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If you're considering signing up to be a JustEat delivery driver, you may have a number of questions about what insurances you'll require before you begin working. This article will aim to cover everything you'll need to know about JustEat delivery driver insurances.

What insurance does JustEat provide for their drivers?

JustEat offers no insurances for its drivers currently. You'll be required to set-up all insurance yourself before delivering with them.

As of August 2020, JustEat does not provide any insurance for its drivers while they are working with the company. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure you're fully protected before taking to the roads to deliver with JustEat.

This is a situation fairly unique to JustEat within the UK market - companies like Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon all provide some level of coverage for their drivers while they’re out on delivery, so keep in mind the additional cost of coverage before signing up to work with them. JustEat food delivery insurance isn’t complicated to set-up, and can be completed over the course of just a few hours.

What insurances do I need to deliver with JustEat?

Vehicle cover

As a JustEat delivery driver, you have two options to make sure your vehicle is covered: changing your existing vehicle insurance into a commercial courier policy that will cover you for both work and personal travel, or supplementing your existing personal vehicle insurance with a Hire & Reward policy. There are benefits and disadvantages to both, explained below.

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  • Commercial Insurance

You are required to have Commercial insurance on your vehicle (car or motorbike) to protect it while it is in use for work/commercial purposes, such as delivering food. Your Commercial insurance will cover you for unlimited business travel with no set destinations (perfect for delivery drivers). Lower levels of business car insurance aren’t typically appropriate for delivery drivers, generally covering much shorter/infrequent business travel.

Make sure to inform your insurance provider you'll be working as a delivery driver/courier during the sign-up process—they'll automatically include your Hire & Reward coverage within your policy.

Commercial insurance, like personal, typically comes in three categories—Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire and Theft or Comprehensive. Policies typically include your Social, Domestic & Pleasure cover within them, so you'll be protected at all times, whether you're working or not.

  • Hire and Reward Insurance

While most Commercial policies will include your Hire & Reward insurance, it's possible to acquire it separately. H&R sits on top of your existing personal car insurance, provided that your current provider has approved of the set-up. Hire & Reward can be especially useful if you're working less than 20 hours per week as a delivery driver, as it's possible to sign up to the likes of Insurance 4 Courier or Zego (which is in our partner QuoteZone's comparison panel that you can use to get quotes here) on policies that you only pay for while you're delivering.

It's important to remember to inform your SD&P insurance provider that you're taking delivery work, and to make sure they're happy with you working with a Hire & Reward provider. Many insurers don't accept coverage from pay-as-you-go providers, so you risk voiding your entire policy if you fail to tell them you're using your vehicle for delivery work.

  • Goods-in-transit cover

As of the writing of this article, JustEat doesn’t require its drivers to hold any form of goods-in-transit insurance. This isn’t surprising given the relatively low value of the goods a food delivery driver is transporting. If you undertake other delivery work for other courier companies, however, it’ll be worth reviewing whether or not goods-in-transit insurance would make sense for you.

  • Public Liability Insurance

Couriers and delivery drivers come into contact with the public on a regular basis, meaning there is always a risk of causing injury or damage to property. Compensation claims can be expensive, even for minor injuries, so it’s certainly worth keeping Public Liability in mind.

The average annual cost of a public liability insurance policy is just £118 for the year, and policies start at under £50 per year, therefore won’t set you back too much. Even a minor fall/injury could cost you £000’s in compensation and legal fees—the average public liability settlement is around £13,500 in the UK, making it a small price to pay in comparison to the potential cost.

Double check with your provider, as some policies include complementary Public Liability coverage.

  • Injury/Accident Insurance

Like many independent contractors in the UK, you won’t have any injury or accident coverage while working as a JustEat delivery driver. This means if you’re injured and unable to work your income may be severely affected. Injury/accident insurances will help to mitigate the risks involved with being an independent contractor.

Policies start as low as £40.00 per year for a non-smoking 35 year old, and will typically pay between 55-70% of your pre-tax earnings up to a set amount. More expensive policies typically cover you for a maximum of one year out of work, with some even going up to two full years (typically the longest duration for a UK injury & sickness policy, in rare cases they can go up to 5 years however).

How much will it cost me to get insured for JustEat?

A sample driver test indicated you can expect to pay between £1,900 and £2,300 for your JustEat car insurance, which includes your traditional SD&P coverage within it. This is around 4X the average cost of car insurance in the UK for a car with just personal and commuting use. Why is insurance so much more expensive for a Just Eat driver? It really comes down to three factors:

  • Much higher mileage than an average driver
  • Often driving in unfamiliar areas
  • Often unsociable working hours

Full-time JustEat delivery drivers can expect, on average, to log roughly 100 miles per workday for a 5-7 hour shift. You’ll need to anticipate logging 3X more miles than a SD&P driver, who would typically put 7,600 miles on their cars each year, and the impact this will have on the wear & tear of your vehicle.

Our research indicated a large number of JustEat drivers opt to utilize a pay-as-you-go/pay monthly coverage for their Hire & Reward delivery insurance cover - with Zego and MCE Insurance proving especially popular among couriers. The cost for these can start at as little as £0.70 per hour for a small 125cc motorbike (via Zego).

However, be aware that some insurance providers will invalidate your business class protection if you opt for H&R coverage through a “pay-as-you-go” policy, so make sure to check with your provider before signing up.

ProviderSD&PCommercialPersonal AccidentCourtesy CarBreakdown CoverMotor Legal Protection
Marmalade (blackbox required)£1,885£1,979£56.73£10.00
Insure Your Motor£2,185£2,185£45.95
Quote Detective£2,005£2,322£45.00

How can I save money on JustEat delivery driver insurance?

The methods you can use to save money on your delivery insurance are very similar to those you would use to save on your regular car insurance.

  • A no-claims bonus built up over a number of years on your personal vehicles
  • Smaller, less powerful cars
  • Choose a vehicle popular with other delivery drivers, or that is known for being cheap to insure
  • Compare quotes from multiple providers
  • Pay annually as opposed to monthly

If you’re working less than 20 hours per week, some drivers felt pay-as-you-go Hire & Reward policies (that you can find from the likes of Zego and MCE) offered a better value than full-time coverage, but make sure to check with your primary insurance provider to ensure you’re still covered.

Commercial vehicle and public liability quotes were gathered based from a 30-year-old driver, with 5+ years of personal no claims bonus, driving a 2015 1.8L Toyota Prius, one of the most popular cars for Uber drivers. The price of your policy may vary with the variables mentioned above.

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  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Reviews.co.uk
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