Average Cost of Motorhomes 2021

The average cost of a new motorhome is between £47,000 and £80,000 for some of the UK's most popular motorhome makes and models, but you can save money buying a gently used model. See how prices vary across makes and compare new to used prices to see what's in your budget.

Average Cost of a New Motorhome

The price tag of a new motorhome will depend on factors like the brand, quality of finish, features and number of berths. The cheapest popular new motorhomes would be from Rollerteam, where you can get a 6-berth Zafiro 690 starting from £46,995. Next most expensive would be Swift, where a 4-berth Coastline Design Edition 694 will set you back from £48,995.

Those stepping up to a Dethleffs T7057 or Bessacar 574 will need close to £60,000; while at the top end a Hymer Ambition starts from £74,395—58% more than you'd pay for the Rollerteam.

How Much are New Motorhomes?
Top 5 Most Popular UK Motorhome MakesPopular ModelsBerthsNew price estimate
1. RollerteamZafiro 6906£46,995
2. Bessacar5742£59,995
Kon Tiki4£79,995
3. HymerAmbition5£74,395
4. DethleffsT70573£55,990
5. SwiftCoastline Design Edition 6944£48,995
Average Cost Estimate£63,874

Average Cost of a Used Motorhome

Just like the used car market, the used RV market can offer some great deals for a gently-used model. We looked at the used market and found that a 2-year-old model could save you around 23% or £14,500 compared to buying new. The used models in our study had driven 12,400 miles on average.

How Much are Gently Used, 2-Year-Old Motorhomes?
Top 5 Most Popular UK Motorhome MakesPopular ModelsBerthsUsed price estimate
1. RollerteamZafiro 6855£40,995
2. BessacarE 4544£45,995
3. Hymer3742£52,995
4. DethleffsAdvantage4£64,995
5. SwiftEscape 6844£41,995
Average Cost Estimate£49,395

Most Popular Motorhomes in the UK

To decide which brands to consider for this study, we asked our motorhome insurance partner QuoteZone, to tell us their top 5 most-insured motorhome brands. Since these motorhomes are insured more than any other brands, it stands to reason that they are both numerous and beloved by their owners—and therefore the most popular motorhomes! Here is the top 5—these are the makes we analysed for this study:

  • 1. Rollerteam
  • 2. Bessacar
  • 3. Hymer
  • 4. Dethleffs
  • 5. Swift

Regardless of whether you buy used or new, you'll need to buy motorhome insurance. To get a rough idea of what you'll need to pay, see our research on motorhome insurance costs for popular UK models.