Can I get TV and Internet service in my caravan?

While you're traveling around the countryside in your tourer or staying for a few weeks in your static caravan you might want to keep up to date with the news and your favourite television programs or series—or you may need to go online to check emails or pay bills. So what are some of the options that available to you in terms of entertainment in an RV?

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Standard TV and radio reception

These are the usual local and national television and radio channels that we have watched and listened to for years. Stations like the BBC, Channel 4 and radio stations that are all part of non-cable or satellite TV options. To receive these channels you will need an exterior aerial or antenna.

Most caravans come already fitted with one so it may be simply a matter of positioning it in the right direction to acquire the best signal possible. There are also mobile phone apps available to help you with positioning, try apps like Freepoint or Antenna Aligner. If the signal is still weak you may need to upgrade the aerial or invest in a signal booster.

Can I get Satellite TV?

If you would like to extend your entertainment package and TV channels beyond what is available as standard then you can think about buying Sky TV or a similar monthly paid service or you can use Freesat which allows you to receive hundreds of digital channels for free. You will need a satellite dish and receiver to be able to pick up and decode the digital signal, but you will be able to access lots of premium channels like CNN and Sky News along with hundreds of radio stations.

Can I get Wi-Fi?

For those that wish to browse the Internet, there are a couple of options available, if you have enough data on your mobile phone you could always use it as a hot spot if you just need to occasionally hop online and pick up your email. If you need more capability then you may be able to use a Wi-Fi Dongle to gain reception in some areas, if not then you will need to invest in an Internet Access System. This will receive an Internet signal via a dish that is mounted on your caravan roof and will enable to browse the Internet, stream videos and perform other functions.

Can I get the same TV channels as at home?

Whether you are receiving television via an antenna for standard TV channels or a dish on the caravan roof that will provide you with a much larger range of digital options, you will be able to access all television channels as normal. The usual news, sports, and television networks will be readily accessible, and you will be able to watch all of your favourite programs without issue. The same goes for radio stations, whichever reception method you are using you will be able to access radio stations locally and nationally.

Is the Internet signal the same as at home?

How you access the Internet will dictate the strength of the signal and data you are able to receive. If you are using your mobile phone as a hot spot or the sites free wifi then speeds may be limited. This will work fine if you are only an occasional user but if you are someone that likes to stream videos or play games online then an Internet Access System that provides you with a dedicated signal will be the way to go. This will ensure that the level of Internet access will support any online activity you wish.

Do I need a special television?

Most televisions that are supplied with caravans are LCD models. This will be sufficient for you to pick up standard or satellite television stations. If you wish to upgrade your television you can elect to buy a model with a built-in digital receiver or DVD player. There are also models that come already equipped to receive Freesat, the free TV satellite service.


Just because you are traveling or staying in a caravan it does not mean that you will be limited in your Internet and entertainment choices. Technology now means that you have accessibility to the same level of television and Internet services as you would at home. It is also worth remembering that many caravan sites offer free wifi to their guests. These tips can also help if you're renting a static caravan or a touring caravan for your next holiday.