth checked in the 12 months before the condition that you are claiming for started and your pet has had all the vet treatment recommended during that check carried out.
Holiday CancellationPremier policies only include cover up to £3,000 for lost travel and accommodation expenses if you have to cut short/cancel a trip because you pet goes missing in UK during your trip, or is ill or injured while you are away or in the 9 days before your trip starts and your pet needs emergency vet treatment; Covers up to three trips in any period of insurance; No trip can last longer than 60 days.
Boarding Fees if You're UnwellFor Standard, Plus and Premier policies only; If you or a member of your family is hospitalised and no other member of your family is able to look after your pet, they will pay for the cost of the pet minder/boarding fees for the whole of your hospital stay; They'll pay the cost of an inpatient medical certificate or treating doctor/hospital letter to support your claim, excluding Hospitalisation that:
  • is not as a result of medical advice
  • you knew you needed before the cover start date
  • is as a result of pregnancy or giving birth
  • and they won't pay anyone that is a member of your family
Death and LossCover for the purchase price up to £600 or £1,500, depending on plan, if your pet strays or is lost, stolen or sadly dies from illness or injury; Claims due to illness only valid for pets less than age 9 only.
TravelPremier policies only; Cover for up to 60 days per trip, up to 3 trips per policy year when travelling to member countries in the EU through the PETS travel scheme (£2,000 for vet fees, £500 emergency expenses, etc.)
Congenital & Hereditary DiseasesThese are not specifically excluded, so long as your pet showed no signs before your policy started or in the first 14 days of the policy
Prescription DietsPremier policies cover for food recommended by your vet in order to treat a condition including when the pet is hospitalised; excluding obesity and oral hygiene diets
Putting your pet to sleep and Cremation or BurialUp to £100 (Essential, Standard and Plus) or £200 (Premier)
vetfone Vet Nurse Advice HelplineM&S Pet Insurance's 24-hour vetline can be reached at 0800 980 5583 when you need advice regarding your pet's health

Types of M&S Pet Insurance Policies

M&S offers three types of pet insurance plans—lifetime, max benefit and a combined 12 month/max benefit plan. Generally speaking, Lifetime policies offer the most comprehensive cover, which can be especially useful for younger pets to protect the owner against the financial strain of recurring/chronic injuries/illnesses over the course of the pet's life.

M&S Pet Insurance Essential Plan

The Essential plan is essentially a Time Limited plan, so is the most restrictive and least beneficial of all of M&S's plans. Vet treatment is covered for each new illness or injury up to a maximum claim period of 12 months, up to £3,000. The claim period starts from the date of the first vet treatment and can continue until either limit is reached provided your policy remains in force. Once you reach the 12 month or £3,000 limit, you can't claim for the same illness or injury in future or continue to receive payment for existing treatment—even if you renew the policy.

This type of cover is risky due to bilateral conditions—illnesses that can affect both sides of the body. If, for example, your dog has an ear infection in the left ear when they turn two years old, the 12 month clock starts for ear infections for BOTH ears and neither ear would be covered for subsequent ear infections from when they turn three years old.

M&S Pet Insurance Standard Plan

A Maximum Benefit-style plan, the Standard plan provides vet treatment for all illnesses and injuries up to a total limit of £4,000 each year, with a total limit of £1,000 for each separate illness or injury claim a year. You can claim for ongoing illness or injuries, provided you continue to renew your policy, with no time limit on how long vet treatment can last, up to these limits.

M&S Pet Insurance Plus Plan

A more basic Lifetime plan, 'Plus' provides vet treatment for all illnesses and injuries up to a total limit of £2,000 or £3,000 in total each year, a pot that resets each year when you renew. You can claim for ongoing illness or injuries, so long as you continue to renew your policy, with no time limit on how long vet treatment can last, up to this limit. As you'll see in the table below, the cover is less comprehensive than Premier plans.

M&S Pet Insurance Premier Plan

The Premier plan is M&S's 'premier' Lifetime pet insurance plan—their best and highest level of cover. It provides vet treatment for all illnesses and injuries up to a total limit of £5,000, £7,000 or £10,000 in total each year, a pot that resets each year when you renew. You can claim for ongoing illness or injuries, so long as you continue to renew your policy, with no time limit on how long vet treatment can last, up to this limit.

Premier plans include additional coverages such as treatment food, behavioural disorder treatments and pets abroad cover, plus higher coverage limits across many categories like death from injury or illness and advertising costs in case of theft.

M&S Coverage Amounts

M&S Pet Insurance BenefitsEssentialStandardPlusPremier
Vet fees and treatment period up to:up £3,000 per accident or illness or for up to 12 months from first vet treatment£1,000 for each accident or illness. Total limit of £4,000 per year£2,000 or £3,000 per year (No separate limit for each accident or illness)£5,000, £7,000 or £10,000 in total per year (no separate limit for each accident or illness)
Putting your pet to sleep and cremation or burial up to (no excess):£100£100£100£200
Vet fee limit includes the following:
Complementary treatment including hydrotherapy up to:£500£500£500£1,000
Treatment food up to:Not coveredNot coveredNot covered£200
Behavioural disorder up to:Not coveredNot coveredNot covered£250
Dental treatment:Injury onlyInjury and illnessInjury and illnessInjury and illness
Travel expenses (no excess applies) up to:Not coveredNot coveredNot covered30p a mile
Additional sections
Third party liability (dogs only) up to:£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,000,000£2,000,000
Third party liability excess (for loss or damage to property):£250£250£250£250
Death from injury up to:£600£600£600£1,500
Death from illness (less than age nine only) up to:£600£600£600£1,500
Advertising costs up to:£600£600£600£1,250
Reward up to:£600£600£600£750
Theft or straying up to:£600£600£600£1,500
Emergency boarding or daily minding up to:Not covered£60 a week up to a total of £600£60 a week up to a total of £600£70 a week up to a total of £750
Pets abroad cover includes the following:
Number of trips, of up to 60 days each trip:0003
Vet fees and emergency expensesNot coveredNot coveredNot covered£2,000 and £500
Quarantine costs up to:Not coveredNot coveredNot covered£2,000
Loss of healthcare certificate:Not coveredNot coveredNot covered£250
Repeat tapeworm treatment:Not coveredNot coveredNot covered£500
Holiday cancellation/ cutting your trip short:Not coveredNot coveredNot covered£3,000
Holiday cancellation/ cutting your trip short excess:Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable£50


In order to claim, send a claim form completed by you and your vet along with all the supporting invoices within 60 days of the vet treatment starting. For conditions requiring long term treatment, further to the initial claim form you'll also need to send claims for ongoing vet treatment every 3-6 months.
M&S pet insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance, who also underwrites Tesco pet insurance.
You can reach M&S pet insurance by dialing 0800 980 8740 for customer service and complaints or 0800 980 8750 for claims. The vetfone can be reached at 0800 980 5583.
At the time of our last update, M&S Pet Insurance was offering £50 of M&S vouchers with new premier or standard policies bought through their website or phone lines. But these offers change from time to time.

How does M&S Pet Insurance Compare to Competitors?

To better understand the value of M&S pet insurance you need to look at it in the context of other available options. We compared it to other plans in the market so you can see which may be more suitable for you.

M&S Pet Insurance vs PetPlan Pet Insurance

PetPlan Pet Insurance is the largest insurer of dogs and cats in the UK. Due to this, many vets are accustomed to submitting claims on behalf of pet owners, which might make getting reimbursed a bit easier. PetPlan policies include dental illness and injury but don't cover euthanasia. However, older pets (i.e., dogs aged 5 or 8 depending on breed, cats aged 10) are not eligible for new Lifetime policies and can only sign up for a Time Limited policy.

Bottom Line: If you want a lower upfront premium, M&S can be an attractive option, but you have less time to submit claims.

M&S Pet Insurance vs John Lewis Pet Insurance

John Lewis Pet Insurance offers comprehensive Lifetime plans with £3,000, £7,500 or £12,000 of vet cover. Pet owners have a long time to submit claims and have their choice of excess—so those hoping for a lower excess can choose one as low as £60. The excess will rise for older pets, however, becoming the higher of your fixed £ excess and 20% of the vet bill for each condition each year. Other features include travel for up to 3 trips up to 60 days each with your pet to EU countries that are part of the PETS scheme, dental injury (but not illness), a 24-hour vetfone, euthanasia cover, cover if your holiday is cut short due to your pet being ill and boarding cover if you are hospitalized unexpectedly. Expect to pay around £375 for £3k of cover with a £60 excess or £550 for £7.5k of cover. A higher excess will bring the price down.

Bottom Line: John Lewis is another solid option to consider for pet insurance, especially if you want a higher vet limit.

M&S Pet Insurance vs Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Animal Friends Pet Insurance is another specialist pet insurer, whose plans stand out for lower-than-average premiums (partially achieved through per condition limits, even on Lifetime plans) and they publicly state on their website that they don't penalize for claims by increasing premiums upon renewal. Those with older pets can insure their cats and dogs, as there is no upper age limit for new policies, even Lifetime cover. They don't have dental cover or a vet line to call with queries, however, plus claims need to be submitted more quickly, within 90 days. Our price check showed a range of £130 to £390 for Lifetime cover for a healthy, young crossbreed dog, significantly lower than average.

Bottom Line: Those looking for a lower-priced Lifetime plan might also want to consider Animal Friends, or those looking to insure an older pet—if you're comfortable with per-condition annual limits on Lifetime plans.

How to Claim and Other Useful Information

If you need to make a claim, you should call M&S pet insurance as soon as possible on 0800 980 8750. Please have your policy number or claim number when you call. Also, there is a link to a claim form below, which can be scanned and emailed or posted to M&S Pet Insurance.

Erin Yurday

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.