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Personal Finance

Should I invest in a golf club membership?

Golf club memberships have several financial benefits, not to mention the air of prestige. But is it really worth it?

Personal Finance

3 Steps to a More Productive Office

Here are three top tips to improve office productivity that will help increase the output of any office and boost the overall well-being of...

Personal Finance

Is coffee the best drink for workplace success?

Whilst Britain is normally associated with tea drinkers, increasingly many of us are making the switch to coffee—especially to wake us up...

Home Insurance

What Aircon Alternatives are Available in the UK?

Aircon isn’t the final word in temperature control in UK offices and homes. We’ve selected a few of the best aircon alternatives on the...

Personal Finance

Can Switching to DIY Manicures Save you £££'s Each Year?

While most people know that DIY home manicures are far less expensive than having your nails done in the salon, the amount you can save is...

Bike Insurance

Are Faster Motorbikes Really More Dangerous?

Most people think that faster bikes—that is, bikes with larger engines—are more dangerous. Is it really true? We dug into the data to find...

Bike Insurance

How Dangerous are Motorcycles?

Motorcycles have a reputation for being dangerous. Whilst we can all accept that riding a motorcycle does come with an increased level of...

Travel Insurance

5 Great Fitness Holiday Destination Ideas

If you like the idea of a fitness holiday but aren't sure where to go, check out our ideas—from horse riding in Spain to cycling in Croatia...

Travel Insurance

5 Reasons Why a Fitness Holiday is Great for the Solo Traveller

Most fitness holidays are well set up to cater for solo travellers, making them ideal if you love keeping active, want to visit somewhere...