Solar Panel Installers South West England

Looking for solar panel installation for your South West, England home?

Below, NimbleFins lists some of the best local solar panel installers; companies that are based in the South West and that have achieved excellent customer ratings (Trustpilot scores of at least 4.6 out of 5). We've also included information regarding the areas they cover, some brands they work with and when they were incorporated.

Of course you can also use a larger company (e.g. one of the national solar panel installers) but if you want a local company, we hope the list below is a useful resource.

Solar Panel Installers South West EnglandAreaBrands IncludeTrustScoreYear Incorporated
Sustain Heating & Renewables LtdBased in North Somerset, covering the South of England and Wales4.82019
Ecobubl LimitedWarminsterDaikin, GivEnergy, Tesla,4.82020
Greentech RenewablesBury4.72020
Total Renewable SolutionsBased in Devon; installs across much of the South West including Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorsetmany different manufacturers4.72012
RedbridgeandsonsGloucesterTrina Solar, Solis, GivEnergy4.62015
Glow GreenBased in Bournemouth; installs nationallyJA Solar. Perlight, Trina Solar, SolarEdge, myenergi, Tesla, PureDrive4.62011
365 Energy LtdBased in ExeterJinko, SolarEdge4.62021

The companies listed above are based in the South West and are MCS certified. This list can be a starting point for your research, but of course there may be other South West solar panel installers more suited to your needs. The above list is meant to show local companies based in the South West, but there are many other companies that are based elsewhere yet install across the South West.

You can also check Google maps for other solar installers in your area, and you can even ask neighbors with solar panels about their installers. We've found neighbors to be a great source of information!

Are you not sure if you should go with a large, national or a smaller, local company? Below we discuss some of the pros and cons of each.

Glow Green

A point of note about Glow Green. Glow Green is a based in the South West (Bournemouth, specifically)—but they are one of the largest UK solar panel installers in the country. In fact, according to recent Companies House filings, Glow Green had turnover of £24,418,446 for 2023. Around since 2011, they are well established.

Note: Total Renewable Solutions has been around nearly as long—since 2012.

Should I use a local solar panel installer in London, or a national installer?

When deciding which type of installer to use—smaller, local vs. larger, national—here are some factors to keep in mind:

Pros and cons of using a national company

A national company might be better at the following:

  • Quick quote turnaround
  • Offering discounts due to volume discounts
  • Deep product knowledge (e.g. if they only work with a limited set of products)

A national company might be worse due to the following:

  • Installation teams might be outsourced/contracted out
  • Limited solar panel manufacturers only (e.g. some install only 1 or two types of panels)
  • Quote and technical survey might be online or phone only (not on site)

One other point to keep in mind: ideally your installer is still in business for years, in case you need them again or have trouble. And the national companies tend to be better established, whereas some of the local companies are quite young.

Note: 'online' or 'phone'-only quotes and technical surveys can be good for efficiency—you can get a quote in literally minutes. But an onsite quote and technical survey can save you time in the long run and help ensure that the system you get is truly optimised for your situation. For example, in some cases it can be difficult for online or over-the-phone quotes to accurately estimate the number of panels that can actually fit on a roof—this may or may not be a factor for you. If your roof is small compared to your needs, then you need to maximise the panels on the roof.

Want to learn more? Read our related article about the best national solar panel installers.

Pros and cons of using a local SW company

A local company might be better at the following:

  • Installation teams might be more likely to be in-house (as opposed to contracted out)
  • Knowing the 'sunniness' of your area
  • Hand holding their customers
  • Having your company nearby in case of problems
  • On site quotes and surveys (vs remote)
  • Sourcing specific equipment you desire (e.g. they may be more open to installing your choice of panels)

A local company might be worse due to the following:

  • Quote turnaround might be slower
  • If they do less volume, they may not be able to pass on bulk discounts to customers

Also, if you want some guidance on how to choose a solar panel installer, please read our thoughts here.