AA Travel Insurance Review: Looking for Good Value?

AA Travel Insurance Review: Looking for Good Value?

AA travel insurance Standard Plan is comprehensive and good value for money.

Good for

  • Covering Financial Failure
  • Including Personal Belongings/Baggage on all plans
  • Giving extra perks to AA members
  • Including kids for free
  • Securing a 20% online discount

Bad for

  • Covering high-value baggage
  • Covering tickets bought with frequent flier miles
  • Covering trips that exceed the maximum length

Editor's Rating


The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

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While both of AA's Travel Insurance plans that you can buy direct offer good value, we particularly like their higher-tier Standard plan as it offers higher limits plus includes Abandonment and Financial Failure, may cover pre-existing conditions and you can add extended Travel Disruption protection. Personal Belongings and baggage are covered on all policies, but cover limits may be too low for some travellers. Expect to find good deals with AA—in our price comparison we found lower-than-average prices (when purchased online, taking advantage of the 20% online discount).

In This Review

AA Travel Insurance Review: What You Need to Know

While both of AA's travel insurance plans produce good value, we particularly like the features and higher limits of the top-tier Standard plan, as it also covers Financial Failure, Delayed Departure, Abandonment, Hospital Benefit, Hijacking and Mugging, as well as cover for longer trip lengths. (Both plans include some level of cover for Missed Departure, Emergency Medical, Baggage/Possessions, Personal Liability and Legal Advice.) Plus, the Standard plan may cover your pre-existing conditions—potentially great for those with a medical issue. We would recommend that you consider adding the Travel Disruption Extension to protect against events like natural disasters. With this option (cost approx. £10), the Standard policy offers quite comprehensive travel insurance for a good price.

AA's lower tier Essential plan is really quite basic and cover amounts may not be sufficient in the case of travel disaster. For example, baggage cover is £500, cancellation cover is £1,000 and emergency medical is only £2 million. In our opinion, some of the most noteworthy limitations of the Essential plan are pre-existing conditions will never be covered, there's no Financial Failure or Abandonment protection and you can't add the Travel Disruption extension to cover unforeseen events like storms or volcanic eruption. For a side-by-side analysis of both plans' features, see our Policies section.

Whichever plan you choose, be sure to keep your trips shorter than the maximum trip length, or else any claims will be invalid. Longer trips can be accommodated on a Standard plan through the Extended Stay option (travellers under the age of 64). And make sure that the level of Baggage cover is sufficient for your needs—the levels are a bit lower than you'll find on other plans.

Does AA Travel Insurance Cover Trips in the UK? AA policies cover UK travel so long as you pre-booked at least 2 consecutive nights in paid accommodation such as a hotel, motel, holiday park, holiday camp, bed and breakfast or holiday cottage. (Isle of Man treated separately.)

Pre-Existing Conditions: AA can consider cover for pre-existing medical conditions on Standard policies, but will NOT cover pre-existing medical conditions on their lower-tier, lower-priced Essentials policies.

Over 65s: The upper age limit for travellers on AA annual multi-trip policies is under 80 years of age at the start of the policy; there is no upper age limit on Single Trip policies.

AA Travel Insurance Key Facts

  • Two levels of cover (Standard and Essential)
  • Financial Failure covered on Standard policies
  • Trip length, Standard policies: 185 days for Single Trips and 45 days each on Annual Multi-Trip policies (or 90 days with "extended stay" option for those under 64)
  • Trip length, Essential policies: 31 days for Single Trips and 17 days on Annual Multi-Trip policies
  • Optional extras: Travel Disruption (e.g., due to Adverse Weather/Natural Catastrophes), Winter Sports, Golf, Weddings and Business (included on Standard policies)
  • Personal Belongings cover on all tiers

AA Price Comparison

According to our data research, AA travel insurance sample quotes we gathered were lower than the average cost of travel insurance in the UK. This is partially due to the fact that, while AA policies include baggage cover, they do not include Travel Disruption/Natural Disasters, except for an extra cost. Including Travel Disruption cover would add around £10 to the price of a Standard plan (not available on Essential plans), bringing AA premiums closer to average costs.

Insurance quotes can vary significantly from day to day and according to your individual details, so please just use the following data for educational purposes only; your quotes may reflect a large degree of variation.

chart showing AA multi-trip travel insurance prices compared to market averages
AA Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Prices for a 30-Year-Old Individual vs. the Market
chart showing AA single-trip travel insurance prices compared to market averages
AA Single Trip Travel Insurance Prices for a 30-Year-Old Individual vs. the Market

We also gathered quotes for AA plans for a family of four—they'll pay on average 2X the cost of an individual policy, meaning kids go free. Below you can see how prices change across geographical locations like Europe and America and policy types for a family of four, with and without Winter Sports cover.

How Expensive is AA Travel Insurance for a Family of Four?

Geographical CoverAA PlanBase PremiumWinter Sports Add OnTotal Premium with Winter Sports
Annual Multi-TripEuropeEssential£41£25£65
Worldwide excl USA, Canada & the Carib.Essential£67£40£107
Single TripFranceEssential£21£21£42
South AfricaEssential£50£50£100

How Much do AA Optional Extras Cost?

The add-on cost of optional features like Travel Disruption and Winter Sports is generally very competitive with AA Travel Insurance. As you can see in the following table, sample quotes we gathered for a healthy, 30-year old individual traveller for the various optional extras came out lower than the travel insurance add-on costs.

Costs of AA Extra Add Ons

Geographical CoverAA PlanGolfWeddingTravel DisruptionWinter SportsExcess Waiver
Annual Multi-TripEuropeEssentialn/an/an/a£14n/a
Worldwide excl USA, Canada & the Carib.Essentialn/an/an/a£28n/a
UK Market Average, Annual Multi Trip£14£15£16£15n/a
Single TripFranceEssentialn/an/an/a£12n/a
South AfricaEssentialn/an/an/a£24n/a
UK Market Average, Single Trip£10£16£16£30n/a

Notable Features

We're read through the policy documents and noted these highlights of features available on AA travel insurance policies. Standard features like Medical, Cancellation and Baggage are included on AA policies, limits for which can be found below in the Policies. For more complete details like inner limits and exclusions, please see the policy documents.

AA Travel Insurance Features
Trip Cancellation/CurtailmentCover for irrecoverable costs if your trip is cut short or cancelled ahead of time as a result of events including illness, redundancy and jury service; up to £5k on Standard policies or £1k on Essential policies
Personal Belongings/BaggagePossessions cover included on all policies; Standard cover is up to £1,500 to replace or repair lost or damaged Baggage and Valuables, with a total Valuables limit of £400 limit, max £300 per item; Essential cover is up to £500, with a £300 Valuables limit, max £200 per single item; you can opt to exclude Baggage cover to reduce your premium if you already have cover under your Home Contents insurance
Baggage DelayUp to £250 (Standard policies) or £150 (Essential policies) to cover Emergency Replacement items like clothing, medication and toiletries if your baggage is delayed more than 12 hours
Financial FailureCover up to £5,000 per person on Standard policies for the Insolvency of pre-booked portions of your trip, such as scheduled flights, ferries, excursions, trains, etc.; if Insolvency occurs after departure, cover includes replacement travel arrangements or the cost of return transportation if curtailment is unavoidable; cover does NOT include parts of an inclusive holiday or the Insolvency of travel agents, tour operators , etc.; losses not directly related to your claim are not covered (e.g., there’s no reimbursement for being unable to reach your pre-booked hotel if your airline fails)
ScubaDown to 18 to 30 metres, depending on diving certification; must be qualified and not diving alone or be diving with a qualified instructor
GolfOPTIONAL Standard plan cover available for Golf trips as Single or Multi-Trip policies, up to £1,000 for equipment with a £300 single item/set limit (discount for wear and tear); hire of replacement equipment up to £400
WeddingOPTIONAL Standard plan cover for lost, stolen or damaged wedding rings, gifts, attire and photographs/videos up to £250, £1,000, £1,000 (£150 cash) and £750, respectively
Winter SportsOPTIONAL Standard plan cover available for trips on Single and Multi-Trip policies involving Winter Sports for up to 17 days; includes guided cross country skiing (Nordic skiing), glacier skiing, recreational racing, snowmobiling, mono skiing, off piste skiing or snowboarding (when accompanied by a locally qualified guide and the area is not marked as out of bounds or hazardous), on-piste skiing, on-piste snowboarding and snow sledging; bum boarding, ski biking, snow tubing and snow mobiling are covered but subject to an increased £1,000 medical excess and no Personal Accident or Liability cover
Missed DepartureCover up to £500 for reasonable additional accommodation and travel expenses to reach your overseas destination or to return back to the UK (initial outbound and return legs only); for missed international departure resulting from the failure of public transport, the breakdown of or an accident involving your vehicle or vehicles ahead of you on a motorway or dual carriageway, strike, adverse weather conditions, etc.
Delayed DepartureCover up to £100 (£30 for first 12 hour delay, then £10 per each following full 12 hours of delay); covers delay due to strike, industrial action, adverse weather conditions or mechanical breakdown/technical fault of your scheduled public transport
Travel Disruption ExtensionOPTIONAL Standard plan expanded cover for costs not recoverable from any other source for Cancellation/Curtailment (cover extended to include disruption due to WHO or FCO travel advice), Delayed Departure (including connecting flights), Missed Departure (cover extended to include connecting flights and denied boarding due to overbooking, if no flight alternative provided within 12 hours) and Accommodation cover (up to £1k for unused or alternative accommodation, covers Natural Disaster)
Natural CatastropheOPTIONAL insurance available as part of Extended Travel Disruption to cover Delay, Cancellation and Missed Departure due to Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice disrupting your travel; disruption due to Natural Catastrophes, Adverse Weather, Strikes, etc.; includes fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, volcanic eruption, hurricane, storm or an outbreak of food poisoning or an infectious disease at your resort/accommodation

Types of AA Travel Insurance Policies

AA offers 2 tiers of Single and Multi-Trip travel insurance: Essential (less cover) and Standard (more cover). Winter Sports can be added for up to 17 days of cover.

Single Trip travel insurance covers trips up to 185 days abroad (Standard policies) or 31 days (Essential policies).

Annual Multi-Trip policies cover any number of trips a policy year, each up to 45 days (Standard) or 17 days (Essential policies). Cover on Standard plans can be extended up to 90 days for an additional charge—available to those under age 65.

AA Essential Travel Insurance: The lower tier option, AA’s Essential Travel Insurance offers lower cover limits and shorter trip lengths.

AA Standard Travel Insurance: AA’s Standard plan has higher limits and covers longer trip lengths, plus cover for Delayed Departure, Financial Failure, Abandonment, Hospital Benefit, Hijacking and Mugging.

AA Cover Limits (Single Trip and Annual, Multi-Trip)

Medical Expenses£10,000,000£2,000,000
Personal Accident£25,000£10,000
Personal Money£500£100
Personal Liability£2,000,000£1,000,000
Delayed Departure£100n/a
Hospital Benefit£600n/a
Missed Departure£500£500
Legal Expenses£50,000£25,000
Mugging Benefit£400n/a

Those heading off on a Winter Sports holiday can get the following levels of cover under AA’s Winter Sports add on.

Cover Limits for AA Winter Sports Cover

CoverLimit, per Insured Person
Ski Equipment£500 (£250 max per item or hired equipment)
Unused, pre-paid Ski Pack (due to injury)£250
Hire equipment if your is delayed in transit£300
Piste closure£200 (£20 per day)
Delay getting to resort due to Avalanche£300

Golfers can purchase extra, add-on Golf cover with the following limits.

Cover Limits for AA Golf Cover

CoverLimits, per Insured Person
Equipment£1,000 (£300 per article)
Equipment hire (if yours is delayed more than 24 hours)£400 (£40 per day)
Pre-booked golf fees unused due to injury or illness£400

Please read some of our Travel Insurance Guides if you're trying to decide between Single Trip or Multi-Trip policies, learn about What May Not be Covered by Travel Insurance or decide if you Need Travel Insurance or Not.

Bottom Line: With baggage and financial failure included, we particularly like AA's Standard travel insurance plan; but you may want to add the Travel Disruption extension to cover unforeseen events like storms, volcanic eruption, etc.

How does AA Travel Insurance Compare to Competitors?

To better understand the value of AA travel insurance you need to look at it in the context of other available options. We compared it to other plans in the market so you can see which may be more suitable for you.

AA Travel Insurance vs Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line travel insurance plans include cover for End Supplier Failure and Natural Disasters, plus cover for the replacement cost of used points or miles in case of Cancellation/Curtailment for a trip bought with air miles or another rewards structure. While prices are a bit higher than average, according to our analysis, you are getting these extra cover features. One surprising extra is Baggage—you'll need to pay extra to cover your personal belongings as they're not included as standard.

Bottom Line: If you really want cover for End Supplier Failure or Natural Disasters, or if you book trips with miles, then Direct Line might provide more comprehensive travel insurance for you.

AA Travel Insurance vs AXA Travel Insurance

We found that AXA travel insurance offers solid cover for reasonable prices, offering good value for money. Insolvency, Baggage, Cancellation/Delay/Curtailment and Catastrophe are included on all plans.

Bottom Line: If you really want cover for End Supplier Failure and Baggage included as standard, then AXA might be a more comprehensive travel insurance option for you.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.