Debenhams Travel Insurance: Are There Good Deals?

Debenhams Travel Insurance: Are There Good Deals?

Slightly inconsistent pricing, but perhaps deals to be found for Europe and Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada & Carib.) cover

Good for

  • Earning a £15 Debenhams gift card
  • Buying gadget cover
  • Buying cruise cover
  • Covering your home insurance excess while travelling

Bad for

  • Covering Insolvency of End Supplier (SAFI)
  • Buying worldwide cover at a reasonable price (it was quite high when we price checked)

Editor's Rating


Debenhams travel insurance includes Personal Belongings cover on all policies, with the option to add Winter Sports, Wedding, Golf, Gadgets, Cruise Pack and/or Extended Travel Disruption to suit your needs. Insolvency is not covered on Debenhams policies. As of February 2018, applicants can receive a £15 gift card with new policies.

In this review we attempt to explain the particulars of Debenhams travel insurance. We are not recommending any policy in particular. Finding the best travel insurance for you will depend upon your individual needs and situation. There may be other travel insurance plans with better features available.

Debenhams Travel Insurance Key Points

  • Single-trip cover for trips up to 365 days
  • Multi-trip cover for any number of trips up to 31 days each
  • 3 levels of cover (Standard, Superior and Luxury)
  • Optional extras: Winter Sports, Wedding, Golf, Gadgets, Cruise Pack, Extended Travel Disruption
  • Personal Belongings & valuables cover included on all policies
  • Free gift card worth up to £15 with your policy
  • Home Excess Protection
  • Debenhams' gift card worth up to £15 with new policies
  • Insolvency of End Supplier NOT covered

In This Review

Debenhams Travel Insurance Review: What You Need to Know

Debenhams offers three levels of Annual and Single Trip travel insurance—Standard, Superior and Luxury. All policies include some level of cover for Emergency Medical expenses, Cancellation & Curtailment (Travel Delay, Missed Departure & Travel Abandonment), Personal Accident and Personal Belongings.

Optional extra cover of Winter Sports, Wedding, Golf, Cruise, Gadget and Extended Travel Disruption cover are also available. Mobile phones are protected under Valuables cover (within Personal Belongings) on all Debenhams policies, up to a £100 maximum per person. To cover phones worth more than that, Gadget cover can be purchased for additional cost to cover between 3 and 7 gadgets, providing up to £1,000 per item (or up to £3,000 for laptops) and total gadget cover between £1,000 and £3,000.

Does Debenhams Travel Insurance Cover Trips in the UK? UK holidays are covered under Debenhams policies, so long as you pre-booked at least 2 consecutive nights of accommodation.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Debenhams may be able to offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions, likely for an added cost. If Debenhams is not able to offer cover for your pre-existing conditions, then claims arising as a result of those existing conditions would not be covered. On page 6 of Debenhams' Policy Wording is a list of a few hundred waived conditions that are covered as standard, provided there are no other pre-existing conditions, you're not awaiting surgery and you've been fully discharged from any post-op follow up.

Over 65s: The age limit for travellers on multi-trip policies is 74. Those under age 85 are able to purchase single-trip policies. Optional Winter Sports cover is available for those under 65.

Debenhams Price Comparison

According to pricing data, Debenhams travel insurance premiums are not necessarily in line with the average cost of travel insurance.

In a recent price check, we found that annual travel insurance with Worldwide cover is cheaper than cover for Worldwide excluding the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. That really doesn't make much sense—broader geographic cover generally costs more not less. Prices change regularly but be sure to get quotes for both Worldwide and Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and the Caribbean before making a purchasing decision. You may get more cover for less money by choosing Worldwide cover.

Insurance quotes can vary significantly from day to day and according to each individual's details, so please just use this information for thought-provoking, educational purposes only; your quotes may reflect a large degree of variation.

chart showing Debenhams multi-trip travel insurance prices compared to market averages
Debenhams Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Prices vs. the Market

In addition to gathering multi-trip quotes, we also analyzed policies for single trips of 7 days to France (as an example of Europe travel insurance cover), South Africa and America. Please use these charts for informational purposes only—market and Debenhams prices may vary significantly from day to day or from person to person.

chart showing Debenhams single-trip travel insurance prices compared to market averages
Debenhams Single Trip Travel Insurance Prices vs. the Market

According to our data analysis, the travel insurance cost for a family of four is around 50% more than the cost of an individual policy. In the table below you can see how prices change across geographical locations like Europe and America and policy types for larger groups.

How much more expensive is travel insurance for a family of 4?

Type of Policy
Geographical Cover AreaDebenhams PolicyPremiumPremium
IndividualFamily of Four
Annual, Multi-TripEuropeStandard£31£50
Worldwide excl. USA, Canada & Carib.Standard£78£76
Single TripUK & N IrelandStandard£9£10
South AfricaStandard£24£44

Cost of Winter Sports Add On

Winter Sports cover may be added for an extra cost to all three tiers of Debenhams travel insurance plans. We've gathered quotes across geographies and types of policies to give you an idea of the travel insurance add-on costs. Quotes were gathered for a 30-year-old individual traveller and for a family of four.

Added Cost of Winter Sports Cover

Type of PolicyGeographical Cover AreaDebenhams PolicyIndividualFamily of Four
Winter Sports Add OnTotal Premium Incl. Winter SportsWinter Sports Add OnTotal Premium Incl. Winter Sports
Annual, Multi-TripEuropeStandard£6£37£61£111
Worldwide excl. USA, Canada & Carib.Standard£16£94£15£92
Single TripUK & N IrelandStandardn/an/an/an/a
South AfricaStandard£26£49£47£91

Notable Features

Here are some highlights of features available on Debenhams travel insurance policies. Standard features like Medical and Personal Liability are also included on Debenhams policies, limits for which can be found below in the Policies. For more complete details like inner limits (e.g., the £200/£300/£500 Valuables limit within Personal Belongings) and exclusions, please see the policy documents. For cover limits see limits.

Debenhams Travel Insurance Features
GadgetsOptional gadget cover is available for Single trip policies up to 90 days long and Multi-trip policies for trips up to 31 days in length; covers repair due to damage, or replacement at the insurer's discretion, theft, breakdown, liquid damage and unauthorized calls, text or data use; cover of £1,000, £2,000 or £3,000 with a per item limit of £1,000 (laptops up to £3,000)
Personal Effects/BaggagePersonal belongings and baggage cover is included on Debenhams policies; personal belongings cover includes mobile phones up to £100 per person
Winter SportsOptional extra cover for up to 17 days of winter sports
GolfOptional extra cover for up to 31 days on single trip policies and 21 days on annual, multi-trip policies
WeddingOptional cover for wedding cancellation (additional £1,000, £2,000 or £5,000 on top of trip cancellation limits), plus rings, gifts, attire, photos and videos, cars, cake and flowers
Mama's & Papa'sOptional cover for baby equipment when you travel, e.g., car seat, pushchair, travel system, etc.; cover for medical policy excess for your child
Mobility CoverCover for walking aids, wheelchairs and mobility scooters
Scuba DivingCovered up to a depth of 30 metres
Trip CancellationCover for unused travel and accommodation expenses under circumstances including unexpected illness, redundancy, jury service, abandonment of trip after a 24 hour delay/cancellation due to strike, mechanical breakdown, adverse weather (excluding volcanic ash), etc. (Travel Delay, Travel Abandonment, Missed Departure)
Optional Extended Travel DisruptionOption to increase limits and expand cover for travel delay, missed departure and catastrophe cover (e.g., flights cancelled due to volcanos)
CruisesPolicy cover extends to include cruise holidays. Debenhams also offers an Optional Cruise Pack to provide financial protection in case of a missed departure, unused cruise excursion (if you are cabin-bound due to illness), cruise itinerary change and cabin confinement; be sure that you have cover for all the destinations you're going to visit on the cruise
Home Excess ProtectionUp to £250 to cover your household insurance excess if there's a problem at home while you're travelling

Types of Debenhams Travel Insurance Policies

Debenhams offers three tiers of travel insurance—Standard, Superior and Luxury. They all have the same level of Emergency Medical cover (£10,000,000). All policies include baggage cover and cancellation/curtailment.

The main difference between the policies is in cover limits for cancellation & curtailment, personal luggage/money and personal accident. The higher tier policies offer higher limits and lower excess amounts.

Winter Sports cover can be added to all three types of insurance for an additional cost.

Debenhams Single Trip: Debenhams's Single Trip travel insurance covers trips up to 31 days abroad. For an added fee, those under age 65 can extend the maximum trip length to 90 days.

Debenhams Annual Multi-Trip: Debenhams's annual, multi-trip policies cover any number of trips a policy year, up to 31 days each. Those under age 65 can extend the maximum trip duration to 45 or 60 days for an extra charge.

Cover Limits (Single & Annual Multi-Trip) per Insured Traveller^

Policy TypeStandardSuperiorLuxury



Travel Delay£25 per day up to £200Nil£25 per day up to £300Nil£25 per day up to £500Nil
Travel Abandonment£750£175£3,000£50£5,000Nil
Missed Departure£500£175£750£50£1,500Nil

Delayed Baggage£25/day up to £200nil£25/day up to £300nil£25/day up to £500nil



^For full details and inner limits, please see the policy documents.

Debenhams OPTIONAL Wedding Cover

Cover Limits per couple
Wedding Rings£5,000
Wedding Attire£5,000
Cancellation Cover£5,000

Debenhams OPTIONAL Cruise Cover

Cover Limits per person
Missed Departure£1,000
Cabin Confinement£1,000
Cruise Itinerary Change£500

Debenhams OPTIONAL Extended Travel Disruption Cover

Cover Limits per person
Extended Travel Delay£1,000
Extended Missed Departure£500
Extended Catastrophe£1,000

Debenhams OPTIONAL Gadget Cover Limits

Level of CoverNumber of GadgetsTotal Replacement/Repair Value for All GadgetsExcess
Level 13 gadgets£1,000up to £50
Single Article Limit£1,000
Single Article Limit for Laptop£1,000
Level 25 gadgets£2,000up to £50
Single Article Limit£1,000
Single Article Limit for Laptop£2,000
Level 37 gadgets£3,000up to £50
Single Article Limit£1,000
Single Article Limit for Laptop£2,000

Please read some of our Travel Insurance Guides if you're trying to decide between Single Trip or Multi-Trip policies, learn about What May Not be Covered by Travel Insurance or decide if you Need Travel Insurance or Not.

Debenhams Travel Insurance Customer Reviews

According to 585 reviews on, Debenhams travel insurance is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many comments remark on the ease of use of the website. The most common negative feedback that we noticed related to the length of time to receive the free voucher. Apparently you may have to wait a while to receive it.

How does Debenhams Travel Insurance Compare to Competitors?

To better understand the value of Debenhams travel insurance you need to look at it in the context of other available options. We compared it to other plans in the market so you can see which may be more suitable for you.

Debenhams Travel Insurance vs AXA Travel Insurance

In our opinion, AXA travel insurance offers solid cover for reasonable prices, offering good value for money. Insolvency, Baggage, Cancellation/Delay/Curtailment and Catastrophe are included on all plans. If you're looking for a cheaper Worldwide cover option, you may want to consider an AXA policy.

Bottom Line: If you really want cover for End Supplier Failure and Baggage included as standard, then AXA might be a more comprehensive travel insurance option for you—especially for Worldwide cover.

Debenhams Travel Insurance vs AA Travel Insurance

AA travel insurance is another provider offering good value. In particular, we like their higher-tier Standard plan as it offers higher limits plus includes Abandonment and Financial Failure, may cover pre-existing conditions and you can add extended Travel Disruption protection. Personal Belongings and baggage are covered on all policies, although cover limits may be too low for some travellers. When purchased online, customers can lock in a 20% online discount for the first year.

Bottom Line: If you want a larger online discount, AA offers 20% off to new customers.

Debenhams Travel Insurance vs Insure & Go Travel Insurance

Insure & Go travel insurance is another travel specialist provider offering some economical holiday cover. Cancellation cover ranges from £1,000 to £10,000 and Baggage from £750 up to £3,000, with prices starting from around £5 for a single trip to Europe. Emergency Medical starts at £5 million and goes up to unlimited cover on top tier plans. The Valuables extension upgrade may be useful if you want more cover for gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc. to provide £1k or £2k of valuables cover, starting at a cost of £5.90.

Bottom Line: Insure & Go is another reliable option for travel cover with the option to add more cover for gadgets.

Debenhams Travel Insurance vs Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line travel insurance plans include cover for End Supplier Failure and Natural Disasters, plus cover for the replacement cost of used points or miles in case of Cancellation/Curtailment for a trip bought with air miles or another rewards structure. While prices are a bit higher than average, according to our analysis, you are getting these extra cover features. One surprising extra is Baggage—you'll need to pay extra to cover your personal belongings as they're not included as standard.

Bottom Line: If you really want cover for End Supplier Failure or Natural Disasters, or if you book trips with miles, then Direct Line might provide more comprehensive travel insurance for you.

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