Average Electric Car Range in the UK 2023

How far can you drive an electric car? Of the EV models currently available in the UK, electric cars deliver average range between 60 miles and 395 miles with the average range clocking in at around 212 miles—but ranges can be lower in cold weather and even higher in hot weather. Mercedes and Tesla dominate the list of electric cars with the longest range, but many other makes are now offering average range north of 300 miles.

Average Electric Car Range UK

The average electric car range for EVs available in the UK is around 212 miles. However, range depends primarily on the size of the battery. Cheaper cars tend to have smaller batteries and therefore provide less range. For example, the cheapest models of the 12 cheapest UK brands provide an average of 148 miles of real range with a 40.1 kWh battery. On the other hand, luxury cars with batteries 2X the size provide around 262 miles of range on average.

Other factors also affect range, such as outside temperature—range drops in colder weather.

Average Electric Car Range UKTypical Battery Size (kWh)Real-life Range (miles)
Cheapest electric cars40.1148
Non-luxury electric cars48.7175
Luxury electric cars81262
Tesla cars70.6273
chart showing the average range of electric cars in the UK
The average electric car range in the UK is around 193 miles.

Longest Electric Car Ranges

Tesla models have long been known to provide the longest range by a mile due to larger batteries—but now there are other luxury cars providing comparable range. In fact, the Tesla has lost the top spot according to this metric, now that the Mercedes EQS 450+ provides around 395 miles of real, estimated range. This is 40 miles further than the longest-range Tesla (Tesla Model S Dual Motor at 355 miles). And possible enough to drive from London all the way to Edinburgh (as long as the weather isn't too cold!).

After Mercedes and Tesla, the Lightyear 0, Audi, Lotus, Fisker, BMW and Polestar provide the longest ranges available in the UK, with models providing north of 300 miles on average. We've ranked the 20 longest-range UK electric car models from longest range to shortest range in the table below (cars marked with a ^ are coming soon).

List of Longest Range Electric Cars UK

RankElectric CarAverage Range
1Mercedes EQS 450+395
2Tesla Model S Dual Motor^355
3Mercedes EQS AMG 53 4MATIC+350
4Lightyear 0340
5Tesla Model S Plaid^335
6Audi Q8 e-tron Sportback 55 quattro^325
7Mercedes EQE 350320
8Mercedes EQE 300320
9Lotus Eletre^320
10Fisker Ocean Ultra^315
11BMW iX xDrive 50315
12Fisker Ocean One^315
13Fisker Ocean Extreme^315
14BMW i7 xDrive60315
15Polestar 3 Long Range Dual motor^305
16Audi Q8 e-tron 55 quattro^305
17Mercedes EQS SUV 580 4MATIC^300
18Mercedes EQS SUV 450 4MATIC^300
19Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor300
20BMW iX M60300

^models coming soon

The electric car with the shortest range in the UK is the Smart EQ fortwo, which will give around 60 miles on average—but this can vary from as little as 40 miles in the winter when driving on a highway, up to 100 miles driving in mild weather in the city. While significantly less than average, this range could still be enough for many commuters.

Regardless of which EV model you drive, get the most range by following some of these Top Ten Tips for Maximizing Electric Car Range.


The electric car with the best range is the Mercedes EQS 450+, which gets around 395 miles per full charge on average. However the range can vary from around 290 miles in cold, highway driving up to a maximum of 555 miles in mild, city driving.
Yes. To get a sense of how much range an electric car loses over time, see our studies on the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf.
The Smart EQ fortwo coupe gets up to 100 miles in summer for city driving, but might get only 40 miles in cold weather for highway driving. To see how the Smart EV range compares to other options in the UK market, check out our list ranking the range of EVs here.


We've analysed the UK electric car market and found real-life ranges for the various EV models on offer in the UK. We sourced our data directly from car websites, by surveying dealers and from the EV Database. Data indicates an average of city and highway real ranges. Those driving primarily in the city could get higher ranges; those who usually use their car on the motorway will probably get less range from their car.


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