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How to get rid of flies, ants and mice

When summer finally arrives it can often mean the unwelcome arrival of pests in the home and the garden.

Millions at risk of invalidating home insurance – 10 pitfalls that cause rejected claims

Millions of people could be unwittingly invalidating their home insurance putting them at risk of severe financial losses, new research...

One in 10 workers missing out on £250,000 free cash for their pension

More than one million UK workers are missing out on £250,000 for the pension from the Government and their employer.

Urgent alert to 320,000 households with chance to save £410 on energy bills

Hundreds of thousands of UK households could save £410 by switching energy providers this month, analysis suggests.

Most common reason for car MOT failures revealed – and it’s easy to check

The most common causes of failing an MOT have been named - and they can be easily checked by drivers.

Asda no longer cheapest supermarket for petrol and diesel - top 4 revealed

Asda is no longer the cheapest supermarket for petrol and diesel out of the 'big four'.

Energy prices: Labour and Tories' plans to cut energy bills after election

Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have shared what they would do to cut energy bills if they won the election.

Energy billpayers urged to make change to direct debit as £3bn overpaid in 'broken system'

UK energy suppliers are sitting on more than £3 billion worth of unused customer credit.

Octopus Energy launches ‘Zero Bills’ mortgage with no energy bills for 10 years

Octopus Energy has launched a new 'Zero Bills' mortgage to guarantee no energy bills for 10 years.

DWP to boost state pension by £666 for rest of your life if Brits 'defer' payments - how it works

Britons can boost their state pension by delaying when they start to withdraw it. But is it worth it for you? We look at the pros and cons.

British Gas boss hints of 'mandatory' smart meters to control energy supply

British Gas has raised the question of mandatory smart meters to help the UK meet net zero targets.

Tourist tax spreads across world with 18 countries charging up to £79 A NIGHT - full list of nations

Tourist tax is being charged to travellers across the globe, including Europe, Asia and Oceana. Here's how much it will cost you.