Public Liability Claim Statistics UK

How Many Public Liability Claims are Made Each Year?

In the year ending 31 March 2020, there were 72,587 public liability claims registered with the Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU). This is the lowest figure in the past 10 years and represents a drop of 15% over the previous year, and a drop of 27.5% from 2015. In the past 10 years, the 2011/12 year saw the highest number of submitted public liability claims: 104,863.

Claims can take time to settle, as you can see in the following table—there is some variability between the figures for claims registered and claims settled, which implies they're not all settled in the year the claim was made. This is not a surprise given the time it can take for lawyers and insurance companies to decide upon a settlement!

Number of Public Liability Claims UK

Chart showing the number of public liability claims in the UK

What is Public Liability?

Public liability is insurance that protects a business against claims of accidental injury at your place of business or when you're working off-site. Public liability claims are brought by third parties like customers, clients, landlords, vendors, passersby and other members of the public.

(Public liability insurance does not cover injury claims made by employees; these fall under employers' liability insurance).

What is the CRU?

The CRU is a part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), and its mission is to recover social security benefits in compensation cases and NHS costs in injury cases, where appropriate. The CRU collects data on public liability claims, employers' liability claims, motor liability claims and more. Specifically, the CRU aims to recover two types of costs:

  • The Compensation Recovery Scheme. Social security benefits paid as a result of an accident, injury or disease where compensation has been paid
  • Recovery of NHS Charges Costs incurred by NHS hospitals and Ambulance Trusts for treatment from injuries from personal injury claims and road traffic accidents

Are All Public Liability Claims Registered?

Any person or business who receives a claim for compensation must register the claim within 14 days. Registering the claim does not mean that the compensator accepts liability for the accident, injury or disease.

Getting Public Liability Insurance

If you don't have public liability insurance for your business yet, and you worry about being one of the nearly 100,000 compensators in public liability claims, then take out a public liabilty policy ASAP. Click below to get started.

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