Sheilas' Wheels Car Insurance Review: Pros and Cons Revealed

Sheilas' Wheels Car Insurance Review: Pros and Cons Revealed

An esure brand, Sheilas' Wheels has decent customer reviews and features; but take note of the cancellation fees so you're well informed.

Good for

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Motoring legal advice line
  • Customer service open 7 days a week
  • NCD up to 20 years available

Bad for

  • No courtesy car option for theft or write off
  • Cancellation fees higher
  • Customer service calls costs up to 12p per minute (including claims and renewals)
  • Keys covered, but only for theft

Editor's Rating


The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

Is Sheilas’ Wheels, an esure brand, any good? And what is missing on Sheilas’ Wheels policies? Let’s take a look at what Sheilas’ Wheels has to offer.

In This Review

Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance Overall Review

There are many good features included in a Sheilas’ Wheels comprehensive car insurance policy, including windscreen repair or replacement, car recovery after an accident, motoring legal helpline and a courtesy car if your car is being repaired by their team after an insured accident. Plus those with a long history of no claims can keep up to 20 years of NCD with Sheilas' Wheels (longer than many other brands).

However, there are a few missing features. For example, keys are only covered for theft and if you can prove that the person with the keys knows your car or its location—not for loss or accidental damage unless you buy the Key Car add on. And there's no courtesy car if your car is stolen or written off. Breakdown cover is also an optional extra (from £38.14 via Moneysupermarket) and is provided by the RAC.

Child car seats are covered after an accident with Sheilas’ Wheels, which is great because car seats can be damaged even if they show no visible signs (which is part of the reason that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recommends not buying a second-hand car seat). Given the high cost of car seats, many parents look for this feature in a car insurance policy. Sheilas' Wheels will contribute £100 towards each child car seat or booster seat after a claimed accident. Is that enough for you?

Those heading off on a road trip can enjoy up to 90 days cover when driving in the EU (longer than you might find elsewhere)—but you'll need to pay an extra premium and arrange this before you leave home.

5 Things to Know About Sheilas’ Wheels

  1. Higher cancellation fees (con)
  2. Calls to customer service, claims, renewals, etc. are chargeable 0345 numbers, costing up to 12p per minute (con)
  3. Sheilas’ Wheels is part of esure, one of the top 10 biggest UK car insurance companies
  4. You can accumulate up to 20 years of No Claims Discount (pro)

Here is a high-level summary of Sheilas’ Wheels comprehensive cover features according to this specimen policy—remember, these features are always subject to conditions and exclusions and you should check your policy document and features before you buy in case they differ from this sample document.

How Good is Sheilas' Wheels Car Insurance?A Good Policy IncludesDoes Sheilas' Wheels Deliver?Sheilas' Wheels Comprehensive Coverage
"Must Have" Features
WindscreenFull repair or replacement
thumbs up
Included (use their repairer, Autoglass)
question mark
Included but amounts not specified
question mark
Up to £500 for theft, provided you can convince Sheilas' Wheels that the identity or location of your car is known to whomever has the keys, transmitter or entry card. Add on available to cover higher limit, loss and accidental damage.
Protected NCD2 times in 3 years (standard or optional extra)
thumbs up
If you buy the add on (min 4 years of NCD required, unlimited claims allowed for life of policy)
Car recovery after accidentIncluded
thumbs up
Courtesy car (repairs)Minimum 14 days
thumbs up
Repairs guaranteed (if use approved repairer)12-month guarantee
thumbs up
5 years (for labour not parts)
"Should Have" Features
New car replacementTheft or damage at least 60% of list price; cars up to 12 months old; first owner
thumbs up
If damage repair will cost more than 55% of the list price
Stereo and satellite navMarket value for manufacturer fitted
thumbs up
Unlimited for original spec, manufacturer-fitted equipment
Alternative transport & Hotel after accident£250+
question mark
Up to £250 for driver, £500 for everyone in car for hotel if necessary; no mention of onward travel cover
24-hour emergency helplineStandard
thumbs up
Courtesy car (total loss or theft)Standard or add-on extra
red x
Not available
Motor legal expensesStandard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
If you buy the add on
Breakdown coverStandard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
If you buy the add on
"Could Have" Features
Same cover in EUStandard or add-on extra
thumbs up add on
Up to 90 days, if you pay an extra premium ahead of time
Child car seat replacement after accident, theft, fireIdeally replaced even if no visible damage
question mark
Up to £100 towards the cost of replacing each child car seat/booster seat
Larger/premium courtesy carStandard or add-on extra
red x
Not available
Uninsured driver NCD protectionStandard
thumbs up
Cancellation feeNo more than £50
red x
£26 within the 14-day cooling off period; £60 afterwards during first period of insurance

Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance Customer Service Reviews and Ratings

Most customers would recommend Sheilas’ Wheels, but difficulties reaching customer service can be an issue for some people. We've scoured reviews left by customers online; here's what we found.

Sheilas’ Wheels Trustpilot

Sheilas’ Wheels has earned a respectable 4.3 star rating from just over 13,000 customers at Trustpilot, and 73% of customers rate their experience as excellent. Here are a few of the "Excellent" reviews so you can see what customers like about Sheilas' Wheels:

"Very good value for money, easy to use website to take out policy and then sign up to view documents."

"I found the experience quick, very helpful and not overwhelming as some insurance companies can be. Thank you very much."

"Simple and by far the most reasonable."

"Came up tops with their quote, and I didn't even have to find my proof of NCD as an email from Sheila's Wheels popped up in my mailbox advising the same as they can access a national database. A happy customer."

"Best price—online easy to use."

In contrast, 11% rated their experience with Sheilas' Wheels as "bad". We read through the negative reviews to find the most common complaints. A number of customers complained of costly calls to cancel or renew (up to 12p per minute), involving long waits in the queue and no indication of where you are in the queue. Other customers are unhappy with the Sheilas' Wheels' cancellation and administration fees. Here are a few customer comments to give you a flavour of common complaints:

"Cannot opt not to renew on the online site—have to pay for a premium rate call to do so."

"Got charged £50 to cancel a car insurance policy. Been a customer for many years. Very disappointed."

"Disappointing lack of customer service. Quote sent to me in advance £140 more than the previous year with SW. Rang up to confirm it, no one answering the phone, no customer service. When I went online the quote had gone up again. Paid monthly this time but reluctant to use them again."

Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance Quote Comparison

We did a quick price comparison to understand how competitive Sheilas’ Wheels is, based on a sample driver who is a 30-year-old male driving a used 2017 Ford Fiesta.

Prices can vary significantly for different driver and car profiles so please don't assume you will get similar quotes, but this information can be useful to see how brands compare in at least one case. We found that Sheilas’ Wheels prices were somewhere mid market when compared to competing offers from some of the largest auto insurance companies. While Sheilas’ Wheels was quite competitive, they did not seem to be the cheapest, at least for our sample driver, which you may want to keep in mind if price is your biggest priority. That said, you may find Sheilas' Wheels to be cheaper for your profile—be sure to check prices yourself.

Sheilas' Wheels Cost ComparisonPrice estimate for sample 30-year-old Ford Fiesta driver
Sheilas' Wheels£776
More Than£781
chart showing a cost comparison of Bell, Hastings, Sheilas’ Wheels, Hastings Smart Miles, Admiral Little Box, Churchill and LV=

Please keep in mind that these are estimates for a sample profile, and you may receive quotes that are significantly more or less than these.

Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance Deals

Sheilas’ Wheels can offer deals if you're a good driver with a safe driving history and/or have a history of no claims (up to 20 years!). Additionally, you can save money with Sheilas' Wheels by paying annually instead of in monthly instalments and being selective about the optional extras you choose to add to your policy.

Sheilas’ Wheels Cancellation Fees

Sheilas’ Wheels cancellation fees are just slightly higher than average cancellation fees, costing £26 if you cancel your policy during the 14-day cooling off period, and £60 afterwards during the first period of cover. In subsequent periods you'd pay £35 to cancel your Sheilas' Wheels car insurance after the cooling off period. Other admin changes (e.g., changing your address) will cost £26. These fees are all in addition to any additional premium required (e.g., if you add another driver) or premium for coverage to date in the event of cancellation.

Sheilas' Wheels Admin and Cancellation Fees
Cancel policy during the 14 day cooling off period£26
Cancel policy in the first period of cover (after 14-day cooling off period)£60
Cancel policy in subsequent periods of cover (after 14-day cooling off period)£35
Other admin changes (e.g., changing payment details, adding a driver or changing address)£26

Important Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance Numbers

Sheilas’ Wheels Customer service can be reached at 0345 045 2000 Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-2pm. In addition, there's a 24/7 chat bot available online, although we generally find these are quite limited in how much they can help.

Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance Contact Numbers
Customer service and sales0345 045 2000
Multicar sales0800 917 4651
Claims0345 604 3570
Renewals0345 604 3553
24-hour helplines
Accident recovery0345 604 3570
Windscreen repair helpline0800 085 8459
Motoring legal advice helpline0345 850 9596
Breakdown assistance0800 085 6840

Sheilas’ Wheels Policy Documents

We've tried to highlight some notable features of comprehensive Sheilas’ Wheels policies in this review. To learn more about the full terms, exclusions and conditions please refer to the Sheilas’ Wheels policy wording.


  • Q: Does Sheilas’ Wheels give a discount for a second car?
  • A: Sheilas’ Wheels offers multicar policies for drivers aged 25 and over.
  • Q: Is Sheilas’ Wheels part of esure?
  • A: Yes, Sheilas’ Wheels is part of the esure brand, and is underwritten by esure—as they are owned by esure, in essence they are the same company. (Sheilas’ Wheels is not part of Admiral, as some people think.)
  • Q: Who underwrites Sheilas’ Wheels?
  • Sheilas’ Wheels home and car insurance is underwritten by esure Insurance Limited, registered in England and Wales number 3885534.
  • Q: Can a man insure with Sheilas’ Wheels?
  • A: Yes, a man can buy car insurance from Sheilas’ Wheels. In fact, many men are insured by Sheilas' Wheels already. Sheilas' Wheels are not just for women!
  • Q: Can I drive another car on my Sheilas’ Wheels insurance?
  • Driving other cars is covered by Sheilas' Wheels depending on if you have that extension, and is subject to lots of restrictions (e.g., you need the owner's permission). If your certificate of motor insurance does cover driving other cars then this cover is 3rd party liability cover only.
  • Q: Is Sheilas’ Wheels a good insurance company?
  • Sheilas’ Wheels offers a good set of features, as discussed in our review; in addition the customer reviews are relatively strong but there are some common complaints.
  • Q: Do you get charged for changing your address on Sheilas’ Wheels?
  • A: Yes. You will be be charged a £26 admin fee for changing your address with Sheilas’ Wheels—plus, the new address might result in a change to your premium (e.g., if you move to an area more prone to claims).
  • Q: Do Sheilas’ Wheels cover panoramic roofs?
  • A: No. Sheilas’ Wheels does not cover the repair or replacement of damaged glass in sunroofs or fixed or moveable glass roof panels.
  • Q: Does replacement windscreen or windscreen repair count as a claim on Sheilas’ Wheels?
  • A: No. Claims made under the Windscren Damage section of the policy will NOT affect your No Claim Discount.
  • Q: Does Sheilas’ Wheels include key cover?
  • Sheilas’ Wheels includes up to £500 for theft, subject to conditions; if you want higher coverage or cover for accidental damage and loss then you'll need to buy the Key Car extra cover.
  • Q: Does key cover affect no claims on Sheilas’ Wheels?
  • A: If you have purchased the extra "Key Cover" then claims made under this optional extra will not affect your No Claim Discount; however, if you have not purchased this extra then key theft claims made on your comprehensive policy will affect your No Claim Discount.
  • Q: Does Sheilas’ Wheels include breakdown?
  • A: Sheilas’ Wheels doesn't include breakdown as standard but it can be purchased from around £38 (price at Moneysupermarket).
  • Q: Does Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance automatically renew?
  • A: In most cases Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance will automatically renew, if you pay by direct debit or debit/credit card.
  • Q: When will I get my renewal price from Sheilas’ Wheels?
  • A: Your renewal invitation is available 21 days before you renew and can be accessed through your online account.
  • Q: What's the maximum No Claims Bonus at Sheilas’ Wheels?
  • A: Sheilas’ Wheels gives a maximum of 20 years of No Claims Discount!
  • Q: How do you buy Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance?
  • A: Consumers can buy Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance from their website or from comparison sites such as Moneysupermarket.

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The guidance on this site is based on our own analysis and is meant to help you identify options and narrow down your choices. We do not advise or tell you which product to buy; undertake your own due diligence before entering into any agreement. Read our full disclosure here.

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