How do you Move a Caravan?

If you own a static caravan there may come a time when you wish to move or relocate your temporary home to another location. That is an easy enough proposition if your caravan is one of the touring or motorhome styles that allow you to simply drive it away, or hitch it up and tow it. But if your model is a more permanently-sited static style then it may take a little more thought and planning to move it safely and correctly.

Why would you need to move a static caravan?

There are numerous reasons for the removal or transportation of a static caravan. Maybe you have sold the unit and are responsible for having it delivered to the new owners. Or maybe you would like to move it to a new site within your caravan park, or to a site at an entirely new location. Or perhaps you will not be using the caravan for a while and need to transport it to a storage facility. The reasons for moving usually fall into 1 of the 4 following categories:

  • Moving/relocation
  • Selling
  • Storage
  • Disposal

Who can move a static caravan?

As static caravans are stationary by nature moving them is not as easy as hitching them up to a car and hauling them away as you would with a touring model. Transportation of a static caravan will require the help of a specialised company with the proper equipment. To move your caravan safely the moving company will load and secure it on a low loader truck and secure it properly so that it may be safely transported to the new location. If your caravan measures more than 12 feet wide or it is being carried along any narrow country roads you will also be required to pay for an escort in addition to the moving company fees.

What are caravan disconnection costs?

Prior to moving your caravan, you will need to make sure it is fully ready to be moved. This means that you will need to organise the disconnection of any services to the caravan. These can include:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Internet
  • TV

Most caravan sites will have included disconnection fees in your contract when you placed the caravan at their site. The fees can range widely from £200 and up depending on the owners of your particular park. The catch is that you cannot save money by disconnecting services yourself. Parks write the rules and stipulations for disconnection services into their contracts to ensure that utilities are shut off safely and professionally.

How much will it cost to move a static caravan?

The big concern for caravan removal and transportation is the cost, and it can rack up quickly. When estimating your removal costs you will need to factor in:

  • Disconnection costs
  • Removal Company Expenses
  • Special Services (escort vehicles)

Fortunately, there are a number of websites available online that will provide quotes for caravan removal services allowing you to shop around and find the best price. Check out sites like Shiply and Delivery Quote for an idea of pricing but you can expect to pay up to a couple of thousand pounds for the total move. The cost will vary based on the size of your caravan, any special requirements and the distance you will be transporting.

What is a motor mover?

If you have a small touring caravan with wheels that you want to move a short distance, e.g., from one side of your property to another, or navigate it into a small driveway, then you may be able to use a motor mover. This is an electronic device that attaches to your caravan and allows you to control it remotely. This can be useful if you need to manoeuver the unit into tight spaces or other difficult areas. It will not work for static caravans however.

Other things to consider

If you are relocating a static caravan from one park to another you will also need to account for levelling and siting fees. The cost of preparing the site to safely and securely situate your caravan on it as well as the costs of taking over the new site. These should all be detailed in your contract when you purchased the new location. If your caravan is an older model or has been at its current site for a long time there may be fees there too for the removal of any debris, or any upheaval done to the plot that the park will need to repair.

Finally, if you have insurance on your caravan you should be sure to alert your insurance company ahead of the move to be sure you're covered going forward.