Zego Car Insurance Review: great for flexibility

Zego Car Insurance Review: great for flexibility

Price, flexibility and convenience can be brilliant for delivery drivers, but make sure that your social, domestic & pleasure insurance provider won't void your coverage if you use Zego.

Good for

  • 4.6-star Trustpilot rating
  • Highly flexible, reasonably priced
  • Preferred insurance partner for many top delivery driver firms
  • Convenience of documentation, information and customer support through app

Bad for

  • 8AM-8PM customer service - not ideal for late night delivery drivers
  • Potential issues with SD&P car insurance providers

Editor's Rating


Zego has a 4.6 star rating on TrustPilot, however there are some common issues you should know about before signing up. Here, we review the positives and negatives of Zego's car insurance policies.

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Zego Car Insurance Overall Review

Zego’s car insurance is highly popular with delivery drivers and couriers, and comes with a 4.6-star Trustpilot rating, but there are a number of important potential issues you should be aware of.

Zego’s courier car insurance is a fairly unique product in the UK market, targeted at delivery, courier and car hire/vehicle share drivers and businesses. It offers no strings attached hourly and monthly policies (along with traditional annual policies) designed to suit the unpredictable nature and working patterns of couriers and delivery drivers.

You should be aware that Zego car insurance will only match your existing coverage level—therefore if your personal policy only covers you for third party damages (TPO), then Zego will only cover you for this as well. If you're not sure what you will or won't be covered for, you can read more in our explanation of the types of car insurance in the UK

The criteria for getting insured with Zego are not as rigorous as some other providers, some of whom avoid offering coverage to professional drivers/couriers due to the additional risks involved (covered below), and while your quote may change once they’ve conducted background checks on previous convictions and motoring history, if you meet these requirements you have a pretty good chance of being eligible for their policies:

  • You have a Full UK/EU driving licence
  • You have had fewer than 3 at-fault claims in the past 3 years
  • You are aged between 21 and 65 years old
  • You live and work in England, Scotland or Wales
  • You are the registered keeper or owner of the vehicle
  • Your vehicle is valued less than £30,000
  • You work for one (or more) of their partnered work providers.
  • You have an existing Social, Domestic & Pleasure (SD&P) car insurance policy with another insurer

When are you covered?

With the Zego monthly/annual plans, you’re covered any time you’re on the road working with one of their partners. Coverage generally starts from the moment you log-in to your delivery app of choice and start accepting orders, and stops whenever you log-out or stop accepting deliveries. It's automatic, so you have nothing to worry about, and even if you're working with another provider that isn't partnered with Zego, turning your coverage on and off can be quickly done through their mobile app.

Before and after these times, you’ll be covered by your existing SD&P policy (assuming they’re happy for you to work as a courier with Zego’s insurance—more here), so if you need to make a claim, or are involved in an accident, it’s important to remember where your claim needs to go.

When aren’t you covered?

The biggest issue for a lot of Zego customers comes from the combination of their SD&P coverage and their Zego policy. Some SD&P providers don’t accept ‘additional’ coverage for business/courier purposes, and so you risk voiding your existing SD&P coverage by working as a courier through Zego.

Check with your existing SD&P provider before signing up to Zego—many providers won't allow you to attach Zego's Hire & Reward insurance on top of your existing car policy.

There are a number of reasons policy providers reserve the right to do this in their terms and conditions, but many of them will have it in writing so your hands are somewhat tied. The reasoning they do this is explained more in our FAQs.

It’s therefore very important to inform your provider before taking any courier work while protected by Zego to ensure you’re still protected, whether an accident occurs while you’re working or not.

If your SD&P provider is happy for you to use Zego while delivering, then your pay-as-you-go coverage will generally start when you begin accepting delivery requests from your application of choice (Deliveroo, JustEat, Uber etc.). Zego will then check on an hourly basis if you're still accepting requests—if you are, it will extend your coverage for another hour automatically, if you're not, then your Zego insurance will stop.

If you've opted for one of the 30 day or annual policies, then you'll always be covered whenever you're working with one of Zego's partners.

Cost Breakdown

We researched Zego’s different policies against themselves and against other providers to compare what was included and what had to be purchased separately and to work-out which policy would be most cost effective for every type of driver, from part-time, less than 5 hours per week, all the way to full-time drivers working for 40+. Here's the overall breakdown of Zego's car delivery policies.

How does it work?Pay only when working using your Zego balancePay an upfront fee at the beginning of your policy
How much does it cost?From £0.80—£3.00 per hourFrom £120—£350 per policy
What level of cover is provided?Your Zego coverage will be equivalent to your existing social, domestic & pleasure car insurance policy
Zego will always charge you for a minimum of one hour of coverage, which can make doing one or two deliveries quite costly.

Zego recommends its pay-as-you-go policy is more appropriate for those working less than 20 hours per week as a courier—this may be true for some of their policies, but quotes we received for a 2012 Toyota Prius (a popular car among delivery/Uber drivers) indicated that you’d actually need to work over 45 hours per week for the Prius 30-day policy to make more sense (quoted at £1.25 per hour or £266 per month)

Your own break-even point will vary depending on factors like your age, driving record and choice of vehicle. If you'd like to know which is more cost effective for you, simply divide your 30-day quote by your hourly cost to work out how many hours you'd need to work in a month for both quotes to cost the same. If you work any more than that, the 30-day plan is more effective, any less and you're better of paying hourly.

Chart showing the cost of Zego's car courier insurance, comparing hourly vs monthly
Zego's monthly plan becomes more cost effective at around 46 hours of delivery work per week.

Zego Car Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Zego has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating at Trustpilot on over 1,600 reviews, which implies customers generally have a very positive experience while working with Zego. Most of these reviews, however, were in relation to their customer service or signing up process, and were not claims related.

Here are some examples of Trustpilot reviews. Subjects that were regularly mentioned in the 5-star reviews were the ease of signing up, quality of the mobile app and (often despite quite a long wait) excellent customer service/issue handling.

“Amazing service by Shima after waiting quite long time on the phone, she did excellent job very clear very efficient super quick.”

“..because this is simply and easy insurance. Whenever you work you pay its not fixed like other insurance..”

“Great app so far, nice and easy to navigate”

While Zego’s reviews and ratings are overwhelmingly positive (which is not the norm for insurance companies..), there are certainly some consistent topics that occur regularly in the 1 and 2-star comments. Below are some complaints that come up regularly in Zego’s one-star reviews:

“Over the past 2 weeks zego have been putting (my partner) as working when he hasn't been, he rings zego who sort out the issue for that moment but then it'll sign in again and start taking money saying he is working.”

“..however if you call around you will very quickly realize that none of the insurers will allow or sell their SDP or SDPC insurance if you mention anything about using Zego..”

“Their sales team will do all they can to missell you a policy, even if the policy isn't right for you.

The theme of the criticisms of Zego are fairly consistent—issues with slow response times from their customer service team, problems with using other providers while using Zego’s courier policies and customers feeling they’d been mis sold or not had the full story explained to them.

Zego Cancellation fees

While you will still owe Zego for any monies outstanding when cancelling, Zego’s style of policy mean this is very rarely an issue for consumers.

Their 30-day/annual policies are non-refundable, so if you sign up for one of these policies make sure you’re fully aware what you’re signing up for, as once you pay for the coverage the money will be gone and your policy will start. Once your policy expires, you're free to either continue the coverage or stop it there, depending on your needs.

Zego’s “pay-as-you-go” coverage automatically tops up when it gets low, however if at any point you wish to close your account, Zego will happily refund you for the full amount held in your account. Section 4.74 of their terms of business states: “Any positive balance will be refunded upon account closure.”

There are no administrative costs for the closing of an account either, which is a massive positive when you consider the average cost to cancel car insurance is around £55 after your 14 day cooling-off period.

Important Zego Insurance Telephone Numbers

Zego Car Insurance Contact NumbersPhone Number
Customer Services020 3308 9800
Get a quote020 7206 0221
Car Flex01908 302 023
Car H&R034 5300 4006
Windscreen issues080 0783 4695
Private hire01908 302 023


You can get a quote from Zego directly from their website.

Firstly, most providers will write in their T&C’s that you accept the risk of them voiding the policy if you change the purpose of your vehicle (from personal usage to delivery work) without informing them before doing so.

The reasoning for this is fairly simple, the price you agreed with them for your insurance was based on the mileage expectations of somebody using their vehicle for personal reasons, like drives to the shop or dropping the kids off at school. The extensive miles delivery drivers log on their vehicle leads to additional wear and tear and risk of damage, increasing the chances you’ll need to make a claim—chances that the insurance provider won’t have been able to factor into their original quote for your price.

Zego describes it’s pay-as-you-go payments as similar to an Oyster card or pay-as-you-go mobile phone. You pay a £25 deposit, which is used during your first shifts. Once the balance drops below £5, the account automatically tops up to make sure you’re always covered.

Zego's Hire & Reward delivery driver car insurance is underwritten by RSA. Claims are also handled by RSA. Their claims team is contactable at:

There's no singular answer as to why so many of the UK's largest car insurance providers steer clear of offering policies to couriers, but it isn't hard to imagine some of the reasons why insurers might not be interested.

Many of the reasons your SD&P policy can become more and more expensive are the risks delivery drivers are most exposed to—drivers work long, unsociable hours behind the wheel, driving on roads they aren't familiar with, often parking roadside to collect food and goods from restaurants and shops and clocking up a massive annual mileage, around 3x that of the typical British driver in 2020.

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