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4 reasons why men should go to the spa, too

When you mention the idea of going to a spa, this predominantly sounds like a female activity. However with many treatments specifically catered for the male market, this simply isn't the case anymore.

Taking care of your overall health and wellbeing can have an abundance of benefits for your career and beyond. Here are 4 reasons why men should consider going to the spa, too.

1. A visit to the spa could help you get ahead in your career

First impressions count for a lot, and there is no better way to leave a great first impression that to be well presented at work.

Treatments such as facials make the skin glow and appear rejuvenated. Likewise male manicures which tidy and clean the nails and remove rough skin from the hands, give extra confidence when shaking hands and greeting clients.

If you have a particularly stressful job, you could even try a body massage to loosen knots and tension, which will promote a better sleep and reduce muscular pain which could be distracting you at work. It's also a great way to let go of mental stress, meaning you are more focused on the task at hand when you return to your job.

Furthermore, there has been countless research which shows how taking care of your appearance can make you seem more professional, confident and even a better fit for the company over male employees who don't take care of their appearance.

This translates into the wage packet too, as well groomed men on average earn more money than men who do not bother with their appearance.

chart showing income by attractiveness

There are many spas which offer treatments exclusively tailored to men, and even some barbers which offer facials and similar treatments, all while you get your hair cut or beard trimmed. In many cases these can be accessed quickly and easily on your lunch break, meaning you can quickly sharpen up before an important interview or meeting with a client.

2. Staying well groomed is a great way to catch the eye of a new partner too

If you are looking to attract a new partner, then being well groomed should be the top of your priorities. After all, you are a walking salesmen of everything you have to offer. A shave, clean nails and moisturised skin can go a long way in selling this to a new love interest.

Celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston agreed, saying: “Maybe it seems obvious, but a clean, well-groomed man is always going to appear attractive and it also shows you care about yourself.

“It doesn’t have to mean a complicated routine and fancy products either, just put some effort into how you look, smell, and groom and you’re in great shape.”

Before you next head on a date, it might be worth trying a facial to brighten your complexion and remove dead skin. Knowing you look your best will give you added confidence, too.

3. Too busy in the gym? Many spa treatments cater for men who lead active lifestyles

Whilst exercise is an excellent way to stay in shape, it can also create muscle tension and strains, especially if you've overdone things.

Sports massages are one of the best treatments to relieve muscle knots and tension within the body. This is because they target trigger points and help flush out waste products and toxins that have built up within the muscles. Therefore, having regular massages can actually help improve performance in the gym, too.

In fact, many health clubs will offer treatments such as facials and massages within your monthly membership. That way you can feel and look your best, all whilst working out and taking care of yourself.

4. Visiting the spa doesn't have to cost as much as you think

No matter what your budget might be, there are plenty of options to visit the spa on a regular basis. Whether you are looking for something basic, or something a little more high end. To get even better value, you might also want to look at combining treatments as part of a package, which is ideal before a big event or interview.

TreatmentLow EndStandardHigh EndLuxury
Male manicure£12.50£16.50£30£35
Sports Massage£22£35£75£110
chart showing cost of male grooming in the UK

However, if you're on a really tight budget, you can save hundreds of pounds by doing your own manicures.

Final Thoughts

More and more men are increasingly investing in their appearance to get ahead in the boardroom, improve performance at the gym and even attract a new partner. Self care has an abundance of benefits, and the great thing is that male treatments are specifically designed as stylish treatments that are very different from the women's equivalent. They are tailored to men's unique skin, body and wellbeing needs. If we are looking and feeling our best it will show in all that we do, and there is no better way to achieve this than investing in regular spa treatments.


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