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While by law there is no legal requirement to buy caravan insurance, if you buy a policy you will probably pay from around £150 to insure a caravan worth £13,000. Buying a policy can protect your touring or static caravan against damage or theft. While you may not be bothered about either if you own an older caravan, those with a younger or more valuable caravan may want to consider buying cover—especially since over 4,000 caravans were stolen last year, according to the AA.

Average Cost of Touring Caravan Insurance

According to our research, the average cost of touring caravan insurance starts from around £200 per year for a caravan valued at £20,000. Policies including extra coverages (EU cover, UK breakdown and legal assistance) start from around £300. Generally speaking, the more valuable the caravan, the more it costs to insure. Caravans worth more would be costlier to repair or replace in the event of accident or theft—hence higher insurance costs.

Caravan ValueAnnual Premium (Basic Cover)Annual Premium (including UK Breakdown, Legal Assistance and EU Cover)Average Excess
Touring Caravan insurance costs
How much does it cost to insure a touring caravan?

Where extra coverages could be purchased separately, we found quotes in the range of £10 to £15.49 for legal assistance cover and £39.99 to £59.99 for UK breakdown cover.

Average Cost of Static Caravan Insurance

While static caravans can be more expensive to buy than touring caravans due to their size and amenities, they are usually cheaper to insure (per £ of value, that is). Static caravans are, generally speaking, less risky to insure as they won't be damaged in a car accident or easily stolen during the night (or day!) like a touring caravan might. According to our research, the average cost of static caravan insurance starts from just under £100 for a caravan valued at £35,000. One valued at £20,000 more (so £55,000) could be insured for as little as £117.

ValueAnnual PremiumExcess

These quotes do not include any contents cover. While contents cover can sometimes be purchased as an add-on feature to caravan cover, your home contents insurance might already cover your possessions away from home. We did a few checks and found that adding £5,000 of contents cover cost an average of £34 in additional premium.

Static Caravan insurance costs
How much does it cost to insure a static caravan?

While it may not be required by law, buying caravan insurance can help you protect this valuable accident against theft or damage, and many caravan owners include this cost in their budget for annual caravan ownership costs.


To arrive at our average cost analysis, we gathered dozens of online quotes for touring and static caravan insurance. To find the starting costs for cheap caravan insurance, we averaged the 5 cheapest quotes we found for each situation. For the touring caravan, we priced policies for a Coachman Pastiche with a single axle, a factory-fitted alarm and a tracking device. It is stored with a wheel clamp in a gold CaSSOA site with perimeter fencing, security gates and CCTV for protection against theft. The owner has 5 years of No Claims Discount. For the static caravan, we priced policies for a Willerby Summerhouse with £2 million of public liability cover but no contents cover that is used for personal family holidays only. Those considering a motorhome may want to read about the cost of motorhome insurance to see how it differs from caravan insurance.

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