Electric Cars for a Family

While electric cars tend to be small to make them lighter for extended driving ranges, there are a few in the UK with large enough boots to accommodate a family and all of their school and kit bags.

Best Affordable Electric Car for a Family

Nissan Leaf

Key Features

  • 170 mile range
  • new 40 kWh battery
  • £22k on-the-road starting price
  • 435 litres of boot space
  • 0 - 62 mph in 7.9 seconds

The Nissan Leaf is our top pick for best all-electric car for a family. The 2018 model sports an even larger battery and boot. Not only does it seat 5 to accommodate extra kids, but the boot space is a generous 435 litres behind the seats for school bags, sports bags and some shopping. The new 40 kWh battery will give you realistic ranges around 170 miles, depending on weather and driving conditions.

Luxury Family Electric Car

Tesla S 75

Key Features

  • 210-mile range
  • 75kWh battery
  • £61,900 on-the-road starting price
  • 894 litres of boot space
  • 0 - 60 mph in 4.3 seconds

The Tesla S 75 (a smaller battery and range from the 100D mentioned above) ticks the box for a family, offering 894 litres of storage space in the boot. Plus you can drive well over 200 miles on a full charge to cover everything from school runs to visiting a far-reaching destination during school holidays. With it's +£60,000 starting price tag, the Tesla S 75 does not come cheap.

Comparing Electric Car Boot Space

The Tesla S has the largest boot amongst electric cars available in the UK. Since the Tesla is out of budget for most families, the Nissan Leaf offers a more affordable EV option with a decent-sized boot, similar in size to a VW Golf.

chart showing boot space in UK electric cars
How Much Boot Space?