Tesco Travel Insurance Review: How do Prices Compare?

Tesco Travel Insurance Review: How do Prices Compare?

Tesco's Standard Plan is solid value but if you want Financial Failure you'll need to spring for the Finest Plan.

Good for

  • Personal Belongings/Baggage covered on top plans, optional on Value plan Getting a Tesco Clubcard discount
  • Covering Financial Failure, Airspace Closure and Golf (top-tier Finest Plan)
  • Covering trips that include a cruise

Bad for

  • Covering your mobile phone

Editor's Rating


The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

Note: From 1 February 2019, Tesco is no longer selling new travel insurance policies.

Instead, compare travel insurance quotes from over 50 brands with our comparison partner Compare Cover by clicking the blue "Get Quotes" button below. Their panel includes a number of providers that may cover coronavirus.

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The following information relates to any existing Tesco Travel Insurance policies that are still in force. Tesco no longer sells travel insurance.

Tesco travel insurance offers 3 tiers of cover, from a bare bones Value plan to the comprehensive Finest plan. While Personal Belongings are standard on the top 2 tiers (and optional on the lowest tier), mobile phones NOT covered under Tesco travel insurance. Cruises are covered on all policies under normal terms and conditions (e.g., Emergency Medical and Cancellation), but Tesco Cruise cover doesn't extend to include cruise-specific situations like cabin confinement.

Tesco Travel Insurance Key Points

  • 3 levels of cover (Everyday Value, Standard and Finest)
  • Multi-trip cover for any number of trips up to 31 days each (can extend)
  • Single-trip cover for trips up to 31 days (can be extended to 90 days for an extra charge for under 65's)
  • Tesco Clubcard discount
  • Top-tier Finest policy includes Financial Failure, Airspace Closure and Golf
  • Optional extras: Winter Sports
  • Personal Belongings cover included on Standard and Finest plans (optional on Everyday Value plans), but beware mobile phones aren't covered
  • Cruise cover is included under normal terms (e.g., Cancellation may be covered, but cabin confined would not)

In This Review

Tesco Travel Insurance Review: What You Need to Know

Tesco offers three levels of Annual and Single Trip travel insurance—Everyday Value, Standard and Finest. Trip cancellation is included on all policies, in addition to Emergency Medical expenses and Travel Delay. Mid-tier and top-tier policies include Personal Belongings, and Winter Cover can be added for a cost.

Does Tesco Travel Insurance Cover Trips in the UK? Holidays in the UK are covered under Tesco Annual Multi-Trip policies, so long as you pre-booked at least 2 consecutive nights of accommodation.

Pre-Existing Conditions: Tesco may be able to offer cover for some pre-existing medical conditions, for an added cost. If Tesco is not able to offer cover for your pre-existing conditions, then claims arising as a result of those existing conditions would not be covered. As part of the quote process you will be asked a number of questions about the health of you and your travelling companions.

Over 65s: The age limit for travellers on multi-trip policies is 74. Those over 74 are able to purchase single-trip policies.

Tesco Price Comparison

According to our research, prices of Tesco's Everyday Value and Standard policies are roughly in line with the average cost of travel insurance. Unsurprisingly, Tesco's Finest travel insurance is noticeably more expensive—Finest policies not only include higher levels of cover for baggage, trip cancellation, etc. but also include airspace closure and golf cover. Not reflected in these prices is a 10% discount for Tesco Clubcard holders. You need your Tesco Clubcard membership number on hand when applying online to get the discount.

Insurance quotes can vary significantly from day to day and according to each individual's details, so please just use this data for general educational purposes only; your quotes may reflect a large degree of variation.

chart showing Tesco multi-trip travel insurance prices compared to market averages
Tesco Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Prices vs. the Market
chart showing Tesco single-trip travel insurance prices compared to market averages
Tesco Single Trip Travel Insurance Prices vs. the Market

If you're travelling in a group or as a family, you may be interested to see how prices change across geographical locations like Europe and America and policy types for more people. We gathered quotes for Tesco plans for a family of four—they'll pay on average 80% more for Tesco travel insurance than an individual would pay.

How much more expensive is travel insurance for a family of 4?

TypeGeographyTesco PlanIndividual (30 years old)Family of Four
Multi-TripEuropeEveryday Value£34£59
Worldwide excl. USA, Canada & the Carib.Everyday Value£59£104
WorldwideEveryday Value£74£131
Single TripFranceEveryday Value£10£19
South AfricaEveryday Value£33£62
USAEveryday Value£39£73

Cost of Add-On Extras

Winter sports may be added for an extra cost to Tesco's mid- and premier-level travel insurance plans. We've gathered quotes across geographies and types of policies to give you an idea of the travel insurance add-on costs. Quotes were gathered for a 30-year-old individual traveller.

Added Cost of Winter Sports Cover

TypeGeographyTesco PlanWinter Sports Cover
Worldwide excl. USA, Canada & the Carib.Standard£18.24
Single TripFranceStandard£13.16
South AfricaStandard£35.36

Notable Features

Here are some highlights of features available on Tesco travel insurance policies. Standard features like Medical and Personal Liability are also included on Tesco policies, limits for which can be found below in the Policies. For more complete details like inner limits (e.g., the Valuables limit within Personal Belongings) and exclusions, please see the policy documents.

Tesco Travel Insurance Features
Personal Belongings/BaggagePersonal belongings and baggage cover of £1,500 and £2,000 is included on Tesco Standard and Finest policies, respectively; cover of £1,000 is available on Tesco Everyday Value policies for an extra charge; personal belongings cover does NOT include mobile phones
Winter SportsOptional extra cover for up to 17 days of winter sports is available on Standard and Finest plans; equipment up to £500/£750 per person (excess of £60/£45 per person); avalanche delay up to £350/£500; piste closure limit up to £300/£400
GolfCover included on Tesco's Finest plan for clubs and equipment up to £1,000 (£45 excess per person); hired equipment covered up to £200 (£20/day); green fees up to £300 (£75/day)
Scuba DivingCovered up to a depth of 30 metres (or 40 metres if competency shown through recognized diving qualification)
Airspace ClosureCover included on Tesco's Finest plan for unexpected closure of the airport or airspace
CatastropheOptional on the entry-level Everyday Value Plan; included on Standard and Finest Plans
Trip CancellationCover for unused travel and accommodation expenses under circumstances including illness, redundancy, jury service, etc.; failure of the tour operator is one of many exclusions
InsolvencyTesco Finest plans offer up to £1,500 of cover should your end supplier become insolvent; there are many exclusions—for instance, financial failure of a travel agent or booking agent/coordinator, or indirect losses (e.g., loss if you can't reach your pre-booked hotel because the airline has failed) are not covered
CruisesCovered on all policies under the normal terms and conditions. That means you should have cover for situations involving Emergency Medical and Cancellation cover for trips involving cruise; but there wouldn't be cover for, say, cabin confinement. Just be sure that you have cover for all the destinations you're going to visit on the cruise.

Types of Tesco Travel Insurance Policies

Tesco offers three tiers of travel insurance—Everyday Value, Standard and Finest. Those buying a Tesco Everyday Value policy (the most basic of Tesco's plans) can pay extra for Personal Belongings, which is included automatically on Tesco's Standard and Finest insurance plans. Winter Sports can be added to the top two tiers of insurance for an additional cost.

Tesco Single Trip travel insurance covers trips up to 31 days abroad. For an added fee, those under age 65 can extend the maximum trip length to 90 days. Tesco Annual Multi-Trip policies cover any number of trips a policy year, up to 31 days each. Those under age 65 can extend the maximum trip duration to 45 or 60 days for an extra charge.

Tesco Everyday Value

Everyday Value is Tesco's entry-level travel insurance plan. Emergency Medical expenses and Travel Delay are included, plus you get £1,000 per person for Trip Cancellation. You'll need to pay extra to cover Personal Belongings (e.g., lost or delayed baggage).

Tesco Standard

As Tesco's solid mid-tier offering, Standard policies include Personal Belongings Cover as well as Emergency Medical expenses, Travel Delay and Trip Cancellation. Winter Sports may be added for a cost (anywhere from £10 to £70 extra for an individual 30-year-old traveller, depending on geographical cover and type of plan.

Tesco Finest

Tesco Finest is the top-tier travel insurance plan with higher levels of cover than their Standard plan, across all categories. Additional cover includes Airspace Closure and Golf.

Cover Limits (Single & Annual Multi-Trip) per Insured Traveller

Cover featureEveryday ValueStandardFinest
Emergency medical expenses£2,000,000£5,000,000£10,000,000
Cancelling/cutting your trip short£1,000£5,000£10,000
Personal Liability£2,000,000£2,000,000£2,000,000
Personal belongingsAdd Personal Belongings optional extra for £1,000 of cover£1,500£2,000
Travel delay£10 per 12 hours (up to £200)£20 per 12 hours (up to £400)£30 per 12 hours (up to £600)
Money and documentsAdd Personal Belongings optional extra for £300 of cover£400£500
Delayed baggageAdd Personal Belongings optional extra to cover £50 per 12 hours (up to £100)£50 per 12 hours (up to £150)£100 per 12 hours (up to £300)
Hospital benefit£15 per day (up to £600)£25 per day (up to £1,000)£50 per day (up to £2,000)
Airspace Closuren/an/acovered
Financial Failuren/an/a£1,500
Missed Departure (extra travel & accommodation expenses)n/a£750£1,500
Golfn/an/a£1,000 equipment, plus green fees and equip. hire

Please read some of our Travel Insurance Guides if you're trying to decide between Single Trip or Multi-Trip policies, learn about What May Not be Covered by Travel Insurance or decide if you Need Travel Insurance or Not.

How does Tesco Travel Insurance Compare to Competitors?

To better understand the value of Tesco travel insurance you need to look at it in the context of other available options. We compared it to other plans in the market so you can see which may be more suitable for you.

Tesco Travel Insurance vs Admiral Travel Insurance

Admiral travel insurance offers three tiers of travel insurance cover, all for very competitive prices and including Personal Belongings protection. Those looking for cover for catastrophes (e.g., volcanic ash cloud and storms) should consider one of Admiral's top two tiers—Gold or Platinum. If your plans include a cruise in the next year, then Admiral offers comprehensive Cruise cover for an added cost (included on Platinum), which includes Missed Port Departure, Cabin Confinement, Unused Excursions and Cruise Interruption. Insolvency is not covered on Admiral plans, however.

Bottom Line: If your travel plans include a cruise, then Admiral might provide more comprehensive travel insurance for you.

Tesco Travel Insurance vs Saga Travel Insurance

Saga travel insurance if offered as one, simple travel insurance plan to those over 50 years of age—with no upper age limit. We like that Saga includes cover for Catastrophe and a higher level of Personal Belongings/Baggage cover on all policies, plus Golf. Another perk is that travellers whose international flight is delayed more than 2 hours can benefit from access to a LoungeKey airport lounge, as part of Trip Delay cover. While travellers can be covered of any age, prices do rise steadily for older customers.

Bottom Line: If you are an older traveller, especially in your 70s or 80s, Saga may be a more viable travel insurance option for you, as they specialize in "mature" travellers.

Tesco Travel Insurance vs Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line travel insurance plans include cover for End Supplier Failure and Natural Disasters, plus cover for the replacement cost of used points or miles in case of Cancellation/Curtailment for a trip bought with air miles or another rewards structure. While prices are a bit higher than average, according to our analysis, you are getting these extra cover features. One surprising extra is Baggage—you'll need to pay extra to cover your personal belongings as they're not included as standard—BUT once purchased, your mobile phone will be covered as part of Personal Belongings/Baggage.

Bottom Line: If you really want cover for your mobile phone when you travel, you can get cover through Direct Line's optional Baggage cover.

Other Useful Information

Tesco's claims notification lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
24-hour claims line0345 677 7555
24-hour medical emergency helpline (USA & Canada)011 44 23 8064 4633
24-hour medical emergency helpline (Europe and anywhere else in the world)+44 23 8064 4633
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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.