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5 reasons why you should rent a static caravan for half term

With half term coming up, you might be thinking of having a quick getaway with the kids. Here are 5 reasons why renting a caravan makes the perfect half term holiday.

If you're looking to have a holiday this half term, why not try a caravan holiday here in the UK? There's plenty of choice no matter where you live and you are guaranteed the kids will be thoroughly entertained too—see our Top 10 Caravan Locations in the UK for inspiration.

It can create a fantastic holiday full of memories without breaking the bank. If you love the idea of a caravan holiday but aren't sure about towing a caravan yourself or dealing with caravan-ownership costs such as insurance, here are 5 reasons why you should rent a static caravan for half term:

1. Caravans are made for family life

With many caravan parks having entertainment complexes, outdoor play areas and swimming pools all on site, they truly have something for every member of the family. Compared with booking a hotel in a random location, most caravan holidays guarantee you plenty of entertainment and facilities right on your doorstep.

There's also a great comradery feeling amongst caravan goers, and it can be a great experience for children to mix with other kids who are staying nearby. Additionally, if you want to bring elderly relatives along too, this is also a lot less stressful than flying. From young to old, all members of the family can enjoy a caravan holiday.

2. It's cheaper than travelling abroad

Sure you can find cheap package holidays abroad, but factor in things such as airport transits and parking, buying currency or new holiday clothes, eating out, etc. and the costs can soon add up.

However stick to a caravan holiday in the UK, and you can drive to a nearby location and even bring your own food, dramatically reducing costs. Plus, with the great British weather you've likely got plenty of warm clothes and an umbrella anyway!

Pontins are offering October half term breaks at just £169 for the whole family, making it a much cheaper option than having to buy flights and accommodation abroad. In the table below you can see a selection of prices for some popular UK caravan holiday companies:

How much is a half-term caravan rental?LocationNightsCost
Parkdean ResortsTorquay4£127
HoseasonsTodber Valley7£279
HavenThorpe Park7£483
Note: Prices are for half term October 2019

Renting a privately-owned caravan is another option. Sites like https://www.camplify.co.uk/ or Airbnb can be a great place to start looking. For these, the cost of caravan rental is around £400 a week but varies based on factors like size and location.

3. You don't have to go far to find a caravan site

With over 3,100 caravan and campsites throughout the UK, there's plenty of choice whether you want something close to home, or a caravan in a different part of the country you haven't visited before.

This is a huge advantage as aside from the choice of location such as by the beach or the countryside, you don't have to factor in hours sat on a plane to get there. This is ideal given October half term is shorter than the summer break, meaning more time spent enjoying your holiday!

4. Caravans are much more practical than tents

We all have this idyllic image of camping out under the stars but in reality, it's not suited to everyone. This is especially the case with kids and grandparents in tow! Caravans however provide all the comforts of a mattress, giving you and the kids a great night sleep.

There's also a kitchen to cook food, and a bathroom for everyone to use all under one roof. Unlike in a tent, you don't require any portable cooking equipment, and plates and cutlery are normally included. Therefore it's almost like being at home, except you are in a great location with stunning views and entertainment for all the family.

5. You can bring your dog

If you have a dog then you'll know they are as just a part of the family as the humans. Leaving them behind to go on holiday can be upsetting, plus costly.

But, take a holiday in a caravan and you can bring your pooch along! Many caravan parks including those by Haven offer dog friendly accommodation. If you book a stunning coastal location, your dog can also enjoy beach walks whilst the kids make sandcastles.


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