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10 essentials you'll need for a caravan holiday

Thinking of taking a caravan holiday? If so, here are 10 essentials you'll need to make your trip a success.

The UK is home to some spectacular caravan parks, located in every corner of the country. From beach holidays in Cornwall, to hiking around Lake Windemere, and even relaxing in the Kent countryside‚ÄĒthere truly is something for everyone if you decide to take your next holiday in a caravan in the UK.

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To make sure your caravan holiday is a success however, you'll need to remember to pack a few essentials. Unlike staying in a hotel, not everything is provided for your visit. In no particular order, here are 10 essentials you'll need to take with you if you're planning a caravan holiday, whether you're renting a touring caravan or renting a static caravan, or have your own.

Caravan holiday essentials
  • easy-to-cook food
  • tinned food
  • snacks
  • spices
  • salt and pepper
Kitchen accessories
  • chopping board
  • tea towels
  • dish soap
  • sponge
  • cutlery
  • plates
  • mugs
  • kitchen roll
  • bin bags
  • bag clips
  • dustpan and brush
Outdoor seating
  • folding table
  • folding camp chairs with drink holders
Fun and games
  • badminton
  • frisbee
  • swingball
  • classic board games
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • body wash
  • toothpaste
  • shower gel
  • skincare
  • deodorant
  • handwash for the bathroom
Bathroom accessories
  • toilet roll
  • bathmat
  • towels
  • bleach
  • cleaning materials
  • hairdryer
Portable fan/heater
  • portable fan in summer
  • portable heater in winter
Versatile clothing
  • swinwear
  • hiking shoes
  • waterproof footwear
  • rain gear
  • warm clothes for cool evenings
  • phone charger
  • battery charger/ power bank
  • spare batteries
  • extension cable
First aid kit
  • plasters
  • bandages
  • antiseptic solution
  • sun lotion
  • insect repellent

1. Food

Whilst some caravan parks do have restaurants or even half-board options, your family is still going to need food to live on during your stay. Also, not all caravan parks have convenience stores, and if they do, it can be quite costly. Therefore, it's a good idea to plan a big shop at a nearby supermarket before you arrive, to make sure there's plenty to eat.

Don't forget to add condiments such as ketchup to adorn those morning bacon buns, as well as spices and salt and pepper to make your dishes super delicious. Try to aim for foods which are easy to cook, and tinned foods are especially great as they last longer than fresher foods (and refrigerators in caravans are tiny!).

2. Kitchen accessories

Now you've got your food for the week, you'll also need something to prepare and cook it with! Some caravans do provide pots and pans, but this is not guaranteed. You may also find the pans are not non-stick (or if they are non-stick, they're quite damaged), so it really is a good idea to bring your own to be sure the cooking experience will be up to scratch.

Other essentials include a chopping board, as well as tea towels, cutlery, plates and mugs. You will also need washing up facilities to clean everything up after you're done. Don't forget other kitchen essentials such as bin liners and kitchen roll, as well as a dustpan and brush.

3. Outdoor seating

Caravans have plenty of grass around them, making it an ideal spot to pitch up a chair and even start a BBQ. It's a good idea to bring portable outdoor seating, such as a camping chair with drinks holder. Chairs for caravans needs to be something which is comfortable to sit in, but also easily foldable to save space in the car.

Given the great British weather, it's advisable to forgo padded seating or anything which is not waterproof. You may also choose to bring a fold-up picnic table and chairs if space allows, as this can really enhance the outdoor eating experience.

4. Fun and games

There's no better fun to be had on a caravan holiday than some good old fashioned games. Popular choices include things such as badminton, frisbee, swingball or even some classic board games. Taking outdoor games on your caravan holiday not only keeps the kids entertained, but it can also be a great way for your children to mix with other kids staying nearby. Plus, most outdoor games double up as great fun to be had on the beach too!

5. Toiletries

While staying in a caravan, you will need to remember to pack all your personal toiletries. This may include things such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothpaste, shower gel, skincare and deodorant. Don't forget handwash for the bathroom too! Bringing these items from home will save a lot of money versus buying them at the local caravan park shop.

6. Bathroom accessories

Whilst caravan bathrooms have come a long way in recent years, you will still need to accessorise them with some key essentials. You will need to bring toilet roll, as well as a bathmat and towels. To keep your bathroom clean, you should also bring bleach and cleaning materials.

Remember that caravans are not equipped with hairdryers, brushes or straighteners also, so you may want to add these onto your list if you will be needing them for your stay.

7. Portable fan/heater

Caravans are not insulated to the same level as houses, therefore if you are taking a caravan holiday in the wintertime, then it's a good idea to bring a portable heater, especially if one is not already provided. In the summertime, caravans can get pretty humid, so it's also a good idea to bring a fan with you to help you stay cool and be able to sleep at night.

8. Versatile clothing

On a caravan holiday, you can never truly predict what clothing, footwear or accessories you are going to need, so it's a good idea to be prepared. As well as swimwear for the warmer months, you should make sure you have warmer clothes to put on at night, or if the weather suddenly turns wetter.

It's ideal to pack sensible footwear, especially for long walks or hikes. You may also want to bring at least one pair of shoes which is waterproof, which will come in handy should there be any great British deluges.

9. Electronics

Although caravan holidays are all about the great outdoors, you will still need your fair share of electronics. You will need a phone charger, and you might also want to invest in an adapter which allows you to carry an additional fully charged battery, meaning your phone battery will never run down. This is ideal for hiking holidays in particular.

Don't forget spare batteries for the TV remote, and any other devices you may have. Some caravan users also find extension cables particularly handy. You may also want to find out if there's TV or Internet access in any rental caravan you consider hiring.

10. First aid kit

There's lots of fun terrain to explore at a caravan park, and sometimes this can lead to bumps and scrapes along the way. You should make sure you pack a first aid kit in case of any mishaps, including things such as plasters, bandages and antiseptic solution.

To avoid any nasty sunburn, you should also pack SPF and apply it regularly throughout the day, especially on babies and children. You may also want to add an insect repellent into your first aid kit, as bites from mosquitos can be quite bothersome.


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