Saga Travel Insurance Review: Nice Features and No Upper Age Limit

Saga Travel Insurance Review: Nice Features and No Upper Age Limit

Saga travel insurance will cover your trips abroad, with no upper age limit.

Good for

  • Insuring older travellers
  • Covering end supplier failure
  • International flight delays
  • Including baggage, personal belongings, trip delay/cancellation/curtailment

Bad for

  • Insuring trips in the UK
  • Reimbursing for lost rewards points

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Saga offers one, simple travel insurance plan to those over 50 years of age (with no upper age limit). We like that Saga includes cover for End Supplier Failure, Catastrophe and a higher level of Personal Belongings/Baggage cover on all policies (plus Golf). Another stand-out perk is that travellers whose international flight is delayed more than 2 hours can benefit from access to a LoungeKey airport lounge (part of Trip Delay cover).

In This Review

Saga Travel Insurance Review: What You Need to Know

Saga keeps the insurance-buying process easy by offering one comprehensive tier of Travel Insurance, which includes Trip Cancellation, Emergency Medical, Trip Delay/Missed Departure, Legal Assistance, Personal Accident, Personal Belongings and Golf cover. Those who like to ski can add Winter Sports cover for an additional cost. Not surprisingly, the cost of the Winter Sports add on rises quickly with age.

Anyone planning a longer trip can extend the maximum trip length to 90 days, but only if you are travelling outside the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico or any Caribbean Islands. If you’re travelling to those countries then the maximum trip length is 45 days on an Annual, Multi-Trip policy or 120 days under a Single Trip policy.

Those who struggle with sitting in an airport for hours may like Saga's Delayed Flight Assistance, which gives you access to an airport lounge if your international flight is delayed for two hours or more. This feature provides a bit of peace of mind and comfort for international travel—be sure to pre-register your flights with Saga ahead of time to be eligible for this perk.

Those going on a cruise can get cover for cabin confinement, emergency airlift to hospital, missed port and unused excursions. To learn more about market prices please see our article Average Cost of Cruise Travel Insurance UK.

Does Saga Travel Insurance Cover Trips in the UK? Holidays in the UK are covered under Saga policies, so long as you stay in pre-booked holiday accommodation or the accommodation of a relative or friend who resides in the Channel Islands for at least 2 consecutive nights (Annual, Multi-Trip policies only) or 1 night (Single Trip).

Pre-Existing Conditions: Saga may be able to offer cover for your pre-existing medical conditions, buy you may pay a higher premium. Pre-existing conditions are only covered if they've been declared by you and accepted by Saga. As part of the online quote process you can declare your conditions to see if cover can be offered, and for what cost.

Over 65s: There is no upper age limit for Saga Travel Insurance policies; there is, however, a lower age limit of 50 years of age. This age limit only applies to the main policy holder—other travellers you add to your policy can be of any age. There is no upper age limit for Winter Sports cover, but Winter Sports premiums will rise with age.

Insuring Other Travellers: Those you’ve listed on your Annual Multi-Trip policy can travel independently (without you) and still benefit from the same cover as you. This cover extension does not apply to Single Trip policies.

Saga Travel Insurance Key Points

  • Travel insurance for those at least 50 years of age (no upper age limit)
  • Annual, Multi-Trip cover for trips up to 45 days each (total 120 max days per policy year)
  • Single Trip cover up to 120 days
  • Includes End Supplier Failure, Catastrophe, Baggage, Golf, lounge access for int'l flight delays, etc.
  • Optional extras: Winter Sports and Hire Car Excess Waiver
  • Average 25% discount online

Saga Travel Insurance Prices

While travellers of any age can get a Saga travel insurance policy, premiums rise significantly as travellers age. To get an understanding of how age affects prices, we gathered sample quotes of Saga Travel Insurance across various age groups (50, 60, 70 and 80 years of age). We also tested scenarios with Winter Sports and Pre-Existing Conditions.

Insurance quotes can vary significantly from day to day and according to your individual details, so please just use the following data for general educational purposes only; your quotes may reflect a large degree of variation to quotes listed here.

chart showing Saga multi-trip travel insurance prices for those 50, 60, 70 and 80 years old
Saga Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Prices for Various Age Groups
chart showing Saga single-trip travel insurance prices for those 50, 60, 70 and 80 years old
Saga Single Trip Travel Insurance Prices for Various Age Groups

Premiums with Pre-Existing Conditions

Travellers with Pre-Existing Conditions will pay more for travel insurance, generally speaking. For instance, our data analysis of prices from the Saga website shows that common conditions of high blood pressure and cholesterol can cost anywhere from 16% to 147% more, depending on age, policy type and geographic cover. Premiums will rise the most for those with pre-existing conditions on trips to America, which is not surprising given the expense of health care there. Trips to Europe are more cost effective, when you have pre-existing conditions.

How Expensive is Saga Travel Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions?

AgeDestinationPremium with No Pre-Existing ConditionsPremium with High Blood Pressure and CholesterolPercentage Increase due to Pre-Existing Condition
60Worldwide excl. USA, Canada, Mexico & the Carrib.£112£14933%
70Worldwide excl. USA, Canada, Mexico & the Carrib.£202£35375%
Single Trip60France£28£4769%
60South Africa£44£6344%
70South Africa£63£134111%

How Much does Winter Sports Add-On Cost?

The cost of Winter Sports cover practically doubles with every decade of age. While Saga will sell Winter Sports cover to you regardless of age, it doesn't come cheap, especially for older travellers to North America. For instance, Winter Sports cover for an 80-year old heading to Aspen would cost over £500. Below are some sample quotes from the Saga website across geographies and types of policies for various age groups to give you an idea of the cost of this travel insurance add on.

Extra Cost of Winter Sports Add-On Cover

ZoneAgeWinter Sports Add On
Worldwide excl. USA, Canada, Mexico & the Carrib.50£90
Single TripFrance50£20
South Africa50£33

The cost of Winter Sports cover also increases with many Pre-Existing Conditions, as you can see in the chart below.

chart showing how the cost of Winter Sports travel insurance with Saga increases for Older Travellers
How the Cost of Winter Sports Add-On Changes with a Pre-Existing Condition

Notable Features

After reading through the Saga travel insurance policy documents, we feel these are the most notable features. In addition, standard features like Medical and Personal Liability are also included on Saga policies, limits for which can be found below. For more complete details like inner limits and exclusions, please see the policy documents.

Saga Travel Insurance Features
CatastropheA catastrophe (e.g., volcanic eruption, earthquake, storm, etc.) is only covered if it occurred within 2 miles of your disembarkation point or within 5 miles of your pre-booked accommodation; also, such catastrophe must be declared by Saga or the appropriate government department
Personal Belongings/BaggagePersonal belongings and baggage are covered on all policies, up to £5,000 (or £1,750 from Compare Cover); limit on single items of £600 (£300 from Compare Cover); £1,000 valuables cover e.g., mobile phones (£500 from Compare Cover)
GolfUp to £250 as part of Baggage cover (up to £35 a day) towards the cost of hiring replacement golf equipment should yours be temporarily delayed more than 12 hours on your outward journey; up to £250 for pre-booked, non-refundable green fees should you not be able to play due to illness or injury (part of Medical cover)
Scuba DivingCovered up to a depth of 30 metres (professionally organized and supervised, accompanied by a qualified diver or instructor); no Personal Liability cover
End Supplier FailureUp to £1,500 of cover per insured person for irrecoverable sums or replacement of travel arrangements or the cost of return transportation following the financial failure of the scheduled airline, hotel, train operator including Eurostar, car ferry, villa or cottage abroad, coach operator, car or camper hire company, caravan site, campsite, mobile home, safari, excursion, Eurotunnel, theme park or attraction; What’s Not Covered: cover for the financial failure of any travel agent, tour organiser, booking agent or consolidator with whom you’ve booked travel or accommodation; losses not directly associated with the financial failure—for example, you can’t claim for non-refundable pre-booked hotel charges following the financial failure of an airline
Trip Cancellation/CurtailmentCover up to £10,000 (£2,500 from Compare Cover) for irrecoverable unused travel and accommodation expenses (including excursions) if you have to cancel the trip before you leave home or cut the trip short in case of unexpected emergency/circumstances outside your control (including Catastrophes like ash clouds and storms)
Delayed Flight AssistanceComplementary access to a LoungeKey airport lounge if your flight is delayed more than two hours. You must pre-register your flights with Saga and be able to receive SMS text messages and emails with PDF email attachments on your phone.
Missed DepartureCover up to £1,000 for travel and accommodation expenses for missed international departure of aircraft, ship or train resulting from public transport failure/delay (including connecting flights), breakdown of or accident involving your vehicle or being denied boarding due to overbooking (including Catastrophes like ash clouds and storms)
Winter SportsOPTIONAL extra cover available on Multi-Trip policies for up to 21 days or for the length specified on Single Trip policies; no upper age limit but expect premiums to rise with age; ski equipment is reimbursable after making an allowance for wear and tear (e.g., 90% of purchase price for equipment up to one year old, 20% of purchase price for equipment up to four years old, etc.); losses of Winter Sports equipment from a motor vehicle are not covered
Hire Car Excess WaiverOPTIONAL extra cover of the cost of any excess you owe following a motor vehicle accident in a short-term car hire.
Substitute AccommodationShould fire, flood, storm, explosion, landslide, avalanche, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or an outbreak of food poisoning or infectious disease make your accommodation uninhabitable after you've arrived, cover up to £5,000 for additional accommodation and transport costs; trips part of a package holiday are not covered, nor are costs you can recover elsewhere (e.g., the transport operator, the accommodation provider or your credit/debit card issuer)

Types of Saga Travel Insurance Policies

Saga offers one level of travel insurance cover, which you can purchase as an Annual, Multi-Trip policy or a Single Trip policy.

Saga Single Trip: Saga Single Trip travel insurance covers trips up to 120 days abroad.

Saga Annual Multi-Trip: Saga Annual, Multi-Trip policies cover trips up to 45 days in length (with the option to extend to 60 or 90 days on policies excluding travel to USA, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean Islands). Within each policy year, you can travel as many time as you want provided your total time abroad doesn’t exceed 120 days.

You can add Winter Sports and Hire Car Excess Waiver cover to all policies; Golf is already included as standard.

Cover Limits (Single & Annual Multi-Trip)

Cover FeaturePolicy limits for each insured person per tripExcesses per claim
CancellationUp to £10,000£70 (£10 loss of deposit)
Missed departureUp to £1,000Nil
Delayed departureUp to £35 for the first 12 hour period £15 for each 12 hour period after thatNil
AbandonmentUp to £10,000£70
Delayed baggageUp to £250Nil
Lost, stolen or damaged baggageUp to £5,000 (£600 single article limit and £1,000 total valuables limit)£70
Emergency medical and associated expensesUp to £10,000,000£70
Hospital benefitUp to £25 for each 24 hour period (£1,000 maximum)Nil
Personal accidentUp to £30,000 (£1,000 if aged under 16) (£15,000 if over 70)Nil
Criminal injury benefitUp to £30,000Nil
Substitute accommodationUp to £5,000£70
Enforced stayUp to £1,500£70
Loss of passportUp to £350Nil
Personal moneyUp to £500 (£300 limit for cash) (£100 limit for cash if aged under 16)£70
Replacement flightUp to £1,500Nil
Pet careUp to £25 for each 24 hour period (£300 maximum)Nil
Hijack and muggingUp to £50 for each 24 hour period (£1,000 maximum)Nil
Air rageUp to £1,000Nil
Personal liabilityUp to £2,000,000Nil or £70
Legal expenses and adviceUp to £50,000Nil

Cover Limits for OPTIONAL Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Cover FeaturePolicy limits for each insured person per tripExcesses per claim
EquipmentUp to £750 for your equipment£70
Up to £550 for hired equipment£70
Delay due to avalancheUp to £300Nil
Piste closureUp to £30 or £40 for each day (£400 maximum)Nil
Ski packUp to £350Nil
Inability to take part in winter sports activities£20 for each day (£200 maximum)Nil

Cover Limits for Saga Golf Travel Insurance (Included in Cover)

Cover FeaturePolicy limits for each insured person per trip
Damaged, lost, or stolen golf equipmentAs part of Baggage cover, up to £600 per item or set (e.g., golf clubs)
Replacement equipment hire£250 (£35 per day)
Lost green fees£250

Cover Limits for OPTIONAL Saga Hire Car Excess Waiver Insurance

Cover FeaturePolicy limits for each insured person per tripExcesses per claim
Excess insurance£4,000Nil
Rental fees£1,000Nil
Vehicle key replacement£500Nil
Drop-off charges£500Nil

Please read some of our Travel Insurance Guides if you're trying to decide between Single Trip or Multi-Trip policies, learn about What May Not be Covered by Travel Insurance or decide if you Need Travel Insurance or Not.

Saga Insurance Customer Reviews

Customers have awarded Saga plc a solid 8.6 out of 10 on Trustpilot. Common themes amongst the comments were good value (cheap prices), easy-to-use website and friendly/knowledgeable staff on the phone lines.

How does Saga Travel Insurance Compare to Competitors?

To better understand the value of Saga travel insurance you need to look at it in the context of other available options. We compared it to other plans in the market so you can see which may be more suitable for you.

Saga Travel Insurance vs AA Travel Insurance

AA travel insurance is another provider offering good value that can work for older travellers, as the upper age limit on AA annual multi-trip policies is under 80 years of age at the start of the policy; there is no upper age limit on Single Trip policies.

In particular, we like their higher-tier Standard plan as it offers higher limits plus includes Abandonment and Financial Failure, may cover pre-existing conditions and you can add extended Travel Disruption protection. Personal Belongings and baggage are covered on all policies, although cover limits may be too low for some travellers. When purchased online, customers can lock in a 20% online discount for the first year.

Bottom Line: If you want an online discount, AA offers 20% off to new customers.

Saga Travel Insurance vs Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line travel insurance plans include cover for End Supplier Failure and Natural Disasters, plus cover for the replacement cost of used points or miles in case of Cancellation/Curtailment for a trip bought with air miles or another rewards structure. While prices are a bit higher than average, according to our analysis, you are getting these extra cover features. One surprising extra is Baggage—you'll need to pay extra to cover your personal belongings as they're not included as standard. There is an upper age limit of 75 years old for Direct Line Multi-Trip policies; there is no upper age limit on Single Trip policies.

Bottom Line: If you book trips with miles, Direct Line might offer better cover since they reimburse for used miles/points if your trip is cancelled or curtailed.

Saga Travel Insurance vs AXA Travel Insurance

In our opinion, AXA travel insurance offers solid cover for reasonable prices. Insolvency, Baggage, Cancellation/Delay/Curtailment and Catastrophe are included on all plans. Single trip policies an upper age limit of 80 years; the age limit for travellers on multi-trip policies is 75 years old. There is no upper age limit for Winter Sports cover, other than the policy age limits mentioned above. AXA is another provider for which you can select your pre-existing conditions online without calling in to customer service.

Bottom Line: AXA might be another solid option for travellers in their 50s, 60s and 70s, who can benefit from a simply online system for notifying of pre-existing conditions.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.