The NimbleFins Guide to Hot Desk Companies

Hot desking can be a great solution for businesses with hybrid working patterns. It allows employers to reduce the amount of office space needed and save on expensive overheads. If your business is moving over to hot desking, then you may need specialist hot desk software to help you use your office space efficiently. This can be provided by a specialist hot desk company.

Here we explain how hot desk software works and compare some of the popular hot desk software companies. We also take a look at some common queries like, “how does hot desking software work?” and what are the “features of hot desk software”?

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What is hot desking software?

Hot desking software helps companies to organise their workspace. It allows employees to book their desk in advance or reserve a shared workspace, sometimes called neighbourhoods. Some hot desking software also allows contractors or freelancers to book desks when they are in the office.

Hot desking software allows managers to see at a glance how the office is used. It helps them plan how to use their workspace and set rules for who is allowed to book meeting rooms or desks.

How does hot desking software work?

Hot desk booking software allows employees to reserve a desk in advance. This is sometimes known as desk hoteling. It’s slightly different to traditional hot-desking where employees claim a desk when they come into the office. It reduces the risk that employees will turn up and discover they don't have a desk to work from or waste time looking for a desk.

Most hot desk software allows businesses to upload an office floor plan showing individual desks as well as meeting rooms and common areas. Employees can use a website or a mobile app to choose a workspace for a given day and reserve a desk.

Managers can choose which desks are available for reservation and block out some desks as not available. This is useful if some employees are in the office every day or need to work in a certain area. The flexibility of hot desk software has been especially useful during the Covid pandemic. It means managers can block out certain desks to comply with social distancing rules. It also allows the facilities team to make sure desks are cleaned before they are used by a different staff member.

Features of hot desk software

The features you will need from your hot desk software depend on the needs of your business and the size of your office.

Here are some common hot desk software features:

  • Mobile or desktop app - this is a user friendly way for employees to book desks in advance. Depending on the software, they may be able to see a map of the office floor plan and select a desk with a specific features, eg. dual monitor or standing desk.
  • Group bookings - this allows groups of desks to be booked together or assigned “neighbourhoods”, making it easier for employees working on a project together.
  • Employee search - some software allows staff to search for a colleague and book a desk near them. This can encourage collaboration and is helpful if staff members are working on a project together.
  • Physical displays - this is useful for large companies with thousands of desks and multiple meeting rooms. Lights or displays are fixed outside meeting rooms or displayed next to desks to indicate availability.
  • Detailed maps - some software provides a detailed map of an office including different floors of a large building.
  • Integration with other software - Google Workplace, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Jira, Slack, and/or Microsoft Teams allow integration with other hot desk software.
  • Health Information - some platforms add health features like contact tracing and health questionnaires
  • Data analytics - this provides managers with analytics tools to show how spaces are being utilised.
  • Free trial period - there may be a free trial period or a basic free tier with limited features so you can test out hot desk software before taking the plunge.

Compare hot desk companies

The hot desk software market is currently very crowded and there are lots of companies to choose from. Deciding which hot desk company to use will depend on your circumstances and the size of your office. Here are some of the most popular hot desk software companies.

Envoy hot desking

Envoy is a popular hot desk software company with clients including Pinterest and Slack. It offers the following features:

  • Free basic package - this is available for up to 25 desks.
  • Permanent desks - managers can allocate permanent desks to some staff members.
  • Neighbourhood bookings - this means that teammates can sit together, encouraging collaborative working.
  • Interactive map and mobile app - employees can make bookings easily and quickly.
  • Desk analytics - this helps managers to see what desks are being used and optimise their workspace layout.


Skedda is an award winning hot desk software company and their software offers the following features:

  • Free 30 day trial - you can try out the software before making a decision.
  • Booking calendar - this integrates with hot desk booking software so managers can plan meetings and see what rooms and desks are available in advance.
  • Interactive maps - staff can see real time availability, making it easier for them to use the software.
  • Individualised rules - managers can set rules about who can book and when and set booking quotas.
  • 24 hour support - any IT problems can be quickly resolved.
  • Data analytics - managers can gain insight into how to optimise their office space.


Condeco is another popular hot desk software company with clients including Unilever and Pepsico. It offers the following features:

  • Employee search - this allows staff to book a desk near a teammate.
  • Fixed, flexible and bookable workspaces - flexible workspaces can be assigned to an employee but released for general booking if they’re not coming into the office.
  • Individualised rules - managers can set rules on workspace booking.
  • Data analytics - managers can see how the office is being used and make decisions to optimise their office space.


Flowscape is a hot desk software company used by 250 companies worldwide, including construction and engineering firms Skanska and WSP. It offers the following features:

  • 3 levels - basic, pro and enterprise levels that are tailored for different sizes of business.
  • Pro level - this includes Outlook add-in, analytics, mobile app, web app, Kiosk screen app and map & wayfinding.
  • Enterprise level - includes advanced analytics, room displays, busy lights and room sensors.


Fm:systems is a hot desk software company used by Samsung and Boston University. It offers the following features:

  • Cloud based - this ensures staff have on the go availability.
  • Intuitive dashboards, floor plans and mobile app - staff can easily see availability and make a booking.
  • Data analytics - managers can see real time data analytics to help them make decisions about optimising office space.


Hotdeskplus is a popular hot desk software company with clients including Dyson and Oxford instruments. It offers the following features:

  • 3 pricing plans - prices start at £69 per month for the most basic plan
  • Cloud based app and intuitive mobile app - staff members can use the software quickly and easily.
  • Integrated software - you can integrate their software with your office 365 or Google office calendar.
  • Parking management - you can also manage your car park booking through their software.
  • Covid compliance - allows managers to ensure covid compliance by setting social distancing rules and offering a staff self-certification module.

Space Connect

Space Connect is a popular hot desk software company used by NHS England, CityFibre and Bupa. It offers the following features:

  • Simple pricing - prices start at £4 per month per desk.
  • Flexible terms - only 30 days notice required to change or cancel your plan.
  • Covid security - you can use pre-screening questionnaires to check the covid status of staff members who are booking a desk.
  • Touch-free desk check-in, including QR codes - this feature also helps with covid security
  • ‘Locate Me’ feature - this enables staff to find other colleagues in seconds.


SpaceIQ is another popular hot desk software company with clients including Zoom and Caterpillar. It offers the following features:

  • Integrated software - this software integrates with iOFFICE facilities management and business operations software. Businesses can choose from ten modules with management features for space, move, service requests, assets, visitors, mail and more.
  • Cloud based - this means staff can access the software when they are on the go.
  • Neighbourhoods and villages - staff can book desks together if they are working as a team.


YArooms is an award winning hot desk software company offering the following features:

  • Permanent desk - managers can assign permanent seats to staff members.
  • Assign specific desk properties - Staff can browse by desk properties eg. dual monitor or standing desk.
  • Flexible reservations - staff can book desks for full days, predefined intervals, or custom times.
  • Individualised rules - managers can configure flexible reservation rules for each desk.

Are there other flexible workplace options?

Some companies, like Wework and HubbleHQ offer flexible office spaces. They have desks available in a shared workplace for individuals or companies to book.

Wework offers 4 hot desk solutions, depending on the size of your business which include the following features:

  • Freelancers or occasional use - hire a desk in a shared office space.
  • Standard office - suitable for up to 20 staff members. Wework provides a fully furnished private office space for hire.
  • Private office - suitable for up to 20 to 100 staff members. Wework provides a fully furnished private office space for hire with optional add on amenities.
  • Full-floor office - suitable for larger businesses with over 100 staff.

Frequently asked questions

How much does hot desking software cost?

Hot desking software prices vary significantly depending on the company, the functionality of the software and the size of your business. Some companies offer a basic free package or a free trial period for you to try out their software. Prices for a basic software package start at around £69 per month.

It makes sense to shop around and work out what features will be most useful for your business before you make a decision about which hot desking software to use.

Can I rent a hot desk as a freelancer?

You can rent a hot desk in a shared office with companies like Wework and HubbleHQ. You will usually pay a monthly membership fee as well as extra fees depending on how much you use the office.

How do I find a hot desk in London?

You can find a hot desk in London by searching online. Coworking workspace companies like Wework and HubbleHQ have desks available for hire in many major UK cities. You can search by location on their website.

Are hot desk costs a taxable expense?

Just like many other business expenses, hot desk costs are usually a taxable expense. This is because office costs are an essential part of running your business.