Fit2Travel Travel Insurance Review: Travelling with Pre-Existing Conditions?

Fit2Travel Travel Insurance Review: Travelling with Pre-Existing Conditions?

Good prices for many pre-existing conditions.

Good for

  • Specializes in pre-existing medical conditions
  • Medical repatriation
  • Competitive prices

Bad for

  • No gadget cover for mobile phones, etc.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

Fit2Travel is one of the UK's travel insurance providers specializing in pre-existing medical conditions. As a specialist, Fit2Travel considers all medical issues including cancer or cardiovascular conditions. With the easy-to-use online quote system you'll quickly know if Fit2Travel can provide cover for your situation and, if so, how much it will cost.

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In This Review

Fit2Travel's quote system is also available through our partner Compare Cover—use them for quick access to dozens of travel insurers to compare prices in minutes. If you want a few more features such as post-surgery aftercare once you return to the UK, you might want to also consider Free Spirit or

Fit2Travel Travel Insurance Review: What You Need to Know

As a specialist travel insurance provider for those with pre-existing conditions, Fit2Travel may be able to provide the cover you need even if you've suffered from a serious medical condition. Even if other travel insurance providers won't offer cover due to your individual medical situation, Fit2Travel may be more able to do so.

While Fit2Travel prices are typically competitive, nonetheless it's always wise to check prices with a number of providers before making a purchase. The good news is that you can fill out just one form to get quick quotes from Fit2Travel and other specialist travel insurance providers from our trusted partner, Compare Cover.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Fit2Travel will consider cover for all pre-existing medical conditions on all policies. In fact, Fit2Travel is accustomed to providing cover for those with multiple medical conditions, and a number of conditions are included as standard without an extra premium required. To get a quote and buy a policy, through Fit2Travel's online screening process you'll be asked a series of questions to assess your situation.

When applying online, you'll be walked through Fit2Travel's easy-to-use online screening to get instant quotes straight away, and instant confirmation that the conditions you entered are indeed covered. It just takes a few minutes and the questions are quite clear. You'll find out immediately if Fit2Travel can offer you cover and at what price. Many conditions are included as standard (without you needing to pay an extra premium).

Over 65s: The upper age limit for travellers on Fit2Travel annual multi-trip policies is under 75 years of age at the start of the policy; the upper age limit on Single Trip policies is 85 years of age.

Bottom Line: Expect Fit2Travel quotes to be competitive, hopefully allowing you to travel even if you've suffered from a serious medical condition. Adding to peace of mind, policies include repatriation for you and a companion, should it be medically necessary.

How do Fit2Travel Prices Compare?

Overall, we found that Fit2Travel prices for travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions are very competitive relative to other medical-specialist travel insurers. When compared to Free Spirit and GoodToGo, Fit2Travel's prices were cheaper for most medical conditions. For example, Fit2Go came in cheaper for those with high blood pressure & cholesterol (on one medication), anxiety & depression (on one medication), breast cancer (spread to one lymph node, 3 to 5 years ago), asthma with chronic airway obstruction.

However, Fit2Go was not always cheaper—for those with a heart attack and stent needing cover for a worldwide trip, Free Spirit provided cheaper travel insurance cover. We tested single trip travel to both EuropeAmerica.

Health ConditionGeographic AreaFit2TravelFree SpiritGoodToGo
High Blood Pressure & CholesterolEurope£36£54£68
Anxiety & DepressionEurope£36£54£68
Breast CancerEurope£36£61£76
Aneurysm & StentEurope£90£98£195
chart showing prices of Fit2Travel travel insurance plans compared to competitors for Europe travel
chart showing prices of Fit2Travel travel insurance plans compared to competitors for Worldwide travel

Insurance quotes can vary significantly from day to day and according to each individual's details, so please just use this following data for general educational purposes only about the travel insurance market; your quotes may reflect a large degree of variation.

Fit2Travel Customer Reviews

There aren't very many customer reviews online, but all of the ones we could find are negative. A few of the complaints are related to policy terms such as the excess being payable per person or a limit on jewellery. Other negative comments are more worrisome. Here is a selection from Trustpilot, where 14 customers have left reviews averaging just 1.9 out of 5 stars:

"... hospitalised by a heart attack and told he needs a pacemaker fitting and this company have left them in limbo for over a month with no decision as to what can be done..."

"Our claim was for £460 and we got £60 as they charge £200 per person per claim."

"... because ferrys are not classed as public transport we couldn't claim for anything and also told we were only insured for our outbound journey and not back to the UK..."

"Our connecting flight was cancelled and we were left stranded with the airline taking no responsibility due to the cancellation being caused by bad weather... it turns out connecting flights are not covered. At all."

Fit2Travel Standard Features

As with most travel insurance plans, Fit2Travel includes cover for Emergency Medical, Cancellation and Baggage on all policies, limits for which can be found below in the Policies section. For more complete details like inner limits and exclusions, please see the policy documents.

Fit2Travel Travel Insurance Features
Emergency MedicalCover for customary and reasonable fees or charges for necessary emergency treatment, and repatriation costs for you and one other person where medically necessary
Trip Cancellation/CurtailmentCover for irrecoverable costs if your trip is cut short or cancelled ahead of time as a result of events including illness
Personal Belongings/BaggageCover for the loss, theft or damage to your possessions. Inner limits further restrict the amount you can claim for items like luggage, clothing, jewellery, laptops, etc.
Baggage DelayCover for essential items like a change of clothing, medication and toiletries if your baggage is delayed more than 12 hours on your outward journey
Financial FailureCover for any amounts already paid and unused for your flight, if the scheduled airline on which you are booked to travel stops trading after your departure.
Missed DepartureCover for alternative transport costs if you miss your outbound departure from your international departure point if, after leaving home, your car becomes un-driveable due to a mechanical breakdown or your public transport is delayed causing you to miss your departure from the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or BFPO
Delayed DepartureBenefit for delays over 12 hours at your international departure point to help contribute towards additional accommodation, car parking charges, food, drinks or telephone calls not provided by your carrier
Natural DisasterCover for reasonable additional costs of travel and accommodation in the event your pre-booked accommodation is damaged by a natural disaster during your trip.

Fit2Travel Optional Extra Coverages

Fit2Travel offers extra coverage for trips that may not be otherwised covered by traditional travel insurance. For instance, travellers can buy cover for a cruise, golf trip, winter sports, wedding, and even fishing trips.

Optional Cover
GolfEquipment delay, loss, theft or damage, adverse weather conditions, hole in one
BusinessLoss, theft or damage to business equipment or business money, cover if you can't complete a business trip, delay of business samples
Winter SportsEquipment delay, loss, theft or damage, piste closure, avalanche closure, loss of ski pass
FishingFishing equipment delay, loss, theft or damage, and adverse weather conditions
WeddingLoss/theft/damage to wedding rings, photos, gifts, wedding atire, cosmetics, flowers
CruiseMissed port departure, skipped port, cabin confinement, formal cruise attire

Be aware that costs of private treatment aren't covered unless Fit2Travel's 24-hour Emergency Assistance Facilities service has agreed and adequate public facilities are not available. You can reach Fit2Travel's 24 hour Emergency Assistance Facilities at +44 (0) 203 829 6745. You may need to pay the policy excess locally and ask the hospital to send the rest of their bills to Travel Claims Facilities at: 1 Tower View, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, England, ME19 4UY.

Fit2Travel Travel Insurance Cover Plans & Limits

Travellers can choose between the Silver, Gold and Platinum Fit2Travel plans, depending on the level of cover they need. For instance, those with holidays worth around £5,000 would opt for the Platinum plan, whereas those only needing £1,000 to cover non-refundable travel and accommodation expenses might find the Silver plan to be sufficient.

Emergency Medical£10 million£10 million£10 million
Medical Excess£200£150No excess
European Medical Excess with EHICNo excessNo excessNo excess
Emergency AssistanceYesYesYes
Cancellation cover£1,000£2,500 £5,000
Cancellation excess 250£100No excess
Abandonment following delay £1,500£2,500£5,000
Scheduled airline failure £1,000£1,000£1,500
End supplier failure Not coveredNot coveredNot covered
Loss of deposit excess 250£100No excess
Missed departure outbound £250£500£1,000
Baggage cover £1,000£2,000£3,000
Baggage excess200£100 No excess
Basis Wear and tearWear and tearWear and tear
Single article limit £500£1,000£1,500
Valuables200£300 £350
Money £250£400£500
Money excess 100£100No excess
Legal expenses£10,000£15,000£20,000

How does Fit2Travel Compare to Competitors?

To better understand the value of Fit2Travel travel insurance you need to look at it in the context of other available options. We compared it to other plans in the market so you can see which may be more suitable for you.

Fit2Travel vs Free Spirit Travel Insurance

Another medical-specialist for those travelling with health conditions, Free Spirit offers a host of optional extras like aftercare following hospitalisation abroad, which covers home help, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, physiotherapy and UK convalescence. Prices are typically close to average, although can vary depending on the condition.

Bottom Line: Free Spirit provides robust aftercare once you return home to the UK (e.g., physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery, etc.), but Fit2Travel stands out for lower prices in most cases. If price is a priority, Free Spirit is likely to be cheaper (but we recommend checking both to be sure).

Fit2Travel Travel Insurance vs Travel Insurance

Another medical-specialist for those travelling with health issues, offers a host of optional extras like 24/7 Virtual Doctor to speak with a UK doctor for advice whilst abroad and Gadget cover. All plans include financial failure and repatriation, plus home help and a recuperation holiday post emergency surgery abroad if you stayed in hospital for 5 days.

Bottom Line: provides lots of extra perks like an optional 24/7 Virtual Doctor, aftercare once you return home to the UK (e.g., home help) and recuperation holidays, but Fit2Travel stands out for cheaper prices. If price is a priority, you might find a cheaper rate from Fit2Travel but, as always, check prices from both before deciding.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.