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Saving money as a student

As a student you’re likely on a tight budget, which means saving money is a good habit to get into. From ways to manage your budget, to the...

Business Insurance

Professional Indemnity exclusions: What to watch out for

Make sure your policy is right for you by understanding what is not covered under a professional indemnity policy, and by checking through...


The Beginners Guide to Business Plans

Here's a guide to how business plans work, and how to create one for your business.

Business Insurance

Barrister vs Solicitor vs Lawyer: What's the Difference?

Are lawyers the same things as barrister and solicitors? If not, what's the difference? Below we define each of these three terms to help...

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How to Become a Solicitor

Here is a detailed explanation of the different routes to becoming a solicitor in the UK.

Business Insurance

What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance—what does it cover? Below we explain what is typically covered, and not covered, by public liability insurance...

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How to claim against public liability insurance

Take critical steps to ensure your public liability insurance claim is paid out.

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What are the pros and cons of fleet insurance?

If your business operates multiple vehicles, you may be considering fleet insurance. As with any form of coverage, it’s worth considering...

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Can I drive a taxi with normal insurance?

Are you thinking of using your car to earn extra money by being a taxi driver? Here's what you need to know about using normal car...