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Birmingham, England Car Insurance Costs

In Birmingham, the average cheap car insurance quote was around £900 for our sample driver, but prices can be lower or higher depending on your age, the car your drive, your post code and other factors. Younger drivers in particular pay higher rates in Birmingham.

There is a very big difference in prices between insurance companies, with some brands costing 2X to 3X more than others. Here are examples of five auto insurance companies with generally good rates in Birmingham, although the cheapest for you will depend on your circumstances. Premiums below reflect a 30-year-old male with a driving history and used car as described in our Methodology section.

chart showing cheap car insurance companies in Birmingham, England

Churchill, Admiral, My Policy, Hastings, Sheilas' Wheels, esure and People's Choice are generally among the cheaper brands. Some companies such as Churchill may be quite cheap in some cases, but either may not offer a quote or not be cheap in all neighborhoods—shopping around for a good deal can save you hundreds of pounds or more.

RankAuto Insurance CompanyAnnual Premium Estimate in BirminghamCompare Quotes
1Churchill Insurance£926
2My Policy£1,280Compare Quotes
3Hastings Essentials£1,370Compare Quotes
4Sheilas' Wheels£1,403
6Peoples Choice£1,452Compare Quotes
7Insure Pink£1,458Compare Quotes£1,560
9More Than Motor£1,597
10General Accident£1,607

Insurance quotes can vary significantly from person to person based on an individual's details, so quotes you receive may be higher or lower than our sample quotes. In fact, many insurance companies wouldn't return a quote for the "theoretical" driver in our study so you may very well find other companies such as Admiral offer cheaper quotes. Please use the information presented here for educational purposes only to help guide you in your search for the best car insurance for your needs.

Car Insurance Quotes Birmingham

Use our car insurance comparison tool to find competitive car insurance quotes in Birmingham just for you. Since pricing can vary so much by neighborhood, vehicle, driver age and many other factors, comparing quotes is critical to find a good deal. Our comparison will return up to 100 or more quotes to help you find cheap car insurance in Birmingham.

Car insurance quotes for Birmingham | Save £££ with NimbleFins

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Vehicle Crime Rates in Birmingham, UK

There are 13.1 vehicle crimes a year per 1,000 people in Birmingham. Vehicle crime rates influence car insurance premiums, because cars located in areas of higher crime are more likely to be stolen. Vehicle crime rates are much higher in some neighborhoods, which is part of the reason for differential car insurance quotes by postcode.

The safest areas in Birmingham with the lowest vehicle crime rates are in the north: B75, B44 and B74, covering, Sutton Trinity, Falcon Lodge, Rectory, Perry Barr, Kingstanding, Great Barr, Four Oaks, Mere Green, Little Aston and Streetly. In these neighborhoods, there are fewer than 7.5 vehicle crimes per 1,000 residents.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, B2 and B3 covering parts of Birmingham City Centre and Ladywood have the worst vehicle crime rates of 47 and 78 crimes per 1,000 people, respectively, which are 4X and 6X higher than the Birmingham average.

RankLocal AreaPostcodeVehicle Crime Rate (per 1,000 people)
1Sutton Trinity Falcon Lodge RectoryB756.6
2Perry Barr Kingstanding Great BarrB447.3
3Four Oaks Mere Green Little Aston StreetlyB747.4
4Perry Barr Great Barr HamsteadB428.7
5Sparkhill TyseleyB118.8
6Great Barr HamsteadB438.9
8Kings NortonB389.1
9Woodgate Bartley Green Quinton CaliforniaB329.4
10Rednal RuberyB459.6
11Hall GreenB289.7
12Moseley BillesleyB139.8
13Castle ValeB3510.0
14Kings Heath Yardley Wood Brandwood Druids Heath WarstockB1410.0
15Rowley RegisB6510.3
16Sutton Coldfield town centre Maney Wylde GreenB7210.5
18Boldmere New Oscott Wylde GreenB7310.8
19Selly Oak Bournbrook Selly Park Weoley Castle CaliforniaB2911.6
20Washwood Heath Ward End SaltleyB811.7
21Erdington Short HeathB2311.7
22Birchfield Handsworth Wood Perry BarrB2011.8
23Bournville Cotteridge StirchleyB3011.9
24Small HeathB1012.2
25Acocks GreenB2712.8
28Erdington TyburnB2414.4
29Sheldon YardleyB2614.5
30Shard End Buckland EndB3414.5
32Lozells Newtown BirchfieldB1916.4
34Kitts Green StechfordB3317.6
35Bordesley GreenB918.6
36Edgbaston LadywoodB1619.5
37Balsall Heath Sparkbrook HighgateB1219.7
38Winson Green HockleyB1820.4
39Birmingham City Centre LadywoodB425.8
40Edgbaston Lee BankB1527.8
41Birmingham City Centre LadywoodB136.1
43Digbeth Highgate Lee BankB544.1
44Birmingham City Centre LadywoodB247.3
45Birmingham City Centre LadywoodB377.7

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Birmingham, England

A typical 30-year-old Birmingham resident will likely pay over £1,200 per year on average for cheap comprehensive car insurance, significantly more than the national average. Those living in Bordesley Green and Handsworth post codes are likely to pay the most—in our survey we found average annual quotes of around £1,500 for these areas, which is 25% more than the Birmingham average.

Edgbaston, Kings Heath, Selly Oak and Moseley post code residents pay quite a bit less, receiving average quotes for cheap comprehensive car insurance closer to £1,000 a year. Residents who compare quotes can pay hundreds less.

RankPost CodeAreaPremium
2B14Kings Heath£1,009
3B29Selly Oak£1,037
8B8Washwood Heath£1,260
10B9Bordesley Green£1,533
Birmingham Average Cost of Car Insurance£1,216

The average excess for these quotes was £425, but ranged from £120 to £1,500—beware of policies with a high excess, because you'll need to pay this much of a claim before the insurance kicks in.

chart showing cost of car insurance across Birmingham

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Young Drivers in Birmingham, England

A 19-year-old driver in Birmingham buying car insurance should absolutely compare quotes, because they're likely to pay from £1,200 to £1,500 a year—but prices varying considerably by Birmingham post code. Most of the cheaper policies were black box/telematics plans, such as More Than Smart Wheels, Carrot, Ingenie, MyPolicy, Doddle Cover, and O2. These help you save money by tracking your driving style which encourages safe driving.

Poll: How Much Do People Really Pay for Car Insurance in Birmingham?

Participate in our brand new poll so we can see how much people really spend on car insurance in Birmingham. If you already have car insurance or have received a quote that you're considering, give us your best guess as to how much you pay for comprehensive cover. Once you enter your answer the results will show so you can compare your price to what other people have said they pay.

Cheap Car Insurance in Birmingham by Neighborhood

Car insurance prices vary widely depending on which neighborhood you live. To illustrate the differences by geography, we gathered sample quotes across 10 neighborhoods in Birmingham from over 40 different UK car insurance brands. Here were the cheapest five companies for each Birmingham neighborhood:

AreaInsurance CompanyCheapest Quotes
One Call£1,266£1,272
Bordesley GreenChurchill£1,024
General Accident£1,783
Hastings Essentials£1,931
DigbethHastings Essential£1,084
People's Choice£1,175
Insure Pink£1,180
Sheilas' Wheels£1,340
General Accident£966
Hastings Essentials£1,003
People's Choice£1,087
My Policy£1,286
Sheilas' Wheels£1,309
More Than Motor£1,403
Hastings Essential£1,632
People's Choice£1,763
Insure Pink£1,768
Kings HeathChurchill£722
Hastings Essentials£1,072
Sheilas' Wheels£1,120
People's Choice£1,159
MoseleyChurchill Insurance£840
Hastings Essentials£1,112
People's Choice£1,202
Selly OakChurchill£707
Hastings Essential£1,091
People's Choice£1,179
Insure Pink£1,184
Washwood HeathMyPolicy£1,197
Hastings Essentials£1,216
Churchill Insurance£1,279
People's Choice£1,301
Insure Pink£1,306

Each insurer has a different claims experience in each area of a city, so the prices across neighborhoods can be quite different. Below are average auto insurance costs and the five cheapest companies for the ten Birmingham neighborhoods.

Bearwood, Birmingham

Technically part of Smethwick, Bearwood borders on the Edgbaston neighborhood of Birmingham. Not only are home prices more affordable in Bearwood than in Edgbasaton, but so are car insurance prices. While the average of all quotes we received for Bearwood was £1,556, the 5 cheapest plans we found cost £1,130 on average. Bearwood residents will pay on average 7% less than those across Birmingham.

There are some good deals to be found with a few plans coming in under £1,200. The data showed that cheap car insurance companies for Bearwood include Churchill, MyPolicy, BeWiser, One Call and If you're really looking to save money on car insurance you might want to consider plans with a black box in your car to track your driving style, which could save you another £40 a year or so.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Bearwood, Birmingham

Bordesley Green, Birmingham

Centrally-located Bordesley Green residents can get a big benefit from shopping around—the 5 cheapest car insurance plans in our study ranged from £1,024 to over £1,931, which is quite a wide range. The average of the 5 cheapest quotes was £1,533, which was the highest Birmingham neighborhood in our study (26% more expensive than other Birmingham neighborhoods). The more affordable options came from Churchill, My Policy,, General Accident and Hastings Essential.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Bordesley Green, Birmingham

Digbeth, Birmingham

The many residents of inner-city Digbeth pay around £1,224 for comprehensive car insurance. Top car insurance companies for Digbeth in terms of price included Hastings Essential, People's Choice, Insure Pink, Sheilas' Wheels and esure. As you can see in the chart below, comparison shopping for the best price can save you hundreds of pounds, especially in Digbeth.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Digbeth, Birmingham

Edgbaston, Birmingham

Those living in Birmingham suburb Edgbaston can expect to get cheap car insurance quotes averaging £959, with many quotes available around this price. Edgbaston was the cheapest Birmingham neighborhood for car insurance in our study. Drivers can consider Churchill,, General Accident, Hastings and People's Choice—the car insurance companies with the lowest prices in our study for the area.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Edgbaston, Birmingham

Erdington, Birmingham

It costs on average £1,217 for a comprehensive car insurance plan in Erdington, north Birmingham, which is spot on the Birmingham average. Those looking for cheaper car insurance might want to consider Churchill, My Policy, Sheilas' Wheels, esure and More Than as these were the cheapest brands in our study at the time, with Churchill really offering a good deal at the time of the last update.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Erdington, Birmingham

Handsworth, Birmingham

The cheapest car insurance is around £1,532 on average if you live just outside the Birmingham City Centre in Handsworth, although cheaper deals can be found for around £970 if you comparison shop. The cheapest plans for Handsworth at the time of our study turned out to be Churchill, Hastings Essential, People's Choice, Insure Pink and LV=.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Handsworth, Birmingham

Kings Heath, Birmingham

Kings Heath residents are not only lucky because they live near green Highbury Park and the much-loved Hare and Hounds pub—they also pay among the least for car insurance of the Birmingham neighborhoods in our study, with average cheap quotes coming in at just £1,009 a year and the cheapest quotes costing just over £700.

Those living in Kings Heath pay 14% less than the Birmingham average. The best quotes we secured in our study were from Churchill, Hastings Essential, Sheilas' Wheels, esure and People's Choice.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Kings Heath, Birmingham

Mosely, Birmingham

Mosely's village community, pubs and parks contributed to it being named the best place in the UK for city living in 2015 by the Sunday Times. Not only is Mosely a great place to live but Mosely residents can secure cheaper car insurance plan for around £1,064—12% less than other Birmingham neighborhoods.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Mosely, Birmingham

Selly Oak, Birmingham

A stone's throw from the University of Birmingham, Selly Oak residents pay around 15% less than average compared to the rest of Birmingham. While the average Selly Oak comprehensive car insurance quotes runs close to £1,037 a year, those looking to pay a low price can find deals closer to £700, depending on your driver profile. Selly Oak was the third cheapest neighborhood in our Birmingham study.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Selly Oak, Birmingham

Washwood Heath, Birmingham

Those living in densely-populated Washwood Heath pay around 4% more than the Birmingham average. The cheapest deals from MyPolicy, Hastings Essentials, Churchill, People's Choice and Insure Pink cost around £1,260 on average per year for a 30-year-old driver of a 2015 Ford Fiesta.

chart showing cheapest car insurance in Washwood Heath, Birmingham

Birmingham Car Insurance is Expensive

Car insurance rates are more expensive in Birmingham than in most other major cities in England. We've compared postcodes across England by averaging the 3 cheapest quotes available for a 50-year-old driver from our car insurance partner QuoteZone and found that Birmingham drivers pay 39% more than average. The same holds true for young drivers in Birmingham.

CityPost CodeCheap Quotes
Which city has the most expensive car insurance in the UK?
How car insurance in Birmingham compares

Why is car insurance in Birmingham so expensive? Because of high claims rates. Unfortunately, the most popular car make in the UK is also the most likely to be stolen in Birmingham—which means that many motorists are affected by car theft and insurance rates are high.


To save money on car insurance in Birmingham, you can either move to a different neighborhood or try one of these 10 top tips for lowering the cost of car insurancesome are bound to work for you!

Car insurance is so expensive in Birmingham due to higher rates of claims than in other areas of the UK, for instance high rates of theft. Learn more about other reasons why car insurance is so expensive.

To find a cheap car insurance policy, be sure to compare prices!


In order to determine what a Birmingham driver will typically pay for comprehensive car insurance and to pick out the cheapest car insurance companies, we gathered quotes for a sample driver from 40 UK car insurance brands across 10 Birmingham postcodes. To find a sample price for each Birmingham neighborhood in our study, we took the 5 cheapest quotes available at the time. It's critical to shop around for car insurance, as we noticed some brands charge 2X or 3X as much as others—comparing prices to find the best deal can save you over £1,500 a year.

Our sample driver was a 30-year-old male driver with a Full UK Licence and 5 years of No Claims Discount who drives a five-year-old 2015 Ford Fiesta (the UK's most popular car). Insurance is quoted with a start date 3 weeks later (buying car insurance early can save you money!). Our sample driver parks on a private driveway and drives under 7,000 miles per year. Note: these quotes are for a theoretical driver—you may get better or worse quotes when you enter your details. Please note that many insurance companies wouldn't return a quote for a "theoretical" driver so you may very well find other companies offer cheaper quotes! We tested prices for the following ten Birmingham neighborhoods:

  • Moseley
  • Edgbaston
  • Kings Heath
  • Selly Oak
  • Bearwood
  • Erdington
  • Digbeth
  • Bordesley Green
  • Washwood Heath
  • Handsworth

Altogether we collected over 500 quotes from the following 40 car insurance brands. Not all companies returned quotes for each neighborhood.


You may notice that some household insurance names are not included in the list of brands we surveyed, such as Admiral or Direct Line. Unfortunately, not all quote systems allow you to get a sample quote for a hypothetical car and driver. For companies that require information such as the car registration number and driver's licence number, we were unable to get quotes. This means that you may find an even cheaper quote for cover than we found in our survey!

Also, we excluded results from one company that consistently quoted cheap prices but imposed an excessively high excess: the excess for Doddle Cover quotes in our survey was a whopping £1,500, 3X the excess on most other policies. The excess is critical because you need to contribute this amount towards any claims—which not only means you'd need to have this amount of money at your disposal should you need it, but in the event of a claim you'll get less cover from the insurance company.

To get started shopping for car insurance in Birmingham, click the button below to get quick quotes from up to 99 car insurance companies in your area.

Note regarding savings figures: *For information on the latest saving figures, pay-less-than figures, and pay-from figures used for promotional purposes, please click here.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

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