Best Sleep Headphones UK

Whether you struggle to sleep through your partner’s incessant snoring or you enjoy drifting off to a relaxing soundtrack, using headphones designed specifically for sleeping can help guarantee you wake up bright and refreshed in the morning. We've researched the UK market for sleep headphones; here are our favourites for different purposes.

Best Sleep Headphones UK

Headphones for sleeping have a similar basic design: a pair of low-profile speakers inside of a soft fabric headband—and a Bluetooth transmitter for wireless models. Beyond that, you have your choice of many features like wireless, the ability to watch TV or take phone calls, eye cover, cool fabric or for those with a small or large head or a tight budget.

Sleep headphones are meant to hold speakers near your ears comfortably while you sleep, perhaps playing relaxing music or a meditation, or blocking out a snoring partner or road noise. Flat, headband-style sleep headbands don't use noise-cancelling technology, however.

If you want to block out external noise then you'll need a traditional pair of in-ear, on-ear or over-ear noise-cancelling headphones—but these are generally not comfortable to sleep in. We wouldn't recommend noise-cancelling headphones for sleeping anyway, from a safety point of view—what if the fire alarm goes off during the night or someone calls for help?

SleepPhones V6 Wireless: Best Wireless Sleep Headphones

picture of SleepPhones V6 Wireless Headphones
SleepPhones V6 Wireless Headphones


  • Price around £69.95
  • Wireless, range 5-10 metres
  • Long 8-12 hour battery life (rechargeable via USB)
  • Flat, padded speakers
  • Available in 3 sizes for different head circumferences
  • Option of Fleece (for warmth) or Breeze material (cooler)
  • Includes 5% - 12% spandex for comfort
  • Ability to control volume and play/pause from the headphones

SleepPhones V6 Wireless are the best sleep headphones for those who want a soft, secure pair of headphones to use throughout the night with wireless technology. The rechargeable battery runs for 8 to 12 hours, lasting the entire night for most people, and significantly longer than the 3 to 8 hour battery life of many competing brands. Each morning, pop the headphones back on the usb charger so they're ready for the next night. Wireless sleep headphones are particularly suited to those who are restless sleepers or who need to use the loo during the night and don't want to get tangled up in a cord.

SleepPhones speakers are extremely thin and well padded, making them well suited to side sleepers. They also come in a range of colour, size and material options: fleece for warmth or the cooler Breeze material, which is also suitable for use as running headphones.

Those with particularly small or large heads can also benefit from the SleepPhones brand, as each model is available in three sizes. Small suits head circumferences of 51-54 cm, medium suits 55-59 cm and large will fit a head 60-63 cm around. Additional features include the ability to control the volume and play/pause from a single button. With all these great features, it's no wonder that the price tag is higher than some others on the market. Expect to pay around £70 for a pair, unless you can find them on sale.

CozyPhones Active Headband Headphones: Best Budget Cool-Fabric Sleep (and Workout) Headphones

picture of CozyPhones Active Headband Headphones
CozyPhones Active Headband Headphones


  • Price around £29.99 (may find half off at Amazon)
  • Corded (3.5mm stereo jack)
  • Lycra fabric with wicking liner
  • Elasticated for comfort
  • No ability to control volume and play/pause from the headphones

CozyPhones make good sleep headphones for those who are warm sleepers. If you tend to kick off the covers during the night, then these headphones may be the best for you—they are made of lycra and contain a wicking mesh inner lining to keep your head from overheating. But, they are corded and simple in design.

This pair of CozyPhones sleep headphones doesn't come with a lot of features or options (e.g., no volume or play/pause control, not wireless, no microphone for making/taking phone calls), but they're good value at under £30 if you're after a simple, well-made pair of sleep headphones. We particularly like the contoured shape of the headband, which looks more stylish, covers the ears well and helps the headband to stay in place. This pair is also ideal for running or other sports, due to the cooling fabric.

SleepPhones TellyPhones: Best Sleep Headphones for Watching TV

picture of SleepPhones TellyPhones Headphones
SleepPhones TellyPhones Headphones


  • Price around £79.99
  • Wireless
  • Up to 13-hour battery life (rechargeable via USB)
  • Available in 3 sizes for different head circumferences
  • Option of Fleece (for warmth) or Breeze material (cooler)
  • Includes 5% - 12% spandex for comfort
  • Ability to control volume and play/pause from the headphones

While the SleepPhones V6 Wireless is great for watching TV in bed using a wireless system if your TV is Bluetooth compatible, SleepPhones TellyPhones are a good option for watching TV if your TV doesn't have Bluetooth. This wireless pair comes with a separate Bluetooth transmitter, which can be plugged into the standard 3.5mm audio port on a TV, instantly making your TV Bluetooth compatible to work with wireless headphones.

As far as we can tell, TellyPhones are nearly identical to the V6 Wireless headsets in basic design and feature (except that the TellyPhones come with a Bluetooth transmitter to make nearly any TV wireless compatible). Users can expect a long battery life, providing up to 13 hours of functionality before needing to be recharged.

Additionally, TellyPhones are available in three head sizes and two choices of fabric—fleece for warmth or cool Breeze fabric. Both types of fabric include spandex for stretchy comfort.

Hibermate: Best Sleep Headphones with Eye Mask

picture of Sleep Headphones with eye mask
Sleep Headphones with eye mask


  • Price around £23.99
  • Bluetooth wireless
  • Up to 10 hours of play time
  • Contoured eye mask shape to block light
  • Adjustable size
  • Fleece material

WUMINGLU sleep headphones are highly-rated sleep headphones if you want a pair that not only lull you to sleep with your choice of soundtrack, but also act as an eye mask to block out light. More than just a headband with speakers, WUMINGLU sleep headphones are specially shaped to wrap around your face and nose to block light, while reducing pressure on your eyes. Another nice feature is the adjustable strap for compatibility with various head sizes.

While technically any of the sleep headphones on this page can be used as an eye mask by pulling them down over your eyes, this pair is likely to stay in place better and block light properly.

ROBERTS Pillow Talk Speaker: Speaker for your pillow

picture of CozyPhones headphones
CozyPhones for Kids


  • Price: £14.99
  • Corded speaker that sits under your pillow
  • 3.5mm auxiliary jack
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Great for people who don't want to wear headphones to bed

Roberts Pillow Talk Speaker offers a brilliant alternative for people who don't want to wear a wraparound sleep headphone to bed: a speaker you put under your pillow.

This product is corded with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack.

CozyPhones Kids Character Headphones: Best Fabric Headphones for Kids

picture of CozyPhones headphones
CozyPhones for Kids


  • Prices around £16
  • Cute, colourful character designs
  • Sound limit is 85 decibels
  • Great for travel—foldable so easy to pack without breaking

CozyPhones offers a brilliant line of kids character headphones. While kids shouldn't really sleep in their headphones, these can be comfortable and fun, are made in the same vein as the adult fleece sleep headphones. Your child can choose between many different, colourful character designs: Cookie Monster, Batman, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, as well as unicorns, cats, lions, etc. The fleece headband is comfortable and stays in place—no more pinching or falling headphones so your kids (and you) stay happy.

Kids CozyPhones come with a 36-inch, braided cord that ends in a standard 3.5mm stereo plug. If you’re using with an iPhone 7, you’ll need a jack adapter. Or if you’re planning to use on a plane, you might want to purchase an adapter in case the plane uses 2-prong jacks. While CozyPhones limits the maximum volume to 85 decibels, always keep tabs on the volume your child is listening to—as with any headsets. Eighty-five decibels is still high enough to cause hearing damage especially over hours of exposure—equivalent to the sound of a diesel truck driving 50 feet from you at 40 mph, or the sound of a milling machine.

CozyPhones can be now purchased in the UK through their website.

Summary of Sleep Headphones

Best For…Sleep HeadphonesFeaturesRRP
WirelessSleepPhones V6 WirelessBluetooth; Long 8-12 hour battery life (USB rechargeable); Flat, padded speakers; Volume and play/pause control; Fleece or Breeze fabric; Various sizes£69.95
Hot SleepersCozyPhones Active Headband HeadphonesCorded; Lycra fabric with wicking liner; Elasticated£29.99
Watching TVSleepPhones TellyPhonesSimilar to V6 Wireless; Includes Bluetooth transmitter for non-Bluetooth TVs£79.99
Eye MaskWUMINGLU sleep headphonesContoured eye mask shape; Corded; Fleece; Adjustable size£23.99
Under pillowRoberts Pillow Talk SpeakerSpeaker to put under your pillow£14.99
KidsCozyPhonesFun characters£16.28

How to Find the Best UK Sleep Headphones for You

If you’re considering a pair of sleep headphones, there are many features from which you can choose. Use this guide as a framework for evaluating which is the best pair of sleep headphones for your individual needs.

Features of Sleep Headphones

Here is a list of the main features you can find when buying headphones for sleeping:

  • Wireless or Corded
  • Warm Fleece or Cool Lycra
  • Optional Eye Mask Shape
  • Ability to Play TV Sound (if TV is Bluetooth compatible)
  • Ability to Make and Receive Phone Calls, via Microphone

Wireless or Corded

When deciding between a wireless and corded sleep headset, you’ll need to be aware of the pros and cons of each. Wireless headsets don’t create the problem of a cord wrapping around your neck or laying over your face while you sleep, or coming unplugged when you turn over. Additionally, wireless headsets are ideal for those who get up to use the toilet during the night. However, wireless headsets require power for the Bluetooth, so be aware of the battery’s expected play time and charging time.


Sleep headsets come in a wide range of prices—anywhere from £9 up to £69.99. Sales can often be found, especially if you look on Amazon. Older models in particular might be offered for a discount of up to 60% off or more for those with a strict budget.

Watching TV

If you intend to use your sleep headset to watch tv, you’ll probably want a wireless set (to avoid a long cord running from your head to the TV). Many new TVs come Bluetooth ready, and are therefore instantly compatible with wireless headsets. In case your TV does not have Bluetooth, you can simply buy an adapter that connects to your TV audio input.

Hot Sleepers

Most sleep headphones are made of fleece. While there is an element of wicking that occurs with fleece, some hot sleepers may find it too hot. If you tend to kick off all your blankets during the night, you may prefer a sleep headphones made in a "cool fabric."

Eye Mask

Technically any fabric sleep headphones can be turned into a light-blocking eye mask by simply pulling it down over the eyes. However, those not specially designed and shaped as an eye mask are likely to move around during the night or only partially keep out light. If you’re after a proper light-blocking mask, we’d advise you to consider one of the eye mask sleep headsets.

Phone Calls

The ability to make phone calls is probably more commonly used on running headphones, but if you want the ability to make and receive calls through your sleep headphones, the functionality does exist. Both wireless and corded versions offer phone call capability, usually through the simple press of a button to answer or end a call.


While we wouldn’t recommend that kids sleep in their headphones, CozyPhones does offer a brilliant line of kids character headphones that can be used during the day. Made in the same vein as the adult fleece sleep headphones, the kids’ version can be purchased in green monster, yellow cat, pink bunny, brown dog, panda or purple frog. The fleece headband is comfortable and stays in place—to keep your kids happy.

Sleep Headphones for iPhone 7

If you want your phone to connect to a new iPhone 7, you’ll probably want a wireless set. The iPhone 7 is not compatible with any of the corded sleep headphones available on the market, as the cords sets are all made with 3.5mm stereo plugs – the iPhone 7 does not have a 3.5mm stereo socket. You can, however, buy a jack adapter for £9.


Headphones for sleeping are generally washable. Just be sure to remove the speakers before doing so!

Why Do I Need Special Headphones for Sleeping?

Sleep headphones are designed both for all-night comfort and to stay in place while you sleep. This is accomplished by placing flat speakers inside a soft fabric headband, providing a low profile sound system that aligns near your ears.

Traditional headphones are not generally suitable for sleeping. Besides being uncomfortable, traditional headphones won’t stay in place as you move around in bed. In-ear buds will leave your ears aching after hours, if they don’t fall out first. On-ear or over-ear headphones are bulky, making it impossible to sleep on your side or stomach, or even turn your head to the side if you’re a back sleeper.


It is dangerous to wear noise-cancelling headphones while sleeping (you might not hear a fire alarm or a call for help), but it can be safe to wear a pair of soft sleep headphones for listening to music or the TV while you drift off without disturbing your partner. Just be sure to keep the volume low.
To sleep comfortably with headphones, invest in a pair of special sleep headphones—they're soft, wraparound design holds them in place and flat speakers are comfortable even for side sleepers.
Yes, if Google searches are any indication—in the UK alone, there are 12,000 search queries a month related to "sleep headphones."


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