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Average Cost of Car Insurance in the UK

Age and gender are two of the most significant characteristics that insurance companies use to establish a car insurance quote. These factors, among others, tell them valuable information about your driving and the likelihood that you will have a crash. If these factors indicate that you are less likely to get into an accident, the insurance company would expect to lose less by insuring you - therefore you will receive a cheaper quote.

Since quotes can vary significantly based on these factors, it can be difficult to know if you're offered a fair rate or if you're being ripped off. With this in mind, we've researched quotes from five of the larger players in the market to find the average cost of car insurance in the UK depending on your age group and gender. Use this information to help understand if you're being offered a good deal or not.

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Average Car Insurance Costs by Age

The ValuePenguin team gathered quotes from a selection of major insurers in the UK to see how driver age impacts the cost of car insurance. The following rates assume 5 years' of driving experience and a 5-year No Claims Discount (NCD) for consistency. (A NCD can save a consumer up to around 50% on their car insurance premiums.)

chart showing how car insurance quotes depend on age
How Car Insurance Quotes Change by Driver's Age

Average Car Insurance Cost for Drivers in their 20s

In general, younger drivers will pay more for insurance than older drivers. We found that drivers in their 20s are charged an average quote of £1,036, which is 25% more than the average rate charged to drivers in their 30s (£832). Higher premiums are justified because younger drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident.

The difference in quotes across ages is not necessarily due to differences in experience level - the quotes we gathered across age groups reflected drivers with 5 years of experience. Younger drivers are known to engage in riskier driving behavior, and therefore present a higher risk to insurance companies.

Cost of Car Insurance Increases For Drivers in their 60s

While car insurance premiums decrease substantially for both male and female drivers in their 30s, 40s and 50s, our research showed that insurance premiums begin to trend upwards for drivers in their 60s. This is because insurers think drivers will become more accident-prone as they age. We found that drivers in their 50s faced an average rate of £698, an increase of 15% from those in their 50s.

Average Car Insurance Costs by Gender

Quite surprisingly, we found that male drivers pay LESS than female drivers. Drivers in their twenties had the biggest premium difference, with women paying an average of £47 more than men for their car insurance annually. The cost difference decreases with age, with women paying around £20 more in later years.

Driver's AgeAverage Cost for MenAverage Cost for Women


To determine the average cost of car insurance for UK consumers, we culled data and collected quotes from five leading car insurance providers in the UK.

In order to standardize our results, we made certain assumptions about the type of plan and level of coverage sought by the average consumer. This study assumes standard comprehensive coverage and excludes optional features, like a courtesy car or protection for your no claims bonus.

Another way we standardized our results was by holding all driver profile variables constant, expect for age and gender. He/she is a unmarried driver of a 2017 Ford Fiesta Zetec (with a 999 cc engine and 5 doors), with 5 years' driving experience, no claims filed, and 5 years of NCD (No Claims Discount). He/she works indoors as a professional. Average costs reflect the mean of quotes collected for a male and female driver profile.

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