Solar Panel Installers South East England

Looking for solar panel installation for your home in the South East of England?

You can use one of the larger companies (read more about these national companies in our article about solar panel installers), or you can opt for a local company to install your solar panels. There are many local solar panel installers in the South East, and we list a few of them below. To make the list, companies had to meet minimum customer rating scores of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot from at least 40 customers.

We've provided additional information on each company, included the areas covered, some solar panel manufacturers they work with and also the year of incorporation.

Solar Panel Installers South East EnglandCityBrands IncludeTrustScoreYear Incorporated
Diamond Green Energy LtdBased in Fareham; covers Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth, Brighton on the south coast and north as far as Basingstoke and FarnboroughSolarEdge, Tesla, GivEnergy, or whichever equipment you want4.92011
Sunbright Energy LtdWrotham; installs in Kent, Surrey and Sussexvarious4.92014
Fusion8Based in Milton Keynes; installs nationwideJinko, Q-Cells, Trina Solar panels; GivEnergy and Solis inverters; GivEnergy batteries4.82020
Empower EnergyBased in Ringwood, Hampshire; installs nationallyCanadianSolar, SolarEdge4.82010
HomeSmart Installations LtdBased in Southampton; installs across Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Bournemouth and other locations across the Southvarious4.82018
World of Solar LtdChichesterGrowatt batteries4.82018
Infinity Energy ServicesBased in Southampton; installs across the SouthSunPower, Tesla, GivEnergy4.82011
Spirit EnergyBased in Reading; installs within a 50 mile radius of ReadingSunPower, Trina, Enphase, JA Solar, Longi, Growatt, SolarEdge, Eurener, REC, Tesla, Solis4.82010
Pure SolarBased in Southamptonvarious4.82023
Infinity RenewablesBased in CrawleySuntech, Panasonic, Sunpower, PV Slate, SolaX, SolarEdge, Growatt, Enphase4.72018
EE RenewablesBased in Fareham; installs across the South of EnglandJA Solar, Plyontech, Solis, GivEnergy, Tesla4.72015

Note, of the above, Empower Energy is also a nationwide installer. Evergen is another national installer, but their customer ratings weren't high enough to be included in the list above (Trustscore of 4.2). If you're wondering about the differences between using a local vs a national installer, you can read more about the pros and cons below.

The companies listed above are based in the South East and are MCS certified. This list can be a starting point for your research, but of course there may be other South East solar panel installers more suited to your needs. The above list is meant to show local companies based in the South East—but there are many other companies that are based elsewhere yet install across the South East. You may also want to read our related article about the best national solar panel installers, such as Effective Home and Glow Green, which will certainly install across the area.

Check Google maps for other solar installers in your area, and you can even contact neighbors with solar panels to ask about their installers. First-hand, personal recommendations can be a great source of information!

Should I use a local South East solar panel installer or a large, national installer?

When deciding whether to go for a smaller, local installer or a larger, national company to install your solar panels, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Pros and cons of using a national company

A national company might be better at the following:

  • Quick quote turnaround
  • Offering discounts due to volume discounts
  • Deep product knowledge (e.g. if they only work with a limited set of products)

A national company might be worse due to the following:

  • Installation teams might be outsourced/contracted out
  • Limited solar panel manufacturers only (e.g. some install only 1 or two types of panels)
  • Quote and technical survey might be online or phone only (not on site)

In addition, the national companies tend to have been in operation longer, whereas some of the local companies are quite young. This may not be an issue, but all else equal it's good to use an installer that is more likely to be around in the future...

Note: 'online' or 'phone'-only quotes and technical surveys can be good for efficiency—you can get a quote in literally minutes. But an onsite quote and technical survey can save you time in the long run and help ensure that the system you get is truly optimised for your situation. For example, in some cases it can be difficult for online or over-the-phone quotes to accurately estimate the number of panels that can actually fit on a roof—this may or may not be a factor for you. If your roof is small compared to your needs, then you need to maximise the panels on the roof.

Want to learn more? Read our related article about the best national solar panel installers.

Pros and cons of using a local company

A local company might be better at the following:

  • Installation teams might be more likely to be in-house (as opposed to contracted out)
  • Knowing the 'sunniness' of your area
  • Hand holding their customers
  • Having your company nearby in case of problems
  • On site quotes and surveys (vs remote)
  • Sourcing specific equipment you desire (they may be less likely to have a fixed product line and work only with specific manufacturers)

A local company might be worse due to the following:

  • Quote turnaround might be slower
  • If they do less volume, they may not be able to pass on bulk discounts to customers