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Tourist tax spreads across world with 18 countries charging up to £79 A NIGHT - full list of nations

Tourist tax is being charged to travellers across the globe, including Europe, Asia and Oceana. Here's how much it will cost you.

Popular holiday destinations across the world now charge travellers to enter their cities as local governments struggle to cater for large influxes of visitors using their public services.

From increased rubbish collections to stretched police forces, busier public transport, or public space maintenance, many local authorities are now passing on the extra costs created by tourists to travellers themselves.

The charge is usually added to a traveller's accommodation bill, and in a lot of places the levy is linked to the standard of digs. Those in campsites or Air BnBs are often charged less than those in four and five star hotels.

NimbleFins has previously researched how much tourist tax costs across Spain with different regions charging different amounts.

Now travel accessories firm TrTl has listed the 18 countries charging tourists, ranking them from cheapest to most expensive.

Some destinations charge a flat nightly fee, some just a one-off payment regardless of how long you stay, while others link it to a percentage of the accommodation cost.

New to tourist tax for 2024, Bali in Indonesia has begun charging travellers 150,000 rupiah per person, equalling about £7.50. It is a one-off fee, rather than a nightly charge, but must be paid electronically before entering the island.

Meanwhile Bhutan, near China and Nepal, charges travellers a whopping £79 a night.

Unbelievably, that price is actually a large reduction, in a bid to lure tourists back after Covid. They were previously charged £158 a night, according to Trtl.

Tourist tax destinations

CountryPrice rangesExtra information
Tourist taxes may not apply to whole country - check before travel
Spain€0.25 - €3.50 (21p - £3.00) a nightPrices linked to star of accommodation
France€0.65 - €14.95 (56p - £12.80) a nightPrices linked to star of accommodation
Croatia€1 (86p) a nightCosts vary across peak and off peak, holiday duration and where staying
Italy€1 - €7 (86p - £5.99) per nightRome starts at €3, Milan at €2. New for 2024: Venice now charges day trippers too.
Austria3.2% of accommodation costs
Hungary (Budapest)4% of accommodation costsOnly in Budapest
Germany5% of accommodation pricePrices vary across cities but it's 5% in Berlin
Bulgaria£1.30 per night
Greece€1.50 - €10 (£1.28 - £8.56)Prices vary on location. Fee capped at €4/night out of season.
MalaysiaMYR10 (£1.67)
Czech RepublicCZK 50 (£1.69) per nightPeople under 18 and over 7- exempt
Portugal€2 - €14 (£1.71 - £11.99)Includes Lisbon, Porto and some parts of Algarve
Belgium€3-€4 (£2.57-£3.42)B&Bs are cheaper
Japan1,000 Yen (£5.19)Flat fee. Applicable to passengers leaving by ship or plane. Payable on departure
Indonesia (Bali)150,000 Rupiah (£7.60)New for 2024. One off fee
New Zealand$35 (£16.62)Flat fee
Netherlands (Amsterdam)12.5% of the cost of accommodationCruise ship passengers pay €11
Bhutan8,254 INR (£79) per nightA decrease from 16,509 INR (£158.48) since Covid.

Erin Yurday, CEO and co-founder of NimbleFins, said: "There are an increasing number of destinations introducing tourist tax which can add a considerable amount of money to a trip for a family.

"Travellers may wish to check the amounts they're liable for when comparing holidays - a family of four heading to some areas of Portugal for a week could have to pay an extra £336 in tourist tax according to this research.

"Calculate the amount you'll have to pay and factor that into your accommodation budget when searching. And check whether prices being offered include the tourist tax or not so you don't get a nasty surprise on arrival."

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