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Bulldog Insurance: 4 Top Tips to Ensure the Right Cover

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Pet cover can help with vet bills. Protect your beloved Bulldog today.

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According to The Kennel Club's 2017 breed registration statistics, Bulldogs (French + English) have unseated the long-reigning Labrador Retriever as the most popular dogs in the UK.

Unfortunately for these darling pets and their owners, Bulldogs are prone to a host of health problems. Follow these four pet insurance tips to help ensure you have the necessary health cover to protect your four-legged friend and your wallet, in case a health condition emerges with your beloved dog.

Top Tips for Insuring Your Bulldog

Follow these tips to provide your dog with the pet insurance cover he needs.

1. Sign Up for Health Cover ASAP

It's crucial to sign up for pet insurance when your pet is still healthy. If you wait to take out a policy until your pet shows signs of illness, the insurance company won't reimburse you for any vet bills related to that illness. Given Bulldogs are prone to numerous problems, it's wise to buy pet insurance when your dog is young, before any issues arise.

In fact, insurers exclude cover for any illnesses that show up in the first few days or weeks of a new policy. They do this to help prevent pet owners from signing up only once their pet becomes ill. You can find the details of this exclusion, which will vary from insurer to insurer, in the terms and conditions of any policy you are considering. For instance, you might read language stating a Significant Exclusion is "Illnesses that show signs in the first 10 days after your policy started." Just another reason to sign up for pet insurance ASAP.

More information on pet insurance effective dates can be found in our article, Does pet insurance start immediately?

2. Get Lifetime Cover (or Max Benefit)

Lifetime policies are the best type of pet insurance for Bulldogs. Many Bulldog health issues can result in recurring trips to the vet, with treatment easily spanning the years and costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds. To help ease the financial burden of these associated vet fees, we recommend a Lifetime pet insurance policy because there is generally no per-condition limit and no time limit on treatment. Instead, you'll get a fixed amount of cover that tops up each year when you renew your policy. That means you're covered for recurring Bulldog ailments, like infections in the skin folds or cherry eye.

If Lifetime plans are outside your budget then you could consider a Maximum Benefit plan—but these only cover each condition up to a certain limit. There's no time limit, but once you hit the £ limit then you won't be reimbursed for any more vet bills (per condition). Bilateral conditions (conditions that can affect both sides of a pet, like cherry eye, hip dysplasia, etc.) are treated as one condition, so you'd have the Max Benefit limit to use for BOTH sides of the body.

3. Check Your Policy Doesn't Exclude Congenital/Hereditary Conditions

As the owner of a Bulldog, you'll want a policy that covers congenital or hereditary conditions. Unfortunately, some plans specifically exclude congenital or hereditary conditions—these plans won't be much good to a Bulldog or their owner. For this reason, we'd recommend staying away from if you own a Bulldog. We'd always urge you to look through the terms and conditions of a policy before you sign up, in order to look for this exclusion. You can also read our article on Best Insurance for a Bulldog.

4. Make Sure Your Policy Includes Dental Illness—if you can afford the extra premium

The Bulldog jaw structure leaves them prone dental conditions, such as abnormal placement, number and development of teeth. As a result, we'd recommend buying a health plan that includes Dental Illness for a Bulldog. Insurance plans vary significantly in their coverage of dental conditions. The three options you'll see for pet dental cover are:

  • No dental cover
  • Dental injury only
  • Dental injury and illness

However, Dental Illness cover doesn't come cheap. Lifetime plans including Dental Illness cost around £40 to £50 per month more, so you'll need to budget roughly £100 per month for a Lifetime plan without Dental Illness or £150 per month for a Lifetime plan with Dental Illness cover, on average.

Bulldog Health Problems

Bulldogs are prone to a number of health problems, including spinal, eye, skin and dental conditions, plus breathing difficulties:

  • Cardiac disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cherry eye
  • Infections in skin folds
  • Urinary tract stones
  • Spinal problems (including pain, loss of hind limb function and incontinence)

Final Thought on Pet Insurance for Bulldogs

Keep in mind that switching insurers in future may be problematic as any pre-existing conditions won't generally be covered on new policies. So don't be swayed by insurers that offer a massive discount for your first year—pick an insurer you feel comfortable with because you may be with them for years to come.


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