Carole Nash Insurance Review: Motorbike Specialist with Good Customer Service

Carole Nash Insurance Review: Motorbike Specialist with Good Customer Service

Good for

  • Motorcycle specialist broker
  • Classic, off road, touring, etc.
  • £100,000 free Legal cover
  • EU cover
  • Competitive prices
  • Breakdown cover
  • DNA+ anti-theft cover

Bad for

  • No app
  • No short-term cover

Editor's Rating


Carole Nash is a leading UK motorcycle insurance company that searches for the cheapest prices from their panel of top motorbike insurers, whilst offering more comprehensive plans that include breakdown cover, legal expenses and DNA+ theft protection marking as standard. Their list of underwriters includes Ageas, ERS, Highway Insurance Company, Aviva, Axa, Markerstudy, Zenith and Allianz.

Carole Nash: Solid Reviews and Specialist Policies

Carole Nash is a specialist motorbike insurance provider. In addition to insuring some of the most popular bikes on the road today, Carole Nash understands bikes and can insure motorbikes with modifications, custom bikes or classic bikes.

Carole Nash prides itself on offering more benefits than its competitors—as a result Carole Nash might not be the cheapest policy you find but you may prefer to be insured with a 5 star Defaqto product for a bit extra money. For example, Carole Nash motorcycle insurance policies include EU driving, breakdown (in both the UK and EU), driving other bikes and legal protection as standard.

An additional perk is the free DNA+ protection system (worth £30) that's included in each policy. DNA+ protection is meant to deter thieves—they give you a sticker to put on your bike to alert would-be thieves that you've painted your bike with the DNA+ kit. The sticker is meant to deter thieves in the same manner as a Banham alarm box on a house.

Carole Nash Motorcycle Insurance Features

  • Are you covered for driving in Europe? Yes! You're covered in the EU with the same cover at home for up to 30 or 90 days, depending on your policy
  • Are you covered for driving other bikes? Yes, providing the bike you're using is covered by its own comprehensive policy (some terms and conditions apply)
  • Is breakdown included or extra? Accident and breakdown recovery are included for the UK and the EU (call 0044 1737 826 112)
  • Is legal protection included? Yes! Policies include up to £100,000 to cover a policy excess, loss of earnings, hire of another vehicle and compensation for any injury you suffer as a result of an accident which is not your fault
  • Am I covered for uninsured drivers? Comprehensive policies include cover for uninsured drivers
  • Do I get a new vehicle replacement if mine is stolen or damaged beyond repair? Included on comprehensive cover if bike is less than six months old, subject to underwriting conditions

Carole Nash Bike Insurance Extra Coverages

While Carole Nash includes more benefits than some of the competition as standard (e.g., breakdown and legal), not everything is covered in a Carole Nash policy. For example, if you want extras like helmet & leathers, key cover and personal accident you'll need to buy those as extra.

Carole Nash's helmet & leather cover costs £40.99 per year and cover for your helmet, leathers and boots if they’re damaged beyond economical repair as a result of a a motorcycle accident—and now helmet cameras are covered, too. Details of other Carole Nash optional extras are in the table below.

Carole Nash Extra CoveragesDescriptionPremium
Excess ProtectionReimbursement up to £500 if you're required to pay an excess following the successful settlement of any physical damage claim for your vehicle£36.99
Helmet & LeathersUp to £1,000 in cover for your helmet (including helmet camera), leathers and boots if they’re damaged beyond economical repair following a motorcycle accident£40.99
Key CoverUp to £1,500 for locksmiths charges, new locks and keys (including home, work, bike, car keys attached together that are lost or stolen), car hire or onward travel costs£20.99
Personal AccidentUp to £21,000 worth of cover for accidental bodily injury following a motorcycle accident£42.99
Protection PlusHelmet & Leathers plus Personal Accident£64.99

Getting a quote

While you can call in to speak with an agent 0333 005 3355, they recommend getting a quote online for the cheapest price.

Carole Nash Bike Insurance Discounts

The discounts that Carole Nash offers are pretty standard across the motorcycle insurance industry, with most related to safe driving history and bike security. For instance, storing your bike in a secured garage instead of on a public road can save you up to 20% or more on comprehensive cover, depending on your particular details. Below are details on a few Carole Nash motorcycle insurance discounts.

Carole Nash Bike Insurance DiscountsHow Do You Earn It?
Where You ParkKeeping your bike garaged while it's not being ridden will often reduce the premium
Driving RecordIf you're a good driver, don't speed and don't have any motoring convictions, you should get a lower price
No ClaimsIf you don't have any claims, your motorcycle quote should be lower
Bike SecurityIf you use Thatcham or insurance-approved security devices on your bike, get a discount of up to 10% on your insurance premium
6 wheel discountDiscounts up to £100 for insuring your car and bike together at Carole Nash
Multi-bike policyAccording to Carole Nash, the average customer saves £134 when buying a multi-bike policy compared to 2 separate policies
Car insurance for bikersIf you have a bike policy with them, Carole Nash will beat your car renewal quote or give you £10

Carole Nash Motorcycle Insurance Prices

According to, Carole Nash offers good value for money with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating for value. When in doubt, compare prices because motorcycle insurance tends to be one of the largest recurring costs associated with motorcycle ownership.

We've been unable to run our usual price comp analysis for Carole Nash, but you may find it helpful to refer to our in-depth study on the cost of motorcycle insurance, to get an idea of what minimum price you should expect to pay for a motorcycle insurance policy. Also, be sure to check the excess (the amount you pay towards a claim) as some cheaper policies have a significantly higher excess which could end up costing you more should you need to claim.

Carole Nash Customer Reviews, Complaints and Ratings

Carole Nash receives a solid 7.5 out of 10 stars (a "Great" rating) from over 3,000 customers on Trustpilot. The company earns decently high marks from customers with relatively few complaints. Complements include "they understand bikes", "easy", "hassle free" and "great customer service". The complaints we noticed were either related to customer service (apparently customers have mixed experiences) or are related to admin charges for changing policy details. However, it is industry standard to charge a fee if, for instance, you cancel your policy or make a change in the middle of a policy year.

Extra Fees and Charges

It's quite common in the industry to charge a fee when policyholders make a change to their policy or have a payment issue. So you're not surprised by the fees if you need to make a change, here they are:

Charges and Fees
Instalment Plan Credit Fee£0
Change of address£25
Change of personal details£40
Change of registration£20
Change of vehicle£40
Green card£15
Correction after 30 days£10
Credit/Debit card defaults or returned cheques£12
You cancel vehicle or house insurance within your 14 days "right to cancel" period, min£25
Cancellation by you outside of your 14-day "right-to-cancel" period£50

For more information on what's covered and not covered, you may want to read through the policy wording directly.

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